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¨See why she trying to touch my baby,¨ I said getting up and tying up my hair, and walking out with half the class behind me.

When I get to the daycare I see my birth giver slapping Zuri making me run up and punch her in the face hearing some ¨ohhs¨ and ¨damn¨ when she is on the floor I jump on top and punch her in the face over and over again until someone pulls me off

¨you ungrateful whore, after all, I did for you,¨she said sitting up

¨Bitch shut up you didn’t do shit for me, my child and I will be out of yo house by 7:00 try and pay rent now check stealing hoe,¨I said kicking her in the face

¨Aye you need to chill and check on zuzu¨I hear a deep voice say in my ear so I turn to see the new boy from class looking down at me then I turn to see Zuri crying in Chris’s arms

¨Im sorry baby I didn’t mean to make you cry,¨ I said picking her up and rocking her till she stops crying

¨Its Otay mommy¨ she said turning her head to the new boy

¨who are you,¨he said smiling at her

¨Zuri who are you,¨ she said laying on my chest

¨Draco,¨he said taking her from me

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