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Never Ending Bootycall

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Brinley Carter never saw her living through someone's history class. Much less a year where each day was a new chapter in the textbook. From racial protests to a pandemic to the wildest election ever, no one could predict 2020. Little did she expect to be locked in with someone she was supposed to leave come the following morning. Her mother and grandmother warned her. But did she listen? Nope. Nathan Adams, or Nate as he liked to be called, was a self proclaimed Adonis. An Adonis to end all. But, then he stopped dating all together. He grew bored with it all until Brinley showed up at his favorite record store. And the rest was history. Bootycalls were supposed to end the next morning. What happens when a global pandemic blurs the line to where tomorrow never comes? (Unedited Excerpt)

Humor / Romance
Kailynn Heart
4.4 12 reviews
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Just because I already did this on my wall doesn't guarantee everyone's going to see it, so I'm adding this here.

This story is something I started working on in the middle of 2020 as something fun to help keep from hitting the wall on my other stories. Haven't really worked on it since early 2021, but I wanted to reupload it along with some other of my old stories as archives. So, these next few chapters are not as edited as I'd like it, rather edited for the basic things to keep it's identity the same. If you're not into that, then here's your official warning.

To all of those who're still here, thank you and I hope you enjoy. Maybe one day I'll pick it back up and finish it, but for now, it's memory'll live here.

Thank you for checking it out and I hope you enjoy it! Have a great day or night!

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