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¨Baby you still want to go to eat ice cream,¨ I said walking to my car

“Yes, can Coco come with us,” she said making me confused

“Who is coco,” I said getting in my car as Draco straps her in

“Him,” she said pointing at Draco making me snort

“I don’t know ask him,”

“Coco you want to come,”

“I can’t I got to go to school,” he said making her pout

“Plwease,” she said making her eyes big

“Shit aright fine,” he said making her pop him

“Das a bad word,” she said rolling her neck

“Ok sorry, Zuzu,” he said getting

“So where are you going to stay if you leaving yo mama house and don’t you have to pick yo shit up,”

“A hotel and Chris is picking up my stuff,” I said pulling up into the dairy queen

“Naw yall gone stay with me,” he said taking Zuri out

“Huh, uh no,” I said walking behind him

“You’re not staying in a hotel end of discussion,” he said leaving no room for argument

“trou du cul sexy,” I mumble

“Je sais belle,” he said making me gasp

We order our stuff and sit down

“Mommy can I go to the playroom,” she said pointing at it

“Umm yeah,” I said watching as she runs off

“Let me get some of your shake,” Draco said

“No you should have got it,” I said laughing

“Man give me some,” he said reaching over making me pull my arm slightly

“Nope,” I said walking towards the playroom only to get pushed against the wall with Draco inches from my face

“Stop playing so much,” he said as he bends down to drink my shake then walks away leaving me flustered

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