The Story Of The Family Tree

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A young girl by the name of Ashley suddenly feels sick and unknowingly starts an entire family tree, watch their adventures as their family grows!

Humor / Other
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The Start.

One day, a young girl by the name of Ashley was out walking her dog, and she suddenly gets this horrible headache, she goes to sit down, as she’s sitting there she sneezes, and then out came a boy, she jumped up and she asked him his name, he said “my name is Miles” and she said “oh okay, are you okay?” He replied “yes I’m okay” Ashley went on and decided to keep him as her son, even though he was 17 and she was 14. They decided to head back to Ashley’s house. When they got back Ashley sent Miles to bed, after he went to bed she sat down on the couch and decided to look up why she sneezed out a person, she looked it up and it said that it’s a curse that she can’t get rid of, she’s gonna have 2 more kids after him and then it will affect her 3rd one and then they will start and have 3 kids and then it will go on down the line. Ashley was surprised and kind of scared, but she just sat down and accepted it.
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