The Player's Playmate

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Hey humans!!

So, I will be starting the updates on this story from Thursday, 24th September 2020, onwards.

New updates will be up twice a week. (on Sundays or Mondays and Thursdays)

Here is a little sneak-peek😜....

"Please?" He begged me with a pout on his handsome face as he played with a strand of my chestnut-brown hair. He was looking adorable but I couldn't just agree with his plans. Not again.

"Nope!" I said popping the 'p' as I rolled my green eyes and focused back on the book in front of me.

"But I really love her! Ever since I was little, I've had a crush on her! E, I think she's the one! I have known this since I was just four!" He exasperated. I turned to him with a frown on my face.

He really is an idiot!

"She just moved here, you dumbo!"

So, here it is...

I'll see you all on Thursday!


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