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Chapter 24

“I see my daughter has you guys laughing.” I froze. Adrian pulled me into him. I forced a smile.

“Damien. I’m glad you’re here. This is my boyfriend Adrian.” Damien glared at him.

“No offense Chèrie but you know my rules.” The tension in the air was thick.

“No offense Damien but I don’t care about your rules.” A look of shock and anger flashed in his eyes. He grabbed my arm. It hurt but I would not back down. His grip on me tightened. I will not let him see my pain. “Just because you want me to marry Jordan does not mean I’ll do it. Just because he wants me to fuck him does not mean that I’m going to lose my career. Like it or not but I’m your only heir.” He looked at me with disgust.

“Damien stop it.” Vera looked at me concerned. “Stop before you break her arm.” There was absolutely no blood circulation in my hand. I could feel it. “Damien, stop. You’ve already broken multiple bones of hers. Don’t fucking add this to the list.” He let go of me.

Callista sunk into Ryder’s side as she looked at Damien in fear. Ryder’s anger rolled off him in raves. I could feel Adrian shake in anger. Adrian looked at my arm and I knew he was either going to yell or fight. But something changed. “Adrian?” A guy. A little older than us. More around Ryder’s age, came up to us.

“Daniel?” Oh shit. Damien looked between the two. Jordan was next to him. Jordan glared at Brendon and Adrian. “What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? What are you doing here? You aren’t supposed to know about any of this. Dad’s gonna be pissed.” Adrian chuckled. Damien looked at them confused. As did I.

“Wait? This is your brother? What the actual fuck?” Daniel looked at me. I saw the similarities. The same nose. The same eyes. Adrian was taller by a couple of inches.

“Who’s this,” Damien asked Ryder.

“This is Daniel Valentino. Alessandro Valentino’s heir.” Alessandro is Adrian’s father?

“Fottuto stronzo. Come mai non mi hai mai detto, cazzo, che Alessandro Valentino è tuo padre. Dopo letteralmente tutto come cazzo non lo sapevo. Come ha fatto Julie a non dirmelo? Alessandro Valentino è un leader spietato. Sai quante persone ha ucciso? (You fucking asshole. How come you never fucking told me that Alessandro Valentino is your father. After literally everything how the fuck did I not know this. How did Julie not tell me? Alessandro Valentino is a ruthless leader. Do you know how many people he’s killed?)” I was scared. I was pissed. So many emotions swirled around me.

“Calmati Anima Gemella. Non sapevo di lui. Mi ha insegnato a combattere quando ero più giovane e poi quando ero alle medie se ne è andato. Non credo nemmeno che la mamma lo sapesse. (Calm down Anima Gemella. I didn’t know about him. He taught me how to fight when I was younger and then when I was in middle school he left. I don’t even think Mom knew.)” I was fucking terrified.

Adrian pulled me into him. He kissed the top of my head. I pulled away from him and turned back around to everyone who looked at us so confused. Jordan looked pissed. Vera looked at me happy. The smile on her face made mine grow. My arm was throbbing but I ignored it. “I don’t understand any of what you guys said but you two are cute,” Callista stated. “I’ll let you guys be. Clarissa come with me to get a drink.”

“You are not leaving without me,” Ryder and Brendon said at the same time. They took off leaving me alone with Daniel, Adrian, Jordan, Vera, and Damien. Adrian’s arms were around me protectively.

Daniel looked at us. “I can’t keep you away from our father if you are with her. I’ll hold him off for the rest of the night. Tell Mom I love her.” He left too.

“Can I kill him?” Damien looked at Jordan and shook his head.

“The law is clear. No killing immediate family of any mafia. Not unless you want war. I don’t think war against the Valentino’s would be wise.” This pissed me off.

“You two are fucking sick. Damien I thought that as...” I let it drift off. He knows what he is to me. Vera knows. No one else does. How would Adrian look at me knowing this secret? A tear fell from my eye. I don’t know if it was rage or sadness. Adrian’s grip on me told me that he was there for me. I sighed. “I thought that as my father you’d let me be happy but instead you’re blinded by business.” I thought that Adrian’s arms were going to unwrap from my waist but instead they tightened.

“Watch it Chérie,” Damien warned. I scoffed. I’m fucking sick of being treated like I’m nothing.

“Don’t fucking call me that. I’m stronger than you think. I’m sick of you treating me like I’m just another business deal. You want to hurt me again. Go right afuckinghead I’m sick of this. You’ve hurt me more than you think. Both you and Mom.” By now the tears fell. “Jordan is a quarter of the man Adrian is. At least Adrian cares about me and doesn’t treat me like I’m a fucking piece of meat.

“I’m sick of you thinking you have control of me. Newsflash asshole I’m in control of me. You want to pull me away from the mafia, good luck with that. Either give it to me fully or have me take it from you. The guys listen to me more than they listen to you anyway. Oh and think about touching me like you did earlier tonight and I will fucking rip off your arm. I’m done with being treated like this.

“I’m done with bruises on my body caused by you two,” I gestured to him and Jordan. “I don’t care what deal you two made but I’m not going to be sold. I’d rather be in the Corbin family than yours. All you do is criticize but I’m doing the best I can. Adrian is helping me. He’s been by my side more than you have. Vera get out while you can but I know Damien is just an abusive ass who can’t handle his drinking problem.” She looked at me proud. I was so fucking done.

“Listen little girl, you will not speak to me that way! I’m your father and you will not treat me that way!” This gained quite a few peoples attention. I didn’t care.

“Fuck you. I’m not allowed to voice my opinion about your abuse and how you run things? That’s bullshit. You just don’t like the fact that a girl is doing a better job than you are.” He grabbed my arm. His grip was tighter than before but I didn’t let him see my pain. “Do it. Break it. Show everyone your real colors! Father,” I seethed. Adrian removed his hand from my arm. His jaw was clenched. He was looking at me. Asking me for permission.

I shook my head and he dropped Damien’s arm. He resumed his position from behind me. Ryder came over to me with two men that I didn’t know. “That’s enough.” I looked at Brendon and saw him looking between Damien and I. Ryder was yelling at Damien. A guy was talking to Adrian. The other one was looking at me.

“I’m Giovanni Barone.” Holy shit. A royal. “Are you okay Ms. Bloom?” I nodded. “Good.” He then stepped back and looked at everyone. “I’m sorry to cut this gala short but if all the bosses would please follow the signs to the meeting hall, we will begin our meeting,” He said with authority. I grabbed Adrian’s hand and brought him with me to the hall. Little did I know that he was speaking to his father at the time.

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