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Chapter 15

The warehouse was down by the docks. We frequently used this for our shipments. Mike and Ike were supposed to grab the shipment and leave. Now they’re lying in a pool of their own blood. “Josh do you have anything?”

“Not at the moment. I need to get them to my lab. If that’s okay?” I nodded.

“Marco and Adrian. Load them up in the bed of Josh’s truck. Take a tarp and cover the bed first before putting the bodies down and then cover them up with another tarp. Tarps should be on or in the truck. Josh, help me clean up this blood. Claire you help me too. The sooner we get this done the sooner we go back home. The sooner you can go back to Brendon.” Josh told us what to use.

By the time all of us were done, I had blood covering me. Claire didn’t have as much on her as I did because she was more cautious. I just wanted no evidence of any of this. Dad’s looking for someone. That someone is me. I have to clean up all the evidence.

The drive home was silent. Clarissa changed before going back into Brendon’s room. I took a shower and Adrian took one after me. Claire somehow managed to convince Brendon to let Adrian borrow a change of clothes.

I laid in bed. My head was spinning. It usually does when I see a dead body. The bed dipped beside me. Drops of water fell onto my arm. I turned and faced him. “I might kill. I might assassinate people for a living but just seeing all that blood. I’m dizzy. I always get dizzy. I’m sorry for getting you into this mess.”

“It’s okay.” He pulled me into him. “I’m always going to be here. I’ll always help you.” With him I felt safe. That’s when I started crying. I trusted him. He buried his face into my neck. His hand was rubbing my back. I let it all out. He was there for me. He is here for me. We laid there for awhile. Eventually sleep one and I slipped out of consciousness.


I didn’t go to work yesterday. It’s Sunday now. I made my way into the office. Adrian met me in my office. He wrapped me in a hug. “How are you doing?”

“I’m upset. Mike and Ike were our best. Twin brothers. They did all their missions together. But I can’t get like this everytime one of my guys die. We’re having a ceremony in a couple of days. Claire is setting it up.” There was a knock on the door so Adrian and I stepped away from each other. “Come in,” I said taking a seat behind my desk.

“Here are the photos and the report you asked for. Also Mr. Matthews has arrived.” Marco looked at me. “I’m sorry Boss but are those hickies on your neck?”

“Does it matter?” He shook his head. “Good. Here’s your next assignment.” I reached into my desk and pulled out a folder. He grabbed it and left. I turned to Adrian. “I’m gonna kill you.” He smiled and made his way over to me. He kissed me quickly and let me get up. We made our way downstairs. “Don’t you have training to do?”

“Nope. You have the guys out on assignments and the girls are in their offices until 2. You’re stuck with me.” I rolled my eyes and saw the group of people. There was a girl standing next to him that looked really familiar. Claire came over to me just as I reached them.

She looked at me and then them. “Josh a le reste du rapport de l’entrepôt. (Josh has the rest of the report from the warehouse.)”

“Have him bring it to my office. English Clarissa. Only French when out and about. Adrian can know. They can know,” I said pointing to them.

“No offense Rissy but I prefer our native language. Jordan might have prefered Italian but I like French.” I smiled and nodded. “I’m taking the rest of the day off. Tomorrow I will have the plans for Wednesday on your desk. Love you.”

“Love you too. Tell Brendon that if he hurts you I’ll kill him.” She laughed and nodded. I turned towards them. “Sorry about that.” The girl looked so familiar and it seemed to click for both of us. “Nyla?”

“Marissa?” She pulled me into a hug. I winced slightly and she pulled back. I noticed she had a cast on her arm. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine. I just have a couple broken ribs. Are you?” She smiled and nodded.

“Just a broken arm.”

“It wasn’t always a broken arm,” Mr. Matthews stated. He thought he was being quiet but he wasn’t.

“Anyways. Please come upstairs.” They followed me up to my office. Adrian stayed close by me. “Two of my guys were killed Friday. My men. Not Damien’s. Mine. The people in this building are my people. I was getting a shipment of drugs and weapons Friday. They were assigned the task to get it back here. Shipment is gone. Along with some amazing furniture which took me so long to get.”

“Frenchie.” I rolled my eyes.

“Look I have two operations. I’m about to have a third. If this plan works so I can get more of my guys over here but I’m struggling because I just lost one shipment. Police took another. Now I’ve been careful about everything. First shipment arrived just before I did. Can’t be careful about that. I bought the docks. I bought the warehouse. Police come and check it every so often but all they find are clothes and furniture because, like I said, I’ve been careful.

“Whoever’s doing this knows about this operation. I’m meeting Dexter Greene tomorrow to see if we can work together as well. I’m trying to build up alliances so this doesn’t happen. I have to go to New York and check how that’s running. I’m all over the place right now Mr. Matthews. I can’t have my shipments go missing. I spent hours just cleaning up the blood. Whoever did this, I’m going to kill. My people are family. I know I shouldn’t be emotional but family means something to me. I’ve been cast out of my own. Nyla knows. I’ve spent my life with these guys. I was taken in by them when I was 10 and on the streets of England.”

Nyla looked down. She then looked at Mr. Matthews. “Ky, she’s right. Grams didn’t approve of her mother moving to Maine. She didn’t like my mother either. She disapproved of our mothers so much that she left us out of our family. I didn’t know her. Marissa and Aunt Freya came to my mother’s funeral. Besides Mia, she’s the only other family there.” He looked at her. “Family means something to us. She tries to hide the emotions but she can’t mask her eyes. Cast out from the rest of them, we were forced to make our own. I didn’t have one until you. If anyone messes with you, then I will kill them personally. Marissa is the same way. I can tell.”

I smiled at her. She knows me. We haven’t seen each other in so long but she still understands me. Her phone went off. “I’m sorry, it’s Bailey. I’ll be back.” She kissed Mr. Matthews and left the room.

“You’re Nyla’s family?” I nodded. “Anything you need, I’ll help. I love her and I want to know her family more.” I smiled. Nyla deserved someone like him. Not because this is a good life but because he cares for her. I saw how her father was. I saw the bruises on her. I just couldn’t say anything.

“You’re lucky to have her. She’s strong. I saw the bruises the day of the funeral. I should’ve said something but I didn’t. The cast is from her father, isn’t it?” He nodded. “If you need anything, give me a call. Family is family. Also, go to the reunion. Maybe then you’ll understand how things were for both of us.” He nodded. “It was good meeting you Mr. Matthews.”

“Call me Kyler. After all, we are family.”

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