The Player's Playmate

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Chapter 9: Date night and missing Xander

“Are you sure that you aren’t crazy?” I asked Gavin as I laughed. He was laughing with me.

“I am not really sure about that. But I am not kidding. I really did like your drawings back then. I actually liked everything you did. I think it might have been that way because I had a crush on you. But in my defence, you were pretty amazing.” Gavin stated. I laughed at that.

Gavin and I were having a good time on our date. He had taken me to a pizza place. He somehow already knew about my obsession with pizza. I was honestly enjoying our time. Gavin was a really sweet guy. And according to what he told me, he had had a crush on me since middle school. I was a bit of a crazy kid back then and I never really followed rules.

Gavin was telling me about how he used to stick up for me when people made fun of my drawings when I wasn’t around. To be fair, all I used to draw was stick figures. Art was not something I have ever been good at. In fact, I hated art class. I was more of a musical prodigy. I still am. I just love to sing and dance.

“I know I am not a great artist, Gavin. I don’t need you to lie. But knowing that you’ve had a crush on me for so long does flatter me.” I informed him. I smiled at him. “But what I don’t understand is why didn’t you ever approach me?” I questioned, feeling really curious.

“I was afraid of Damien and Xander. And Mason was pretty clear about how he didn’t want any guy coming close to you when we were high school freshmen.” Gavin explained. I couldn’t help but chuckle at that. Mason was crazy. But he still is crazy.

“Well, I am glad that you approached me now. I am really enjoying your company.” I told him honestly.

“Is it because I brought you to this pizza place or do you genuinely enjoy my company?” Gavin asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, I definitely do love pizza with all my heart but you aren’t too bad either.” I answered. He chuckled at that. “But how did you know that I love pizza?” I asked him.

“Well, I have heard Xander saying that he is taking you to a pizza place enough times to have guessed that. I know for a fact that he is not as obsessed because he doesn’t always sound enthusiastic about it. So, I figured that it must be your favourite.” Gavin explained.

“He only treats me with pizza when he wants something or when he pisses me off. So, I guess we do go out for pizza quite often.” I shrugged.

“I don’t understand you guys.” Gavin stated. I frowned at him in question. “What I mean is, he is always asking you to help him get a girlfriend and you help him even though you know very well that he won’t be dating the girl for long.” Gavin explained.

“I hope every time that the next girl will make him take their relationship seriously. I hope for my best friend’s sake.” I replied honestly.

“No offense but he is a player. And you are a really sweet person. You always stick up for your friends. I have even seen you sticking up for total strangers when they need help. Why do you and-” Gavin spoke up but I cut him off.

“Xander and I go back a long way. We are not just some people who met a year or two ago. He knows me and I know him. He is like family to me at this point. We have known each other our whole lives. People might just see him as a player but I know the real him.” I informed Gavin, feeling slightly angry with how he was talking about Xander.

“I know he is a great guy. I have seen the way he is on the field. He takes care of everyone on the team as the captain. He is awesome. And I know that.” Gavin said to make me cool down. I sighed at his words.

“But you wonder as to why I still stick around. After all these years, why haven’t we separated? Why are we still best friends?” I spoke out his unspoken questions.

“Yeah.” Gavin said. I sighed.

“Well, Xander and I became friends because our parents were friends but to be honest, we stick together because we have been with each other since the start. We understand each other.” I explained.

“So, you are like siblings?” Gavin questioned. I laughed at that.

Is that what people think?

“Siblings are people who have to stick together no matter what. Me and Xan stay together because we like to. He is like a family I choose. Not someone I am forced to be around.” I told him. He snorted at that.

“So, Xander and you have never been involved romantically?” Gavin asked. I gave him a horrified expression.

“Ewww!” I yelled, attracting attention from the customers sitting nearby. I passed them an apologetic smile before looking back at Gavin.

“I should take that as a no.” Gavin chuckled.

“That was actually the most absurd thing I have heard today.” I told him. “Xander is a player and I am his helper in his games. But I can never be the one he plays with. That would be weird and awkward and really disgusting.” I added. Gavin nodded his head at that. “I think we should change the topic. This is our date, not a discussion about Xander.” I said after a few seconds.

“Yes, you are right. So, should we head out?” Gavin asked. I nodded and we both got up after Gavin paid for our food and drinks. We walked out and headed for the park as we both felt that it was a little too early for us to end our date.

We were sitting on the swing as we talked about our likes and dislikes and our struggles with grumpy teachers when my phone started ringing. I passed an apologetic smile to Gavin before I took my phone out of my pocket and looked at the screen to see that it was Damien. I frowned as I accepted the call.

“Please tell me that you are with Xander right now!” Damien’s voice spoke up as soon as I placed the phone to my ear. His voice sounded a little freaked out.

“No, I am not. Why? What happened?” I said as I started to panic.

Did that idiot do something stupid again?

Is he in trouble?

“Liam told me that Xander left the mall right when they all met. He was feeling weird being the only one without a date since the twins somehow found a date for themselves. Liam said that he was coming to me but he never came.” Damien explained.

I knew it!

When we were heading home, I saw the smirk that the twins were trying to hide. I chose to ignore it at that time but now I know what they were trying to do. They were trying to rub Xander’s single status in his face. I had informed them about how I had asked Xander to choose his next girlfriend carefully. They were trying to make him get into a hasty relationship yet again so that I got pissed.

I swear, I’ll kill them one day!

“Did you try calling Xander?” I asked Damien.

“Only a couple hundred times!” Damien exclaimed in annoyance.

“Did you ask his mom if he was home?” I asked.

“Yeah. She told me that he didn’t come home. She was the one who suggested that I should call you.” Damien replied.

“Okay, I’ll try calling him and I will head home to check if he is there. He has a spare key to my house so maybe he went there.” I said as I got up from the swing.

“Okay.” Damien said. I disconnected the call before I called Xander.

“Gavin, I am so sorry but I have to leave now. Xander has gone missing.” I told Gavin.

“No worries. You should find him. It is getting late anyway.” Gavin shrugged. I smiled at him before reaching over and kissing his cheek.

“I had a great time today. Thanks!” I told him. The phone was still ringing but Xander wasn’t picking it up.

“Me too. We should do this again. I’ll see tomorrow.” Gavin said. I nodded at him and turned to walk away.

Xander was not picking up and I was continuously calling him as I walked home. When I reached home, I saw the lights were turned on. I quickly got in as I put my phone in my back pocket. I first checked the kitchen and the living room but no one was there. I hurriedly climbed up the stairs and ran to my room.

I entered the room to find it empty. I was about to reach into my back pocket for my phone but I suddenly felt a pair of strong arms grabbing me around my waist. I was pulled back into a muscular chest but before I could shout, a hand covered my mouth.

Me: Sorry for being a little late, guys! I am not well today...

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Me: See you guys later! I have a test tomorrow, so wish me luck!

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