The Player's Playmate

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Not A Chapter

The curtains open to the characters chattering excitedly.

The author runs up on the stage in a hurry.

Me: Hello people!

Ellie: We know that this is unexpected but we have news for you all!

Xander: Our exams are starting from next week and we need to focus on that.

Me: So, I am not saying that we will not be coming to visit you all as often as we do now.

Mason: No! We are here to deliver some other news.

Liam: Exams are important and we all need to focus on being quiet in the author's mind so that she could study.

Damien: And for that, we might not come out as often as we do in her world.

Kara: What they are saying is you will meet us as often as we currently meet you. But we might get late too. But just by a few hours.

Ellie: But we might visit you more often.

Jason: You see, the author loves to write her stories. So, she will write whenever she wants a break from her studies.

Me: And since I have already written enough chapters that I can update twice a week till the end of December, when I write more, I will upload another new chapter.

Mason: That means extra updates.

Damien: Whenever she finds herself unable to write, you guys will still get the two weekly updates.

Mason: But if she is able to write, she will update.

Me: So, the main announcement is that I wouldn't be able to tell you guys when I will be updating next.

Xander: The weekly updates will be up on Thursdays and Sundays.

Ellie: But you might get a new chapter every other day.

Kara: It all depends on the author and her best friend.

Me: As soon as I finish a chapter and my best friend gives me a thumbs up, I'll update.

Ellie: So, we will be seeing you all on Monday or sooner.

Xander: Until then...

Me: Stay happy!

Mason: And miss me!

The curtains close as the characters all disappear into thin air and books start raining from the sky and the author runs away to save herself.

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