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Chapter 18

“So, how was your date?” Claire and I have been shopping. For food. We’re out at the office so we decided to have a girls day. The girls gave us a list and the guys gave us a list. I had the guys’ list because Claire became uncomfortable when reading it. She also knows nothing about them.

“Amazing.” She looked at me shocked. “He took me to a cliff by his family home and then it got cold so we went inside. We watched The Magicians and eventually we fell asleep.” Now she was definitely confused.

“He took you to a cliff?” I nodded. “Then you guys did nothing but watch a show?” Once again I nodded. “So how was it amazing?”

“Because we got to talk. Because he knows who I really am. Because he’s going to help me run everything.” I grabbed something off the shelf and added it to my cart. Claire stood there still in shock. I continued walking.

“Wait! He said he’d run it with you?” She caught up to me. A few people looked at us but not many paid us any attention. “He hasn’t had any training. He hasn’t been brought up in this life.”

“So I’ll teach him.” She shook her head.

“I’ll teach him my role. I need more time in my office before I flip out in creative frustration.” I chuckled.

“Okay. Although somethings, I’m still going to have you do.” She nodded. “You’re the perfect assassin.” She smiled brightly at me and then sighed. She looked at the list in her hand and groaned. “How was your date with Brendon?” She looked at me confused. “The boys were fighting me about going with Adrian and he was running late so he kinda just blurted it out. I don’t know if it was intentional or not.”

She was surprised but she quickly bounced back. “It was great. He was super sweet. I was impressed. He took me out to a restaurant and it was cute. He was being cute. We talked. I told him I was your assistant/ lead designer. He was slightly impressed seeing as that’s two positions that shouldn’t be done by one person. Yet I’m only your assistant for the mafia. Something he doesn’t know.”

“He can’t know. But I want to open a store. Showcase the fashion part of the company. It’s in our budget. I messaged Vera and she thinks it’s a great idea. Maybe we add a touch of the interior design we do so that it will just get us noticed more. Help us expand.” She nodded. “I want one part of it to be you. Your designs.” She looked at me shocked. “You’re my lead designer. You deserve a certain area.” She immediately pulled me into a hug.

“You are literally the best.”

“I know. Now let’s get all of this before we get yelled at.” She nodded. We did our handshake before splitting up. I grabbed everything that was on the list. I waited for Claire and eventually she came out. We put everything in the SUV.

“Can we go shopping? I want a fish.” I laughed and we went to PetCo. She bought fish stuff and a beta. Our next stop was Home Depot because I needed some plants for the office and my room. “I’m pretty sure we bought everything.” I chuckled when we got back into the car. We headed back to the office. It’s time to actually work. I had way to many meeting with future clients that I have to get to.


Adrian’s POV:

I didn’t get to see Marissa. According to Clarissa she’s been in meetings with clients. Training with the guys has continued to go well. I met with Marissa on my way out. It was late but she was still talking to people. I saw a bag in her hand. Looked a bit like a portfolio. Design. “I will talk with my contractor and discuss the budget but what we discussed today and what you liked will be tied into your business.”

She shook both of their hands and I watched as they exited the building. I made my way over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I kissed her cheek and she groaned. So I made her turn around and I kissed her lips. “How was work?”

“Busy and I’m not done yet.” Her arms snaked around my neck. “Go home. Go see Zaye. I’ll see you tomorrow at school.” I kissed her again as she pulled away. She picked up a couple of boards and threw them into the bag. I kissed her cheek again and went home.


My phone rang. I groaned. I hit ignore and tried to go back to bed but it went off again. “Hello?”

“Have you seen Marissa?” I looked at the time.

“It’s 5 in the morning? Who’s this?” It’s about Marissa but who?

“Brendon. Claire hasn’t seen her and she didn’t come home last night. Is she with you?” I tried to think.

“No last time I saw her she was at the office. I’ll get dressed and head over. I’ll let you know if she’s there.” He was worried. It was nice that he was. But so wasn’t I. I mean I actually know what she does. If she’s missing then I’m gonna have to kill someone. I mean it. I don’t know much about it all but what she does is dangerous.

I pulled myself out of bed and put on a shirt and jeans. I ran my hand through my hair as I searched for my keys. I went into the kitchen and saw them on the table. Lydia was sitting at the table. I went to grab them but she took them. “Lydia I don’t have time for this.”

She pouted. “Don’t have time for your big sister. Now isn’t that a little rude?” I groaned.

“I have to go look for my girlfriend. Her brother called me worried and I’m hoping she’s still at the office. Now give me my fucking keys.” She rolled her eyes.

“Ever think that she went home with someone else. Maybe she’s fucking him right now. I mean, doesn’t every girl leave you?” She’s just pissing me off.

“Marissa isn’t like that. I’m surprised she’s even dating me because she puts work over everything. Now give me my fucking keys.”

“I don’t like her.” Lydia is really getting on my nerves right now.

“I don’t fucking care what you think. I like her. Now give me my keys because if she slept in her office she’s going to be in a serious amount of pain.” She scoffed. Mom came into the room. “Mom, I need my keys. Lydia isn’t giving them to me. Mom if Riss slept in her office, her ribs...” The look of concern on her face was enough for her to snap.

“Lydia give him his keys. Adrian bring her here. I have something that might help now that there isn’t as much bruising.” I nodded.

“I don’t understand what it is about this girl. She’s nothing.”

“Like hell she’s nothing! She’s stronger than you ever could be!” My phone went off but I ignored it. “If you want a say in my life, look in the fucking mirror, get your shit together, be there for your fucking daughter, but never ever fucking question my relationship with Marissa because it’s better than whatever you are and had!” It continued to go off. “What?”

“Watch the attitude. Did you find her yet?” I sighed.

“No I haven’t been able to leave the house because my sister won’t give me my keys. Brendon, I’ll bring her back to mine because my mom is worried. I know you’ve noticed that she’s hurt and she won’t tell us but my mom is a nurse and she’s been taking care of her. I’ll bring her home in time for breakfast.” There was a long sigh.

“Put me on speaker.” I did as he said. “Give him his fucking keys! I need to know that my baby sister is safe! He knows more about her than we do! Adrian find her, make sure she’s okay, and please make sure she no longer sleeps there. Dad will be pissed if he finds out that she didn’t come home.” Lydia handed me my keys.

“I will. Let Clarissa know that she doesn’t have to worry.” There was shuffling.

“I know. Bring my best friend home and no fooling around either.” I laughed. I’m starting to think that her family is slowly becoming mine.

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