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An old couple in 70s walked into a lawyer office.A couple wanted to file a divorce.after having a brief chat with the couple. The lawyers was left shock and confused at the same time.the couple was married for almost 50 years but all these year they spent most of thier time quarreling.thing never seemed to work out between them but they never separated becouse of thier children.thier seperation in that time would have affect thier children's lives but now the children have grown up they have thier own family so,the old couple doesn't need to worry about them anymore.they wanted to lead thier life freely now after all this years of unhappiness they mutually agreed for a divorce. It was hard for the lawyer to get the paperwork done because it's very rare when a couple married for that long files for a divorce.the wife told while signing the divorce paper "I truly love you but I can't carry on with all this anymore"I'm really sorry"
"Its fine I can understand you" said the husband. But the lawyer was still puzzeled about the whole thing he felt bad about all he invited the couple for a dinner together with just the three of them.the couple accepted the invitation. At night the three were having a dinner at a restaurant the waiter arrive with roasted chicken the husband took the drumstick of his plate and put it on his wife's plate "take these it's your favorite" the husband said looking at his kind gesture the lawyer felt that there's still a chance for the couple to get back... But he was wrong the old lady said with frowning face " this is your problem you always think so highly of yourself without even caring what I really feel and want you are too ignorant to know that I always hated drumsticks!" The drumstick were actually the husband's favorite.but little did the wife know that her husband had always tried all the way to please her. And he always wanted to please his wife in his way without understanding her true needs at all little did he know that his wife hated drumstick and little did she know that all her husband wanted was the best for her after dinner both returned to thier houses but none of them could sleep after a few hours the old man could resist himself anymore he call his wife to tell her how much he loved her he wanted to apologize to her for not trying to understand her.he was afraid of the thoughts of carrying my life without her.he head never truly expressed to her about how much he loved her.he kept calling her just to let her know how much she meant for him but no one answered the call.the ringing never stop yet he kept dialing.on the other hand she was sad she know who was calling but he didn't want to answer it she just couldn't understand that after all these years her husband knew very little about her he never really expressed his feeling truly.yet he always wanted the best for her.all she ever wanted was him to understand her truly she loved him but she couldn't take it anymore" what's the point of talking now that's it all over" she thought and she switched off the phone as it wouldn't stop ringing but little did she remember he had hearth morning she received news they he had passed away he encountered heath attack while trying to call her.after a few days of his death she received a box there was a insurance paper in that box along with a letter said
"To my dearest wife if you are reading this it means I'm not around you anymore I bought this policy the day we married it values around 1 million it's not much but I hope it's enough to keep you going for the rest of your life when I'm not around.i might not be around to take care of you anymore but I always want you to be happy" tears flowed like river she wished she had answered that one call when you love someone let them know you never know when is your last moment
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