The Player's Playmate

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Chapter 17: Don't date or you'll leave

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Me: Hey, guys!

Ellie: *sniffling* Why did you make all my friends turn into jerks?

Xander: Hey! I am a barbarian!

Me: Ellie, me and Kara are still your friends!

Kara: Exactly! We girls don’t need the boys till we have each other.

Liam: Don’t tell me that you are breaking up with me!

Me: I don’t want to write your break up! At least not now!

Damien: Moving on, here’s something to make you laugh.

Me: That’s my official motto!

Mason: I thought your official motto was eat pizza and be happy.

Ellie: That’s mine.

Me: Anyways, the next update will be up on 9th November 2020.

Xander: That is Monday.

Me: The only reason as to why I am not updating on Sunday is because I want to update on my cousin’s birthday. So, sorry for making you wait an extra day!

Mason: Can’t you just update on Sunday and then on Monday again?

Me: Nope! I am too lazy.

Xander But what about me and Mason? Ellie is still not talking to us!

Me:*sigh* Fine! Here’s the deal: If there are enough likes and comments by Sunday, I’ll update on Sunday as well as on Monday.

Mason: Sounds fair.

Ellie: Until next time!

Mason: Stay safe and eat cake!

Me: Hey! That’s my motto!

Jason: You have way too many mottos.

Curtains close as Mason and Xander try apologizing to Ellie while she, Kara and the author go off to shopping...

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