A Night In The Woods

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A very short funny horror story. "Ghost!", Laura screamed as she tripped on her feet. Her body pushed against Quinn which made Quinn fall towards Harry. The three of them rolled down the stairs, forming a heap at the bottom. "Get your ass off my face!", Quinn cried. *** What do you when all you want is to be cuddled up in your nice cozy bed but instead you are out in the woods, in a house said to be plagued by ghosts?. Would you survive the night?

Humor / Horror
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Chapter 1

"I hate you", Quinn mumbled.

She was standing in front of an abandoned house in the middle of the woods on the outskirts of the town. She's supposed to be in her bed, wrapped in her blanket, all warmed up but no, she had to agree to Harry's idea of coming to this deserted house. It is believed that the house is haunted and if you get to the house around midnight, then you'd be sure to be terrified by a ghost.

"It isn't as scary as I thought it'd be", Laura said disappointed, flashing her torch on the house.

"Oh come on, we aren't even inside yet!", Harry responded enthusiastically.

"Let's get this over with, okay?. I hate it here", Quinn said, walking towards the front door.

The door creaked loudly when she opened it, the sound echoing around the empty house. The three of them stepped inside, looking around cautiously. The door closed shut behind them when they were fully in the house.

"Who closed the door?", Laura asked, still not spooked.

"It wasn't me", Quinn replied.

"Me neither".

"It was probably the wind, let's go", she said, taking the lead, Harry at the rear.

They walked through the house, looking at the empty bookshelves, and opened drawers. The living room was devoid of any furniture, only dust, and cobwebs occupying the space. There was a piano at the far end of the room, not far from the entrance of the kitchen. It was covered with dust, cobwebs spiraling around it.

They walked upstairs, their feet making the stairs creaked, the sound bouncing off the bare walls. The stairs opened up to a hallway, two doors on each side. Quinn flashed her torch on one side, inspecting the doors which were both locked.

"The doors_", she began.

Harry placed his palm over her mouth, his eyes wide.


The soft sound of the piano playing filled their ears, the sound loud in the silent house. They looked at each other, Laura's eyes wide with fear. Quinn and Harry started forward, dragging a reluctant Laura with them. When they got halfway on the stairs, they leaned forward to look at the piano. There was no one there, but the sound filled the house. Laura looked back to stare into the hallway, not sure if she heard a voice. She peered into the hallway, her heart beating faster. A shadow appeared, walking forward stealthily, the shadow growing bigger.

"Ghost!", Laura screamed as she tripped on her feet. Her body pushed against Quinn which made Quinn fall towards Harry. The three of them rolled down the stairs, forming a heap at the bottom.

"Get your ass off my face!", Quinn cried.

Harry ran towards the door, banging it hysterically. Laura stood at the center of the room, screaming while brandishing her torch like a weapon. Quinn looked around to see the kitchen open.

"Kitchen, kitchen!", she screamed as she rushed towards it.

Laura and Harry quickly followed her, Harry closing the door immediately they got in. He wedged a mop under the doorknob, stepping back as his breath quickened. Everywhere became silent until suddenly, there was a bang on the door.

Quinn walked backward, her hands on her mouth, regretting why she decided to come along. The bang came again much stronger than the first. The door caved in a bit from a kick outside, the banging now consistent and faster.

"We're gonna die!", Laura cried amidst the loud banging sounds.

Harry got on his knees, his body shaking in fear as he put his palms together.

"I know I've sinned all my life, but Father please accept my pure soul", he prayed.

Quinn looked at him disbelievingly for the contradiction in his words. The door burst open, splinters blowing across the room. The three of them screamed at the figure in the doorway. The cloaked figure screamed in response, the four of them screaming on top of their lungs.

"Stop screaming!", the figure shouted, making the others shut their mouths.

"Surprise!", the figure laughed.


"It's me".

"Fuck you, Jace, you almost gave me a heart attack", Laura hissed.

Quinn sat back on the floor, grateful she will still have a chance to sleep on her bed again.

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