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Seraph is a woman who can be powerful but decides to live the normal life for now. Her daily visit to the bookstore trying to find her love of her life seems regular and bland. Will she find her bookstore love or will she be alone forever? *drumroll*

Humor / Romance
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Strange Occurances

132-3832-3828: Hey! It's been a while... where do you want to meet up?

Unknown: uhhh let's go to the steakhouse near our old school

132-3832-3828: Hm, Okay! I'll see you there. ^-^

Unknown: okay see ya

Okay so maybe just maybe...I didn't know who the hell '132-3832-3828' is
but I'll just act like we're good friends?

Dear God this is why my parents hated me isnt it?

Aivlys grabbed her new dress she bought at Target, (she didn't mean to buy it, she actually meant to grab herself the new BLACKPINK album but she got a bit distracted.)

Why do I always do something important when I'm on my period?!
Damnit God you really despise me, huh.

She slammed her clothing on the bed and slowly (with some groans of annoyance)
undressed and put on her goody-two-shoes, librarian looking ass dress on.
Aivyls looked into the mirror with a frown.

Man I'm fucking ugly, oh well I live ugly everyday can't be embarrassed anymore...right?

She didn't put makeup on; not because she was that typical 'Oh yes I'm natural and holy' bitch, but she just fucking sucked at it. The only makeup she can decently do is with Halloween paint, all those years volunteering at the haunted house helped.
(No it didn't it still looked god awful).

Hey, I heard that narrator you piece of flying shit, if I find you in this life I'll make sure you'll drown in your salty narrator tears by making you narrate the ending of Angel Beats.

Uhm, back to the story...Aivlys got ready for her nerve-racking blind meet up.
Rumor has it she even prepped herself a barf bag.

That's it.

Aivlys started running towards my office.
Wait...what?!? Aivlys opened my office door then she took my microphone and my narrator rights?
"Wait what, what did you do? You broke my awesome narrating stuff!!!" My youngest sister said.

"Get a grip, if you want to work for audiobooks in the future you need to fix your narrating, for now I'll narrate my own story. Buh byeee!" I started running out of my sister's now destroyed mini-office. My father decided to give her a little office for her 'useful activities' such as planning ways to prank my friends.

Anyways what the hell is on this script?
My name isn't even Aivlys and I'm not even going to meet anyone? I'll have to talk to her about this...

Hi! I'm Seraph. I'm not famous but my family sure is. Actually one of the richest families in America, which haves it's pros and cons. Thank god for my parents not releasing my name to the press. I'm not amongst the famous in my family who have to worry about paparazzi fleeing to them. Besides from my weath I'm a pretty normal person, I go to a public school with some guards but they look young so it won't cause concern. I'm a hopeless romantic who reads stories about love probably from an author who has never really experienced it themselves. Oh well.

I despise going out but I desperately try to find my soulmate in bookstores like in the movies. Barnes N Noble is my safe space, if I see my family it's probably for some book signing like those celebrities make about their lives. I never really read them they kind of bore me sometimes. All this time at a bookstore and still no nerdy boyfriend...what a shame.

After some browsing I usually grab 4 books then some journals to write on for fun. When I went to the check-out I met him... just kidding!!! I didn't.

What I did do was bump into a stranger's shoulder,"HOLY SHIT!" I yelled, later on to regret my choice of words.

"I'm so sorry I was-" I got cut off by a gorgeous, hot, attractive male with a man-bun.

"It's fine I just kind of spilled my coffee on my shirt, don't worry." He said with his smooth and soft voice.

"Okay, I can get you a new shirt if you want? Oh! I can pay for your books too!" I pointed at his almighty stack of books.

"Oh wow, sure!" He exclaimed with a bright smile. Goddamn he's hot.

After buying the books we walked to the nearest clothing store. He paused for a bit then turned around.

"Not to be weird but what's your name?"

"Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself." I sat on a smooth bench near a water fountain.

"Well, my name is Seraph, how about you?" I asked.

He stood up and smiled,"Nice name, I'm

We sat there in silence for a bit admiring the water fountain, too bad the sun was burning my eyes.

Kenji got up and offered me a hand which I accepted.

"Okay let's go get me a shirt and we can go eat if you're comfortable with that?" He suggested. I nodded in agreement.

The shop door bell jingled. A nice lady with some greying hair welcomed us into the store with a warm smile. This was such a nice store, I'd say it felt more safe then home but then again my house is constantly surrounded by guards. Talking about guards I think they left me in the bookstore alone? Weird. Guess I was too normal.

We searched for the perfect shirt when I saw something peeking out of the corner.
I almost pissed myself, it was so adorable I couldn't help it. I ran towards a mushroom
beret then I saw that it had a matching frog beret.

"Hey Kenji can you ditch the man bun for a bit?" I held up the frog beret. With an aura of happiness.

He touched his hair and looked back at the beret and sighed. He then took off the hair tie that was holding his hair up and put on the froggy beret. Kenji looked so adorable.

After a few minutes we picked a creme yellow crewneck.

"Perfect!" We said in unison.

We went towards the lady to checkout our things when she asked ,"Are you guys a couple?" We looked at eachother awkwardly and shook her heads. She frowned in disappointment.

"Uhm ma'am do you have an available changing room he can use?" I pointed to Kenji.

She nodded her head releatedly,"Yes. It's near the door on the right, it should be labeled 'changing room'." She bowed and left to go to the storage room. I waited for Kenji who was changing in the room behind me. Who knew that a stranger who I bumped into is now my friend in less than 2 hours. Very strange yet somewhat fun. Kenji finally opened the door and damn he looked so fucking sexy yet so adorable and warm.

"Okay Mr.Kenji let's go eat!"

Hey if there is any revisions I should make do comment and anything else really. This is my first story so I'm quite new! I'm hoping to make more updates.
Thanks for reading the beginning! ♥️

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