The Player's Playmate

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Chapter 41: Confessing like Romeo and Juliet

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Me: So, I made double-Dutch-braid today. That too, all by myself. And that too, in just three small minutes!

Ellie: *whispering* And that is related to the chapter... How?

Me: *rolling my eyes* I am just excited! I just wanted everyone to know about my achievement!

Damien: *shaking his head* You are the weirdest person I know!

Me: *grinning* Thanks!

Ellie: Okay, ignoring the weirdness, the next update will be up on 17th December 2020.

Xander: That is Thursday!

Mason: Which is the day after tomorrow!

Me: But I have a question for you all. I know that my updating schedule is now all jumbled up. So, I want to ask you guys what you want the update schedule to be like.

Damien: So, choose the best option.

Mason: Option A: The current schedule is amazing!

Jason: Option B: Go back to the option which the majority voted for a while ago. Three days per week.

Liam: Option C: Some other schedule.

Me: Please note that I can’t update everyday. I mean, I can but where’s the fun in that? *wink wink*

Xander: I wouldn’t mind if you did update everyday!

Me: *sighing* So, I wanted it to be a surprise but okay. From 23rd December, I’ll be updating everyday!

Ellie: *gasps* Really?

Me: Someone once told me that if I remember someone’s birthday, I shouldn’t pretend like I don’t only to surprise that person on their special day. I was advised to tell the said person that I do remember their birthday.

Liam: What’s your point here?

Me: *sighing heavily* 23rd December is my sister-like friend’s birthday and I love her a lot. I know that she might not even be reading this but if she is, I want her to know that I will remember her even though we can’t meet up everyday like we used to.

Jason: So until next time, stay safe!

Me and Mason: And eat cake!

Curtains close as the Narnian police come up to investigate about the humongous snowman that the author and the characters made in front of their palace with magic...

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