The Player's Playmate

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Chapter 35: Manipulative Cousins

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Me: *hiding behind Xander, Damien, Mason and Jason as they stand like a wall* Wow! You guys are so tall I don’t even have to crouch down to hide!

Ellie: You do know that you don’t need the four of them to hide yourself, right?

Me: Yeah but they are my army of protectors! And it looks super cool!

Ellie: *rolls her eyes* I give up!

Liam: Why are you hiding?

Me: *whispering* Because I am late!

Liam: So?

Me: People will not know that I am here! And I will leave out of here alive!

Liam: *frowning in confusion* But you do know that people can hear(read) you, right? The curtains are up.

Me: …

Mason: *whispering* Don’t worry, I’ll handle it. *turning to the audience* Hello, readers! Unfortunately, the author is not here with us right now.

Xander: *face palming* I don’t even know why I am here...

Me: *whisper-yelling* You love me!

Damien: *sighing* Sorry for the late update. Nini, come out and apologize!

Me: *pouting* But I am scared!

Damien: Then conquer your fear!

Me: I hate you!

Damien: *smirking* No, you don’t.

Me: *sighing* You are right. *coming out from hiding* Sorry, guys!

Ellie: Elaborate!

Me: *shooting a glare at Ellie* I was out and when I came back home, I was tired and so I took a warm and long bath only to realise that it was a terrible idea to take a bath on a winter night. I got a headache and so my mom gave me the meds which made me sleep like a baby.

Ellie: Then?

Me: I woke up and had some work to do. So, my mom told me to do my work first.

Damien: Good. Now, when will the next update be up?

Me: Soon.

Ellie: Elaborate!

Me: *grumbling* Meanie!

Ellie: I heard that!

Me: *sighing* The next update will hopefully be up tomorrow or latest by day after tomorrow.

Damien: Come on now. I’ll make you some hot chocolate.

Me: *smiling* I love you!

Damien: *rolling his eyes* Now say bye to everyone.

Me: Bye, readers! I’ll miss you!

The author and Damien leave the stage.

Ellie: Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE!

Xander: See you guys soon!

Jason: Until then, stay safe!

Mason: And eat cake!

Curtains close as the other leave to get some of Damien’s famous HOT CHOCOLATE...

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