The Player's Playmate

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Chapter 6: The Cunning and the Innocent

“Why is Ethan still looking at you? I thought you told him that you don’t want to go out with him.” Mason frowned as he stood beside me as I took out a few books and kept the others inside my locker.

Yesterday, after detention, me and Xander went to eat pizza and then went home. When we all decided to hang out, Damien was still at practice. Liam and Kara were hanging out at Kara’s place so the twins, me and Xander just crashed on the couch at my house and watched a bunch of random shows while talking about anything and everything. A typical weekday thing for us.

“Did he forget whatever happened yesterday at detention?” Jason questioned as he came to stand on my other side. I turned around to find Ethan staring intensely at me. I shrugged it off as I closed my locker. Damien came to stand in front of me.

“Damien, what are you doing? I have to get to class.” I said when I found myself surrounded by the boys and the lockers with no way out.

“Let Ethan leave. His creepy stare is pissing me off. It’s either me standing here or me standing at the principal’s office with Ethan with a broken nose beside me.” Damien replied in a frustrated voice. I huffed. These boys were a little too protective of me.

“I might get late if I wait for him to leave. Besides, he is in my next class. What will you do if he stares at me in class?” I argued. Xander came towards us with a smile on his face but when he looked in Ethan’s direction, his expressions turned grim. Not wanting Xander to join the hulk-barrier team, I pleaded with him with my eyes to convince Damien and the twins to let me leave.

“I’ll take her to class. We have the same class.” Xander told the guys, understanding my silent pleas. I gave him a grateful smile as Damien stepped aside. Ethan was still staring at me from across the hallway so Xander wrapped a protective arm around my shoulder.

“We will have to do something about that loser if he continues staring at you like that.” Xander told me as we passed Ethan. I nodded my head at Xander’s words. Being popular in highschool meant that people were constantly staring at us to see our every action. We all were used to it but the way Ethan was staring made me feel like he was up to something. Something that wasn’t something that I’ll like.

“Maybe we can spray paint his car and puncture his tires? Or we can fill his locker with something sticky, gooey and smelly. Or we can pour a bucket of paint on him after his baseball practice.” I suggested as we entered the class. Xander looked amused as he sat down on his seat. I took my seat beside him and placed my book on the table.

“Ellie, I was talking about something like warning him to stay away or something. Why do you always have to take it all to pranks?” Xander laughed. I rolled my eyes at him.

“I just think big. I have a wild imagination unlike you.” I grumbled. Xander shook his head at me as he chuckled. Liam and Kara entered the class and took the seats behind us. I turned around to face them. “Why weren’t you guys focusing on your date yesterday when me, Xan and the twins were chatting in the group during detention?” I asked them.

“That’s because Liam forgot to book a table at the restaurant and we were waiting outside in the line anyway.” Kara shrugged. I gasped dramatically as I stared at Liam. Liam glared at me as he realised what I was going to do.

It was typical of Liam to forget things like booking a table at a restaurant for his date or doing his homework. He is Lazy Liam for a reason. And even though our sweet friend and Liam’s lovely girlfriend, Kara is used to his forgetful and lazy behaviour, I find amusement in provoking Kara from time to time. Kara and Liam have been together for three years now and I know that the little banters that they have because of me are not something they will break up for.

“Ellie, don’t!” Liam hissed under his breath as Xander coughed to hide his amusement. I looked at Kara with an innocent expression. “Ellie, Please! Not again!” Liam said as he closed his eyes. I ignored him. I was feeling a little bored and I wanted some drama to keep me going. It was just the first class of the day but I was craving a little drama.

“Kara, did he even remember the date or were you the one who reminded him?” I asked her innocently. Kara frowned at my question but it wasn’t because she thought that I was trying to provoke her. She was our sweet, kind-hearted Kara. I can literally write it on my face that I am going to lie to her and then tell her that the sky is puke green in colour when it is clearly blue but she will believe me to be innocent. According to Kara, all girls were innocent while boys weren’t always as innocent as we girls were.

“He asked me if I was ready to head home before I reminded him about the date.” Kara mumbled after thinking for a good minute. I gasped at that.

“Kara, how can a boyfriend forget a thing as important as a date that you two have been planning for a week?” I asked with shock in my voice. Liam groaned as he rested his forehead on his desk.

“Kara, I am a person who hasn’t had a stable relationship in his life but even I don’t forget a date! Especially if it is with someone even half as good as you are.” Xander added as he tried to hide his smile. Kara looked at Xander with her big innocent eyes.

“Sweet-sweet Kara, I think that Liam is taking advantage of your niceness. A girl-to-girl advice, don’t let him take you for granted.” I told Kara. She nodded her head at me.

“I am not taking her for granted!” Liam protested as he raised his head up. He groaned when Kara narrowed her eyes at him.

“Then why did you forget our date? Why didn’t you book the table earlier?” Kara asked him.

“I was tired and the studies and everything made me forget! You knew that I had a test too. I had many important things in my mind.” Liam defended himself. I bit my lower lip to contain my laughter.

“Things more important than your own girlfriend? Bro, that’s cold!” Xander said. I held my breath as I bit my lip harder to make sure that I didn’t start laughing out loud.

“Not you too!” Liam grumbled. He turned to face Kara. “Kara, my dear girlfriend, my sweet Kara, these two are trying to make you angry.” Liam told her in a sweet voice.

“They are just telling me the truth, Liam. It’s you who is lying! And they are your friends. Yet they are telling me all this. It’s because they are pure at heart!” Kara exclaimed, attracting a little attention. Liam snorted at her words which made Kara narrow her eyes at him. He covered it up with a cough. I turned my heart to the people who were now staring at us. I glared at them and they instantly looked the other way.

“Kara-” Liam started but Kara interrupted him.

“I don’t want to hear it, Liam!” She said and faced forward towards the board in the front. Just as Liam opened his mouth to say something, the teacher entered the class.

“Good morning, class. Let us continue from where we left off yesterday.” The teacher said before the class started.

Ellie: And here is another update that proves that no one should mess with me.

Liam: It actually proves that we should never let you get bored. *rolling his eyes*

Xander: But that was fun!

Liam: Not for me!

Me: Relax, Liam!

Liam: Why did you let Ellie do that? *glaring at me*

Me: *raising an eyebrow* Shouldn’t you be by Kara’s side, trying to talk to her rather than complaining?

Liam sighs before leaves to go to Kara’s house.

Ellie: Anyways, the next update will be up on 12th October, 2020.

Xander: That is Monday, the day that should be banned!

Me and Ellie: Yeah!

Damien: I am fine with it. At least Monday shows that there are only a few days left before it’s Friday. *shrugs*

Ellie: Monday only shows that Sunday is over.

Me: But we will be back to brighten your day up.

Damien: Let’s just leave before Mason or Jason arrive. I am not in a mood to carry Mason on my back again!

Me: Yeah! And they will kill me if they get to know what happened in class without them!

Xander: They can’t actually kill you. *frowning at me*

Ellie: They are Mace and Jace. They can do anything.

We all sigh.

Xander: Bye, everyone!

Ellie: Thanks for reading!

Me: Don’t forget to vote, comment and share!

Damien: Click on the small star below and make us all happy!

Me: Bye!

All the characters and the author run off.

The curtains close just as Mason and Jason arrive...

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