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3 weeks later

I immediately moved in after we left the DQ. I met his friends and made some of my own and I made some female friends which are very hard for me since they are so messy.

Next day

Next Day

I wake up to Zuri watching cartoons and eating cereal

“ come on baby it’s time for a bath,” I said, getting up. She follows me into the bathroom and turns the bathtub water to the right temperature of her liking. I washed her up and get her dressed and a black shirt and light blue jeans I did the same process with myself except I had a black bodysuit on and a jean jacket we come downstairs out of our room to see killa and similar clothing except he had a chain. he goes inside his room and comes up with two One Mini and one normal-sized and he put them around their necks then he walks out before I could decline. When we got to the daycare we both got out of the car and said our goodbyes to Zuri and had to go to school. When we get there I hear gasps and Whispers from everyone because I’m the quiet girl with the child getting out of the car with one of the most dangerous people in New York. Then a light skin girl with big boobs, no butt and braces came up to us. She looked at me and sister Killa. “Brah, why don’t you text me back? I have some shit to tell you,”. I walk away Until I hear “ Yaya baby come here,” I haven’t heard that name since my other boy best friend moved away sophomore year. I turn to see him so I will run and jump into his arms kissing all over his face “brah I missed you so much A.J.,” I said once he put me down “ yo I heard you got a kid now when I’m going to meet her,” “ umh soon you are as Godfather,” “ oh word and Chris ain’t mad,” he said laughing“ he was he talked to me for a month,” I said until I met you two voices clear

I turn and see killa behind us “ my bad killa A.J, A.J killa,” “who is that,” he said pointing at the girl “ I don’t know but I have to get the class so bye,” I said walking down the hall. “ so is that your dude or something and my name is jasmine”

“ mine is Yasmine and no that’s just my best friend,” I said quietly “ so why were you can come over then,” Killa snapped making me in the jasmine jump “Because that’s just how we are I am the exact same way with Chris,” I said walking in the classroom to the back I put my headphones takes the teacher hasn’t got here yet “ yo Yasmine come sit with us,” Jasmine called out “ no I’m good thank you though,” I said taking a headphone out. “man just come sit with us,” a girl named Nae Nae said

I rolled my eyes, got up, and sat in an empty seat next to them. They asked me questions about my daughter, the fight with my birth giver and Chris, and AJ. What’s first and second block was over. It was lunchtime and I Walked down the crowded hallway only to get pulled into an empty one. “I missed you so much,” Aj said, kissing my face and neck making me moan.“I missed you too Arin,” I said tugging at his hair. “Macht comes on freak one and two,” Chris said coming out of nowhere “ where... what... how... huh,” I said to turn away from AJ. “ Man I knew since the first time I started but can y’all come on? I’m hungry, lunch just started,” he said walking to the cafeteria. As soon as we get in there AJ pulls me on his lap if I asked Chris to get me a Powerade. “ So what is she like,” he said putting his face into my neck “ who Zuri well she’s quiet Only really talks to me Chris killa and probably when she meets you,” I said playing with his hair as Chris comes back and killa And his friends come sit at our table. “ So we’re all still going to the mall right,” Nae Nae said and we all not in agreement except Chris and AJ “ you going,” they both asked me I nod my head And put it on AJ’s. “Do y’all go out?” Nae asked “ no,” he said “talk” “ nope” “FWB” “ nada,” I said. Then Chris choked on his water from laughing, making me throw a Fry at him. “Brah you need to chill,” I said rolling my eyes.“ all right okay I’ll chill bitch,” He mumbled the last part but not enough so I couldn’t hear it “ Hoe,``″Slut,``″treesh,” “ man you always talking shit,” he said “ boy suck my-” .“ Miss Jones language” “Sorry Miss Angie,” “mhm,” she said going back to reading her book. Then the whole table burst out laughing except for Killa because he was staring at me and AJ too long to know what was going on. “Y’alls lets play never have I ever,” Jasmine said and everybody nodded in agreement. “okay I’ll go first never have I ever had sex in a car,” she said making everyone but me put a finger down. “ Chris is your time go,” she said making him say “ never have I ever had sex with the same gender,” I and two other girls put our fingers down “ really yas and you didn’t have the nerve to tell me I said wow who was it” “ Samantha Young” “ tongue demon Sammy man she said she went gay for one girl and that was-,” he said in shock I nod my head putting a fry in my mouth and aj whispers in my ear "I bet it cuz if that thing you do with yo tongue piercing" "Nope I took that out, "I said “ come on and play AJ you next,”killa said “ never have I ever messed with someone at this table,” he said before putting his head back in my neck sucking lightly. Everyone put a finger down so Chris said everyone has to say who Chris and Angie Andre and jasmine Nae Nae and killa and me and AJ “ man I knew it” Jasmine said looking at me and AJ making him laugh into my neck “ okay it’s my turn never have I ever flirted with a teacher for a better grade,” I said making everyone put a finger down. “ man Yasmine you supposed to be the good one over here Fullerton with old people for a grade,” Andre said “ y’all do the same thing too so don’t try me,” “ all right everybody tells who they flirted with on three 1 2 3,” on three we all said ms Angie making her look at us “ but Who got an a” only I raised my hand making the whole table bust out laughing as the bell rings. We all get up from the table, go our separate ways and I go to art class today we’re going to be drawing portraits of Everyone important to us. I obviously Drew everybody at the table, my dad and Zuri all at a big dinner table.

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