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Chapter 29

“When is this going to be over with,” I whined. I was starving but because of Julie I couldn’t have chocolate.

“I don’t know, you’re the girl.” I pouted and turned away from him. I just wanted to cry. It wasn’t because of him. It’s because I’m feeling so many overwhelming emotions. The pain was there. I was fucking starving. Finally I broke. Tears fell down my face. “Baby don’t cry. Come on, what do you want to eat?” He was wiping away my tears. Middle day. It fucking hurts. Just going to school was difficult.

“Pizza?” He sighed but nodded. He called the pizza place and we waited for our food. When it did show up I ate half of it before going upstairs and falling asleep.


School was a complete surprise. Jordan stayed in town. In fact he was still going to school here. Worst yet, he was making out with someone at my locker. I knew he wanted to get me jealous but I wasn’t. I wasn’t because I never had feelings for him. I had the best guy right next to me. “You can use my book. Let’s get to class.” I nodded although I felt like punching Jordan in the face.

“I’m now gonna have to sanitize that with a million different things,” I told him in Italian. I still refused to speak English. Adrian laughed and pulled me closer to him. He kissed the top of my head before opening the door for me. We sat in our seats. I ignored the pain in my abdomen.

“How are you feeling?” I turned to him looking at him like he was stupid. I loved that he cared. “Right, sorry.” I smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Mr. Bennett and Ms. Bloom, no PDA in my classroom.” Hell no. It was just a kiss on the cheek.

“C’était juste un baiser sur la joue! Ce n’est pas comme si on s’embrassait! Un baiser sur la joue n’est en aucun cas inapproprié! Ce qui est inapproprié, c’est votre attitude envers Adrian et moi! (It was just a kiss on the cheek! It’s not like we’re fucking making out! A kiss on the cheek is not in anyway inappropriate! What’s inappropriate is your attitude towards Adrian and I!)” Some kids laughed at my outburst. Others looked between the teacher and I. I still didn’t know her name and I didn’t care to know.

“I so wish I spoke French just to understand what you just said.” I smiled and translated it in Italian. Adrian laughed and kissed my head. “You have to stop hanging out with me Anima Gemella.” My smile widened at the nickname. I didn’t know what it meant and I probably will never know at this rate.

“Enough of the PDA,” she yelled.

I lost it. “Êtes-vous sérieux en ce moment? Vous avez Jordan et Joanna en train de s’embrasser en ce moment mais un baiser sur la tête et ça ne va pas. Va te faire foutre. (Are you fucking serious right now? You have Jordan and Joanna making out right now but a kiss on the head and it’s not okay. Fuck off.)”

“Office. Now. Both of you.” I grabbed my stuff and left the classroom with Adrian right next to me. His arm was around my shoulder. It was weird because I was about 5′2 and he was definitely a foot taller than me. I sunk into his side.

“So were you jealous? Is that why you brought up Jordan and Joanna?” I looked at him confused. Was I jealous? No.

“No. There’s nothing to be jealous about I already have you, Mon Roi.” He smiled at the little nickname. “You still have no clue what that means.”

“That is correct but it sounds cute coming from you.” He kissed the top of my head again before opening the door to the office. “Hi we got sent here for something stupid.” The girl at the desk sighed when she saw us. She stood up and motioned for us to take a seat before going into a room. She then got on the phone. “Have you ever been to the principal’s office,” he asked as he put a hand on my bouncing leg.

I shook my head as a man came out. He was super tall. A little bit taller than Adrian. His stomach was round. His salt and pepper hair was short. Glasses were starting to slide off his face. “Adrian, in here again?”

“This time it’s for something completely stupid. You know Ms. Weaver hates me.” The man rolled his eyes. He turned to me.

“What about you?” I looked at Adrian. I wasn’t going to start speaking English now.

“Same as me. Her name is Marissa Bloom. I’m sure you’ve already called our parents.” He nodded.

