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Forced to move back in to live with her father and brothers, Marissa Bloom is building her life in Saco, Maine. Senior year is already difficult to most but is Marissa prepared for running a business and going to school at once? With the help and support of her brothers and new friends she has a fighting chance to stay afloat. But will it all be gone because of one secret kept? ~~~ Written by RebeccaLynn

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Chapter 1

Planes are very unsafe. Planes cause a lot of anxiety. Planes also make me want to just run. I hate flights. Especially flights from Paris, France to Saco, Maine. Moving back to America is even more difficult. Living in Paris with my maman and my tante was amazing. Unfortunately my tante wants me to expand the company to America. Maine is our test operation. I need to finish high school, sadly. I love interior design and I think that Maine is an amazing place to start. But I also think that if we wanted to take off then we would’ve picked New York or California.

Yet they still believe that I should live with my father for my senior year. I don’t understand any of this but Maman knows best. Or so she thinks. “What is even the address for this place?” I was mad. I was also upset and hurt that they’d just ship me off to America so easily.

“22 Eagle Ave {This is a real address, might be wrong house, but I looked at google earth, if you live here, why the hell do you have a pool when you live next to the ocean?} Marissa please don’t cause trouble. Just drive to your father’s house. It’s not that difficult. Je t’aime chéri.” I rolled my eyes.

“I love you too. But I also hate you for making me go on a plane.” We went back and forth until I finally reached the car that my father had parked. I was told that the boys were going to be busy so I might as well drive myself. Keys were at the security desk where the guy there is a family friend. Just lovely. “Hi I’m Marissa Bloom, I hear you have my keys.” The big pudgy man turned around and faced me.

“Well look at you darling. I think the last time I saw you, you were like 6?” I nodded. It sounded about right. I left around then. “You do know how to drive over here, don’t you?” I chuckled.

“Of course I do. Keys?” He handed them to me and I quickly took off to the parking lot. I didn’t know his name. I spotted the car once I hit the button. A nice black 1969 Boss Ford Mustang. My dream car. I put my bags in the backseat and Put the address into my phone. Immediately I got the directions to the house.


About half an hour later I arrived at the house. I knew it because I’ve been here before. I parked the car in the driveway and brought all of my things into the house. Luckily the house key was on the key ring. The smell of the saltwater filled my senses.

Since I didn’t feel like unpacking and I didn’t exactly know which room was mine, I took a walk outside. I took off my boots and walked down the beach. The waves crashing against the shoreline helped some of my anxiety fade away. The birds chirping added to the peacefulness of this place. It was two steps away from my house. To my right was a lighthouse. I was starting to make my way over to it when the sound of a truck caught my attention.

“Looks like she got here alright.” I stopped walking. Looking out to the sea as I listened.

“Do you think she’s gonna be stuck up like she used to be?”

“I’m not sure Brendon. What I do know is that Dad is trying his best. He loves Mom still. Mom left us and took her so that she wouldn’t end up being raised by boys. She isn’t one of us and we have to be okay with living with her.” Brendon. My brothers?

“That’s the thing though Xander, she’s not one of us! She doesn’t know the struggles we went through! She doesn’t know that Dad is struggling to keep the house! You got her that car... For what?” Brendon sounded pissed.

“Because she’s my sister. She’s faced her own struggles. Now get your ass inside while I check on things.” There was a slam of a door. After a couple of minutes I felt a hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry about him Rissa. He doesn’t understand that you were barely even around Mom. He doesn’t understand that you were living on the streets for months before our aunt took you in.” I turned and there he was. Xander.

His dark brown hair was messy. His blue eyes looked tired. “I missed you Xander.” He smiled and pulled me into a hug. “So what’s the real reason you bought me my dream car?”

“Well I knew that you weren’t going to have your own. I just figured maybe this could be your home now. I mean I know that Aunt Vera and Uncle Damien tried. They raised you well. I just need you to be home for good. I miss my baby sister.” I gave him a weak smile. “Let’s get you settled.” I nodded and let him lead me back into the house.

He helped me put my things in the room that was in the attic. It was actually nice. The boards on the wall were painted white. There was a queen sized bed pressed against the wall. There was a desk against a wall. A window seat with cupboards was a nice touch on the room. Brendon barely even looked at me when I walked in. I didn’t get a hi, how have you been, no instead I got a glare. I should’ve known though. I haven’t spoken to him since I was 13 and I was such a bitch then.

Looking around the room, I know I need more in here. “It’s not much but it is your own room. Dad is working around the clock so you’re stuck with just us boys. Anything you want to do?”

“Can we go to the store?” He smiled and nodded.

“Let’s go Rissa. It’s time to get the 6 of us back together.”

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