The Player's Playmate

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Chapter 5: Truth revealed and Group Chat

“Ethan’s my new best friend.” I said, cheerfully. My voice was loud enough to get Ethan’s attention. He looked at me in shock as I smiled at him. “Right, Ethan?” I asked him sweetly.

Ethan stared at me with his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open. I wanted to laugh at his expression but when I saw the furious look on Xander’s face, I covered my expressions with a bright smile. I walked to Ethan and sat on the table in front of his chair. He was still staring at me as if I was an alien.

“Your best friend?” Ethan finally spoke up, his voice coming out squeaky. I giggled at that, making Xander practically growl.

“Yes, Ethan. My best friend. You are my best friend.” I told him. He chuckled deeply after a few seconds making me frown at him.

“I’d rather be your best boyfriend.” He told me, making me narrow my eyes at him. But before I could say anything, Xander grabbed my wrist and pulled me up from the table and towards himself.

“I am your best friend. And you will never talk to this guy! Never!” Xander informed me with a furious look in his eyes.

“Why? Just because I asked her out?” Ethan questioned Xander, clearly enjoying his discomfort and angry state. Ethan’s shock was now all gone as he relaxed back in his seat and smirked at Xander.

“If what you said a few seconds ago was you asking me out, then I would like to tell you that you need to work on your charm, blondie!” I snorted at Ethan’s smugness. Ethan’s smirk fell as he frowned at me. By now, the twins had stopped their banter and were now looking at Xander with their eyes wide.

“I wasn’t talking about what I said a few seconds earlier. I was talking about the card I left in your locker two years ago.” Ethan informed me as he stood up from his seat. I frowned at that. I do receive a lot of chits and cards in my locker from people telling me how they like me and stuff but I usually ignore it all. I am one of the most popular kids in the school so I am used to all this but I never received any notes or cards from Ethan. Ever!

“I never received any card from you.” I told Ethan. His eyes grew wide and his eyes moved to Xander. I turned to see Xander glaring daggers at Ethan with his eyes. Xander looked like he was trying to get Ethan to shut up.

“You saw the card first! You hid it from her and you beat me up too. I thought that she hated me and rejected my proposal and that was why you came to beat me up and to warn me to stay away from her!” Ethan accused Xander. My eyes grew wide and my jaw dropped to the floor. I turned to see Xander staring at Ethan with so much hatred.

“Xan, tell me that he is lying!” I whispered to Xander as anger started talking over my logical senses. The twins pulled me back when Xander grabbed Ethan by the collar of his shirt.

“You guys knew, didn’t you?” I sneered as I looked at the twins who gave me sheepish smiles in return. I walked to Xander and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Leave him, Xander. The teacher is about to come in. And if you get in any more unnecessary trouble, I would personally drop you off to hell.” I told Xander. He glared at Ethan for one last time before he left Ethan’s collar and went back to his seat. I followed him and took my seat.

“That’s it? Shouldn’t you at least tell me what your reply would have been if you would have found my card!” Ethan called out when he saw how the four of us settled down and started focusing on something or the other. Xander was about to say something but I spoke up before he had the chance to.

“I would have said yes but now that I think about it, I would have broken up with you after a day or two. And so, if you ask me now, my answer would be no.” I shrugged before I focused on the book laying on my table. From the corner of my eyes, I could see that Xander was smirking at Ethan while Ethan looked shocked. The twins were high-fiving each other.

I wanted to wipe that smug smirk off of Xander’s face but as his best friend, I was supposed to hold my anger in and not yell at him in front of everyone. I would surely take my revenge on Xander but I didn’t want to say anything right now. For now, I wanted him to relax with the false hope that I wasn’t angry with him.

Soon Mrs. Sandy Krampe entered the room. She glared at us all when no one got up or even looked at her to greet her. She silently settled in her seat and started doing some of her own work. I sighed heavily. Being in the presence of the grumpy old Mrs. Krampe was something that always made me tired. Especially when she was looking up and glaring at us every now and then.

“Pssstttt!” I heard someone whispering and turned my head to find Xander giving me an apologetic smile as he motioned towards my phone. I looked at my phone to find a message from him on the group chat.

Xanderrific: Are you mad?

SassyEllie: Nope!!

Xanderrific: Good!

MightyMace: Bro! You ignored the double exclamation mark…

JollyJace: Bro! That’s not good!

LazyLiam: You guys are just exaggerating. Ellie might have typed that by mistake!

KindKara: Liam, don’t tell me that you believe that!

KindKara: Or we might break up due to your stupidity!!

Xanderrific: Shit! I was supposed to text her on the personal chat. 🤦🏻‍♂️

KindKara: But you didn’t.

MightyMace: Jacey-poo! Bring the damn popcorn! Detention is about to become interesting!🍿

JollyJace: Macey-poo! You bring the gummy bears!🍬

LazyLiam: I would bring the drinks!🥂

I heard Mason and Jason chuckling quietly behind me. Mrs. Krampe looked up and glared at the twins before looking down at her work and ignoring the laughing idiots. I roll my eyes at them before looking back at the phone screen. Damien had finally joined the chat.

DashingDamien: Wait! Detention?

JollyJace: Wanna join, bro?

LazyLiam: What happened?

MightyMace: Ellie found out about Ethan’s proposal from two years ago. 😆

DashingDamien: Why does this kind of stuff only happen when I am not in detention?😞

Did all of them know about this?!

SassyEllie: You could have told me about it if you knew. Then it would have happened in your presence.🤷🏻‍♀️

DashingDamien: 🤐

Xanderrific: Elle, are you mad?

I sighed. I looked at Xander to find him unconsciously pouting at his phone screen. He looked like a small puppy who got hurt. My heart ached at his expression.

SassyEllie: Yes.

Xanderrific: I’ll buy you Pizza on the way home. I love you, E!!!🍕

He knew it! He knew my weakness. And he knew how to use it to break me…

SassyEllie: On the way home, today and tomorrow.

Xanderrific: Deal!

SassyEllie: 🤝🏻

SassyEllie: Nice doing business with you. You are forgiven.

Xanderrific: I love you!!!♥

MightyMace: I love you too, Xan-bear!😘

JollyJace: I love you more, Xander!♥♥♥

LazyLiam: I don’t love idiots!😒

DashingDamien: I am not into guys. Sorry, dude!😉

Xanderrific: 🤦🏻‍♂️

Xanderrific: I am surrounded by idiots…

Me: Another update!

Ellie: Thanks for taking the story up to 300+ reads already!

Xander : And super thanks for the votes and comments!

Mason: And even more of a bigger thanks for loving me!

Jason: They don’t love you. They just love your face and I am the proof that it’s not so unique.

Damien: Anyways, the next update will be up on 8th October 2020.

Liam: Which is Thursday.

Me: Bye guys! See you all later!

Mason: *whispering to the others* Kara isn’t here today! Let’s fly out the Wizards of Waverly Place style!

Me: Yeah! *high-fiving Mason*

Curtains close as the characters and the author take out a magic flying carpet and fly off...

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