I Missed My Period {Limitedly Available}

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Sequel to: "Well Screw My Period" With Jamie and Cameron now living it up in college and everything seeming perfect, Jamie is set to believe that their happily ever after is well into motion. They are closer than ever with endless days of being their very hilarious selves and the ultimate power couple they have grown to be. But what happens when the very 'misleading' red light that sparked their union, fail to pay our dear Jamie a visit? They are broken between decision after decision, and Jamie starts to doubt that her happily ever after, was never destined at all. Will they make it through? Or will the burden of college and events unexpected drive them apart? *** Cannot be read as a stand alone. First book: "Well Screw My Period" Available until June 30, 2021

Humor / Romance
4.7 3 reviews
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Author's Note Welcome

Hey you!

If you're here, then you might be coming from 'Well Screw My Period'. If not, then my friend, you're gonna have a hard time understanding this book

So I suggest you go ahead, take a day and read the first book, then you can come on over to this book! 😁 you'll love it trust me.

As for us, I aim to update daily (teehee) so let's see how this goes!

Thanks for the support guys!
Thanks for coming back 🥰


For all new readers, this book will be available until june 30, 2021

I do not wish to upset anyone by being in the middle of the story, and having it deleted.
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