“Bloom?” I nodded and looked down. Adrian’s hand slipped into mine. “I’m guessing you are Brendon, Xander, Jared, Ben, and Liam’s sister.” I nodded again. “I’ll call Ms. Weaver and get her story but I might have her come in. Ms. Bloom please don’t make a habit of this.”

We waited 10 minutes before his mom and my parents came in. I forgot Mom was staying. “Mr. Ring what did my son do now?” He looked at her and then us. I feel bad for Julie. She was still in scrubs.

“Actually I was told it was mostly Ms. Bloom. Although Adrian’s actions were implicated.” I rolled my eyes. Julie raised her eyebrows at me. “Let’s just go to my office.” We all stood up and made our way to the room in the back. “So I’m told that Marissa refuses to speak English.” My mother glared at me so I glared back. My dad just smiled at me. So didn’t Julie. “Her and Adrian kissed in class and the teacher told them not to.” I held up my hand.

“Un baiser sur la tête ou sur la joue ne compte pas comme un baiser ou une raison de se faire crier dessus lorsque deux élèves se donnent des suçons.” He looked at me confused. I was not translating. I looked at my mother.

“She said, a kiss on the head or cheek does not count as a kiss or a reason to get yelled at when you have two students giving each other hickeys.” The disapproving look was etched on her face. “Who were they,” she asked me.

“Jordan et Joanna.” The smile playing on her lips made me sick because she was thinking that I was jealous. “Vous pouvez sortir cette idée de votre tête car cela n’arrivera jamais. (You can get that idea right out of your head because we will never ever happen.)”

“Why are you against it?” Everyone gave us curious looks.

“Because he’s a sick pig that wants to kill me once he takes over.” Everyone looked at me in shock. I don’t speak English at school. I also never share Jordan’s true intentions. “You and Damien expect me to give Jordan a thing that will never belong to him. My company. My men. Something you and him lost sight in because I’m just a business deal. Now leave because you always will. What are your intentions, Mother,” I spit out the words with distaste.

“I don’t answer to you. Home. Now.” She wanted to challenge me. Let’s go. I’ll always win.

“Look Mrs. Bloom, I just want to know what Marissa said to Ms. Weaver.” I turned and smiled at him.

“Basically I said that a kiss on the cheek was not in anyway inappropriate and then i translated it to Adrian and he kissed me on my head. She got mad so I just pointed out that two students were making out yet we are getting yelled at for a peck on the cheek and a kiss on the head. I don’t understand that at all.” He looked at me impressed. Mom was seething. Dad had a smirk and Julie looked proud.

“You’re grounded. No seeing Adrian.” I scoffed. There’s no way she’s going to do that. “For a month.” Hell no. I looked to Dad.

“Freya that’s extreme. She did nothing wrong. This is what I taught the boys and what I’ve been trying to teach Freya. Did she go about it the right way? No but she also didn’t do anything wrong.” Julie smiled at me.

“You can stay with me for the month if you’d like.” I smiled. I loved Julie. She was so sweet. She definitely didn’t act like most moms.

“Like hell she will. If either of you undermine my parenting, there will be consequences.” Adrian looked at Mr. Ring. Mr. Ring gave a slight nod. He grabbed my face gently and kissed me. “Oh great their kissing.” It’s weird how I craved his touch. “Are you going to do anything?” I wish I could block her out. Especially because his lips were so soft.

“You are taking them away from each other for a month. What do you expect?” He pulled away and rested his forehead on mine. A smile danced on both of our lips.

“By the way. Marissa you’ll be working from home. Or at least, staying away from the office.” I wanted to scream but I didn’t. I just looked into his eyes. He kissed the top of my head and pulled me into him.

“I have a plan,” he whispered in my ear. “Brendon will help me. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He kissed my head and brushed away a strand of hair. I saw that he wanted to say something but he didn’t. Mom grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the school. This is ridiculous.

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