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“So where are you going to stay if you leaving yo mama house and don’t you have to pick yo shit up,” “A hotel and Chris is picking up my stuff,” I said pulling up into the dairy queen “Naw yall gone stay with me,” he said taking Zuri out “Huh, uh no,” I said walking behind him “You’re not staying in a hotel end of the discussion,” he said leaving no room for argument “trou du cul sexy,” I mumble “Je sais belle,” he said making me gasp

Humor / Romance
mary anne
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¨Bitch get up and get yo damn baby,¨ I hear my Birth giver say. So I get up and get my daughter Zuri and get both of us dressed in black tracksuits and airforce ones and her in a dress with a matching headband take a few pictures and head to school in the jeep that I bought with my first check.

¨Mommy I don’t want to go to school,¨Zuri whined

¨I know baby but mommy has school too so how bout we pick up ice cream after school,¨ I said stopping at the daycare

¨otay mama,¨ she said smiling as I taking her out of the car

¨Bye baby¨I said seeing her go inside

¨Bye mommy,¨ she said running to a little girl

I drive into the parking space listening to trippie redd excitement when my bestfriend Chris taps on my window making me jump

¨Come yams on you missed first and second block,¨he said opening my door and pulling me out

¨Shit you get the homework and can you watch Zuri I got to work,¨ I ask him speed-walking down the hall

¨Yes and yes,¨he said handing me the homework

¨Ok thank you bye¨I said hugging him and walking into class

I go and sit in the back putting my headphones in

¨Hello, class we have a new student Mr king go sit next to Ms white raise your hand and give me your phone,¨ she said holding her hand out

¨No I might need to call my daughter,¨ I said making people gasp because I don’t talk much in class

¨Well you should have thought about that when you put them headsets in,¨ she said calling my mom

¨man move u not getting my phone¨ I said as Chris bust into the classroom

¨Yo your moms are trying to take Zuzu the daycare called me trying to get to you,¨

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