The Player's Playmate

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Chapter 30: Ellie’s Decision

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Me: I have a question.

Mason: Me too.

Ellie: Me too.

Xander: Me too.

Me: Before anyone else speaks up, my question will have a big and I mean BIG effect on the story.

Ellie: *whispering to the audience* Our question was if you guys liked the chapter but I guess you should hear her question too. It sounds important.

Mason: But that wasn’t my question!

Me: *sighing* Then ask your question too. But do it before I destroy the whole story!

Mason: I just wanted to ask if you will write a story about me too.

Me: Nope!

Mason: *whining* Why?

Me: I don’t want to.

Mason: Please!

Me: *sighing* Then you have to do something. Make me want to write the story.

Mason: *turning to the audience* If you all want to read more of me, please comment! And like and share!

Me: If we reach 150 likes before the next update, I might consider writing your story.

Mason: What about the comments?

Me: If we get a lot of good reviews or comments reach an overwhelming limit, I will surely write your story.

Mason: Thanks!

Me: Now, on to my question. Do you guys want to read Xander’s POV?

Xander: Yes!

Me: I was asking the readers, idiot!

Xander: Oh! Sorry!

Damien: To make it easier to vote, we present you the option.

Mason: Option A: Xander’s POV in the next chapter.

Jason: Option B: Continue with Ellie’s POV.

Damien: Voting is open till Monday, 30th November 2020. Till 1pm(EST).

Me: A warning, if you think that the story won’t progress if you opt for Xander’s POV, then you are wrong. I will write the next events in his POV. It will give you an insight into what Xander thinks.

Xander: And I think of great things!

Me: If you opt for Ellie’s POV to continue, well, you already know her.

Ellie: And I am awesome!

Me: So, I’ll see you guys on 1st December 2020 with a new update!

Xander: Which is Tuesday!

Damien: Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, REVIEW and SHARE!

Liam: Until next time, stay safe!

Mason: And like and comment for a story for me!

Me: And eat cake! That’s our motto!

Curtains close as Ellie and Xander start arguing about who is better...

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