The Player's Playmate

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Chapter 25: Mrs Krampe needed a little glitter

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Me: I am not as early as I usually am but I am not late either!

Ellie: *mumbling* You never gave the time...

Me: But I have some news people!

Xander: An announcement...

Mason: One that doesn’t kill me or send me off to Pluto...

Damien: A news that hopefully will be good to hear... Or read...

Liam: Why are we talking like this? Why can’t we just come to the point?

Mason: *rolling his eyes* Because that is a boring way to do things.

Me: We are creating a little air of mystery before we share the news!

Liam: Can we get to it now? We have already wasted more than a hundred words on creating the ‘mysterious air’.

Me: Okay, Captain Boring! The news is that instead of twice a week, me and my team of characters will come thrice a week to meet you all!

Ellie: But we are also offering you a choice on which days you want the updates.

Mason: Option A is Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Jason: Option B is Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Ellie: The option getting the most votes will win and if there is a tie, the updates will be up randomly.

Me: To vote, you can just comment here or send me a personal message.

Ellie: Or post on her profile.

Xander: So, without further chit chat, we leave you with the decision. The next update will be up according to your choice.

Damien: The voting is open till the day after tomorrow which is 21th November 2020.

Me: It will end at 05:30(GMT).

Xander: So, until then, stay safe!

Me: *tapping Mason’s mouth close* And eat cake!

Curtains open as Mason tears the tape off and starts chasing the author around...

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