Luck from Clover

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Well,clover is a plant who gives luck from every people,but not every people and if they wish every night become true.And when the day comes they will truly began to be happy.

Humor / Scifi
Jao Saguros
Age Rating:

First Wish of Ella

There's a town named Choffu and a palace of King Griffin and Queen Olivia with a girl named Ella who do chores there in the palace and the food that she eats is just a little pieces of chicken popcorn with a cold rice with margarine.Ella asked the King "My beloved King can I find another job"Said Ella."No Ella you must not find another job" Replied the King."Ok , I will finish this until the year ends"A confused question."Yes Ella" Said the King ."Ok!"Said Ella with a smile on her face.

The night comes,the job ends she wishes not to finish the job.

"My little clover can I wish that I will not finish the job".Said Ella with a tear on her face.

Then , the morning comes.Ella is coming to the market to hire her.

"Can I help you"Ask the lady."I want to have a job here at your place Miss".Ella asked."Yes"Said the lady."Thank you" Said Ella."But before I hire you , you must do all the test I will say to you."Said the lady."Yes I'll do everything for you miss".Said Ella with a smile on her face.

Test #1:Tell the King and Queen that you will have a job at my place.

Ella: Knocked at the door of the palace and saying "My King and Queen I have a job at Miss Cable ton".Said Ella."Yes".Said both of them.

Then she come back to market and find Miss Cableton.

"Very good Ella you are hired."Oh! (Thank you)(3times)


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