The Player's Playmate

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Chapter 20: Xander gone AWOL

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Me: I am pretty awesome, aren’t I?

Ellie: Why?

Me: I updated earlier than promised!

Xander: And made me end up drunk in school?

Mason: Relax! Me, my clonie and Damien are ones who are doing the hard work of cleaning up your mess!

Jason: *gritting teeth in anger* I am not your damn clone!

Mason: *smirking* Believe whatever you want, clonie.

Me: Before these two start again, you guys should know that the next update will be up on 12th November.

Xander: Which is Thursday.

Ellie: Which is the day after tomorrow.

Jason: Can I rearrange Mason’s face now?

Mason: Do it in front of a mirror, clonie!

Jason: *turning to me* Nini, can I do it?

I look at Mason who is styling his hair and back at the fuming Jason.

Me: Knock yourself out.

Mason: See! She’s on my side.

Me: Nope! *bringing out a cannon* Use this, Jace. Send him to Pluto.

Jason: *taking the cannon* Thanks!

Mason: How will you get me in the cannon?

I snap my fingers and Mason is in the cannon.

Me: You sometimes forget that I control your life. *evil laughter*

Mason: NOO!

Curtains close as everyone laughs in an evil manner and Jason sends Mason off to Pluto...

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