The Player's Playmate

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Chapter 10: Movie and the proposal

I entered the room to find it empty. I was about to reach into my back pocket for my phone but I suddenly felt a pair of strong arms grabbing me around my waist. I was pulled back into a muscular chest but before I could shout, a hand covered my mouth.

“Shhh! Princess, it’s me!” I heard Xander’s voice whisper in my ear. I quickly pushed his hands away before turning around to find Xander grinning at me. I slapped his chest.

“Do you know how scared I was? I was freaking out! Why did you do that?!” I scolded Xander as I glared at him. I kept my eyes locked with his as I took my phone out.

“I was just trying to mess with you. I didn’t know that you would think that it was a real thief or something.” Xander relied innocently. I glared at him.

“I wasn’t talking about that! You have done that numerous times. I was talking about you just disappearing and then not picking up your phone when I called. You scared me!” I said.

“I was waiting for you to come back but then I guess I fell asleep. And my phone was on silent mode. I just woke up when I heard you entering the house.” Xander shrugged.

“You lonely, brainless zombie! I left my date to come find you! Damien has been searching for you too!” I hissed at him.

“I am flattered to know that you did that for me, E!” Xander replied as he placed his hand on his heart and smirked.

“Shut it, meathead!” I told him. I left the room as I called Damien. He answered the call at the fourth ring.

“Did you find him?” Damien asked, his voice sounding hopeful.

“Yeah, I did. That idiot was sleeping at my place with his phone on silent.” I answered. Damien was silent for a few seconds.

“I know that you will make sure that the idiot feels sorry for what he did but please punch him on the face for me.” Damien spoke up after a while. I chuckled as I turned around to look at Xander.

“I sure will, boss!” I told him as I smirked at Xander who was looking at all the missed calls on his phone.

“Thanks, E. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye!” Damien said.

“See you tomorrow. Bye.” I said before disconnecting the call.

“I am guessing that was Damien.” Xander guessed.

“What made you think that? The hundreds of missed calls from him?” I asked sarcastically.

“No. Actually, I have more missed calls from you.” Xander answered. I glared at him.

“Yes, that was him. He was worried about you too.” I told him.

“But he wasn’t as worried as you were.” Xander said with a smirk as he pinched my cheeks. I swatted his hands away before punching him in the face. “Ouch! What was that for!” Xander grumbled as he grabbed his nose.

“Damien asked me to do it for him.” I shrugged before going down the stairs and to the kitchen. Xander followed me as he rubbed his nose with a pout on his face.

“I am guessing that you will be punching me a little more.” Xander said as I entered the kitchen. I gave him a big forced smile before I opened the freezer and took out an ice pack. I punched him as he reached for it. “Oww!” Xander yelled as he held his nose. I passed him the ice pack.

“If you ever do that again, I will hit you a hundred times more and I won’t even give you an ice pack.” I warned him. “Understood?” I asked him. He just saluted as he held the ice pack in place.

“Will you at least watch a movie with me or something? I was feeling lonely.” Xander said after a few minutes as I drank water and he handed me the ice pack back.

Aww! Poor fella!

“Sure, Xan.” I answered with a smile. “You can go and select the movie and I will get the popcorn.” I told him. His face instantly lit up at that.

“Thanks!” He said before going to the living room where the television was. I put the popcorn in the microwave before running up the stairs to my room. I quickly changed into a pair of shorts and a matching plain T-shirt before running to the kitchen. I took out the popcorn and made my way to the living room.

“What are we watching?” I asked Xander as I settled down next to him on the floor at the foot of the sofas.

“A comedy movie. I figured that if we watch an action movie, you would want to watch more and then we will end up staying up till late. And we have school tomorrow.” Xander told me before he pressed play. Xander had brought a blanket for us too. I cuddled next to him as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

The movie was not that funny and I was starting to feel a little sleepy but I kept my eyes open. I could see that Xander wasn’t interested in the movie either. He was more interested in the popcorn. I guess he just wanted to watch a movie for the popcorn.

Popcorn was Xander’s obsession like Pizza was mine. A small smile made its way on my lips as I tried to focus on the movie.

At the end of the movie, I cringed my nose when the guy sat down on one knee, proposing to the girl and she accepted his proposal. I yawned as the credits started rolling.

I didn’t really hate romance and stuff but I hated the stereotypes which specified that the guy has to get down on one knee to propose to a girl. I believe that no matter who proposes, they should be creative. They should do something new instead of the old fashioned proposal. I mean, if you are proposing to someone you love, the least you can do is make it special.

I got up with the empty bowl. I walked to the kitchen and washed the bowl before going back to the living room. Xander was standing by the sofa. He looked deep in thoughts as he stared at the television screen which was showing the credits rolling.

“What are you thinking about, pretty boy?” I asked him. He looked at me with a thoughtful look on his face.

“I was thinking about the end of the movie.” Xander said. I frowned at that.

Is he still feeling alone because of what the twins did?

“What about it?” I asked him.

“I was thinking what would happen if I sat down on one knee…” Xander spoke as he sat down on his knee in front of me. “And asked you to be my girl.” He added as he put his hand out for me to grab. I looked at him, waiting for him to get up at any second telling me that he was joking. But his expression stayed serious. I blinked my eyes, trying to figure out what was happening.

Was his single status making him go cray-cray?

I smiled down at him.

“I would hit you in the head with a frying pan like Rapunzel and ask you to go to the doctor to see if I fixed your head.” I told him as I hit him at the back of his head. I turned and made my way to the kitchen to make something for dinner, leaving Xander in the living room.

I swear, that boy is going crazy for real this time....

Me: Sorry for being a little late!

Xander: Please forgive her! She is having an exam tomorrow...

Ellie: Anyways, here’s the meme of the day!

Me: I’ll see you guys on22nd October now!

Xander: *whispering* Which is Thursday.

Ellie: Bye!

Me: Take care, guys!

Curtains close as the author starts to panic about her test tomorrow...

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