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Callahan Gable is your oh-so typical jock stuck in a sticky situation, and in a panic tries to wiggle his way out; while Arley Walker is the odd boy out, the schools weirdo and loner willing to help a douchebag out. #SideHustle writing contest on wattpad. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2020 COMPLETED.

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Rent-a-Friend | #sidehustle

A typical weekend in the life of Callahan Gable is mowing lawns for his neighbors in the early hours of dawn. Simplicity is just how he likes it. Callahans head whips fiercely as a crack and shatter booms in his ears.

He's quick to turn off the mower and investigate. As his eyes peer around the yard he spots a shattered window on his neighbors beautiful and extremely expensive home. "CORN NUTS!" He shouts. How the heck is he going to tell his neighbors about this? Panic over takes his body, every horrible thought runs through his head.

Mowing a couple of lawns surely won't make him enough money to pay for this before his neighbors get back from their cruise. He snaps his fingers in an ah ha moment, maybe, just maybe somebody would be willing to pay to have a friend. After all, Callahan is the hunky school jock that everybody loves, who wouldn't pay to be around this guy?

After a few snappy tweets, Callahan gets loads of messages asking to be a friend for the day. But how does he choose? He continues to scroll until a particular person pops up, willing to pay three hundred dollars for the whole day. Arley Walker? He thought, he's the school weirdo, why would he want to hang out with the weird dude? Well if it pays for the broken window, then why the heck not?

He sends a speedy reply and meets up with Arley at an old arcade on the pier. Their encounter is pretty awkward, does Callahan really want to stick around this guy? I mean, it is going to pay for the window, so he kinda has to.

They grab a few slushees and play some arcade games, jibber jabbering over the most randomest things. Hey, this guy isn't as bad as everyone makes him out to be, he's actually kinda cool. Callahan thinks to himself. People can be too quick to judge.

The pair bond over their favorite sports, games, and even tacos, who doesn't love a good taco? After a few short hours at the arcade, Callahan decides to show Arley the best taco truck in town. Oh boy do they love their tacos. They might just like tacos to a weird extent.

Arley's favorite place to hangout since he was a kid has always been the county fair on the pier, so the two boys ride some of the craziest rides the fair has. They even decided to pig out on the greasiest foods the fair has to offer. I'm surprised these boys aren't sick to their stomachs yet.

After a long and eventful day, Arley gives Callahan what he owes and they part their ways. Maybe I was too quick to judge Arley after all this time, next time we'll hangout as real friends.
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