The wierd story

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This is story of girl who is suffering all wierd things around her. Read it to find what is it.

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How it feel?

It's late of November,
Everyone hoping there lives at the best of thing that might turns best of this year at the end. Here when I looked back to see what I had done so far, I feel nothing. People seems to weird like they want you but with lot of exceptional dramas. Am I only who feel so stucked?

Whenever I tried to normalise things sorta in my fucking boring life, fuck things happens!!
I'll so fucking disturbed with kinda life schedule that leads to moment of tacking tiniest moment so yeavily on my chest. Is this normal to me? Or I just created it in my mind that sequencly make me feel bad about me.

Hello, it's me, a confused girl who has lot of unattended dreams and attachments on upside down life. Life has such a misery to me, it never feels like I'm living it like others used to be. A lot of going through my personal as well as professional life where not a single person is interested. Whatever, life still goes on.. With all of it extraordinary shits.

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