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Chapter 19

Marissa’s POV:

“Anima Gemella, what are you doing?” I groaned. Why did he have to wake me up?

“Seeping.” I heard a chuckle. Arms wrapped around me. “Stay with me.” As the sleepiness started to wear off the pulsating pain in my ribs appeared. “Away from me.”

“Baby open your eyes. We have school. Mom has something for you and I promised Brendon to have you home before your dad notices.” I groaned. “Let me see those gorgeous hazel eyes.” I groaned but opened my eyes. I squinted. It hurt.

“Carry me...” He smirked.

“I will. If you want me too.” I put my hands up. His laugh made me smile. He picked me up effortlessly. I took that as an opportunity to fall back asleep.


I woke up to yelling. “Maybe if you weren’t such a bitch all the time, you’d actually have my respect!” The voice belonged to Adrian. I opened my eyes as a hand touched my side. I jumped.

“Sorry dear. I was just checking. There isn’t a lot of bruising anymore. I want to give you this.” It’s a piece of paper. “What you can do more of. It would also help if you wore a waist trainer just for extra support. But this is your all clear. You can train fully but I will make sure that my son is easier on you. You still need time to heal.” I nodded. I was actually excited.

“There’s some random bitch on our couch because of you!” I’m guessing that’s Lydia.

“Call her a bitch one more fucking time! Newsflash Lydia, you don’t know shit! You’re too busy getting fucking high! You don’t even consider your daughter! Yet you want to call the nicest and sweetest person a bitch! Know your place!” Adrian was pissed. I started to get up but Julie wouldn’t let me.

“You’re a fucking asshole!” Zaye came out looking at us groggily. “This is why Daniel left. He couldn’t put up with you!” I heard glass shatter.

“Daniel left because Dad was paying for his college! So don’t fucking bring Daniel into this! This is about you!” More glass shattered. “Throw more at me! I dare you!” I can’t. I stood up and made my way into the kitchen. Lydia threw a glass at Adrian.

“Enough is enough! Azalea is in the living room fucking crying because of you two! Lydia I don’t know why you don’t like me. But it’s okay. I honestly don’t care if you like me or not. My concern is Adrian, not you. Call me a bitch, I can be one. I don’t care but I do care about that little girl. If you are busy today then my brothers can watch her. They like her. She likes them. She’s safe with the 5 of them.” Adrian’s hand wrapped around my waist. “We’re heading to my house now, so I kinda need to know.”

“Take her.” I hated how she said it. It brought back so many memories. Adrian and I left with Zaye. She was singing the whole way to my house. So like the 5 minutes.

We walked in and she ran to Ben. I went upstairs and changed. A knock on my door pulled me away from my hair that was refusing to go into a ponytail. “Come in.” Claire entered.

“So I just talked to Adrian. We’re going to work together on everything after work. So I might be taking your mans for a little bit.” I nodded. I knew what she was doing. She’s trying to fill him in on as many things as possible.

“Well, while you’re at it. Assignment. Right nightstand. Top drawer.” She grabbed the folder. “Can you help,” I asked her. I pointed to my hair. She set down the folder and grabbed the elastic. She pulled it into a messy bun. She then pulled a couple pieces of hair out to frame my face.

“You look beautiful.” I looked at her in the mirror.

“Really?” She covered her mouth. A laugh escaping her.

“You are way too precious. Come on before our boys get chewed out further.” She grabbed the folder off of my bed and we made our way downstairs. Everyone was sitting at the table. Zaye was eating some pancakes. I took my seat next to Adrian. He leaned over and kissed my cheek. There was a girl sitting next to Xander. Her skin was darker.

“Marissa, meet my girlfriend Emma.” We both said hi to each other. Dad was sitting at the head of the table.

“Marissa, where were you this morning?” Everyone tensed. “Clarissa was here, Emma was here. They don’t live here and they were still here. Where were you?”

“My office. I stayed late for a client and when I came home last night I was tired. Adrian left his stuff there so I went with him to unlock it. We went back to his house to see his mom before coming here.” The lie slipped out of my mouth easily.

“What exactly does he do at the office?” He was skeptical. I’m not sure if it’s because Adrian is my boyfriend or if it’s because he’s a cop and he’s trying to figure out my operation.

“He’s one of the guys. He trains them. They lift heavy equipment all day and Vera and I have found that it doesn’t hurt the guys as much if they have the proper training. Plus he makes sure everything gets done.” I tried to lie as much as possible.

“He’s also taking over one of my positions so I can focus more on my designs,” Clarissa spoke up. “I’m creatively frustrated and I haven’t spent as much time on my designs as I want.” My father looked at her.

“I’m sorry if me taking your daughter away this morning caused an issue. I just forgot some of my books there and I’m already on thin ice with one of the teachers-”

“Non lo saresti se mi ascoltassi davvero. (You wouldn’t be if you actually listened to me.)” I cut him off. He looked over at me and smiled.

“Non posso fare a meno che lei mi odia Anima Gemella. (I can’t help that she hates me.)” Emma looked at us and smiled.

“You two are so cute. I mean he calls you his-” Xander put a hand over her mouth. Him and Adrian shared a look.

“No please tell me. I might speak Italian but that’s something I’ve never heard.” Xander whispered in her ear and took his hand off her mouth. She smiled.

“It’s just cute. Don’t you guys have school?” The three of us nodded. We said goodbye. I had to pull Claire off of Brendon. This morning was definitely interesting.

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