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Chapter 30

“I told you I’d see you.” I smiled as I pulled him into my room. Mom and Dad were gone on a date. Brendon is supposed to be watching me. I got a text from Dad saying that he hopes everything works out tonight. I was so confused but Adrian being here made me realize what was going on.

“You got all the boys in on this?” He nodded. A proud smile on his face. “My dad?”

“Why do you think he’s out on a date with your mom.” I smiled and pulled him down. His lips met mine as we made our way to my bed. My back connected with the soft mattress as he sucked on my bottom lip. We both pulled off our shirts and resumed everything.

His lips trailed down my neck. I let out a moan as he continued going down. My phone rang and I saw that it was my mom. I groaned. He needed to stop leaving a trail of kisses on my stomach. I answered my phone. He still kissed everywhere that was exposed.

“What do you want for dinner?” Really? Dinner?

“I don’t care. I’m just going to go back to bed.” Adrian smirked against my neck. “Put Dad on the phone because I’d rather talk to him.” There was shuffling.

“Hey Lizzy.” I smiled.

“Thank you.” He said some nonsense and hung up. I focused back on Adrian who brought his lips to mine again. We both knew that this couldn’t progress. But everything felt amazing. He felt amazing.


“Why do you have to leave?” He was putting on his shirt. He handed me his hoodie. Something I’ve been asking for for days now. I quickly put it on.

“Your mom hates me and they are on their way back.” He kissed the top of my head. “I’ll see you tomorrow Anima Gemella.”

“Mon Roi, trying his best.” My smile slipped off my lips. He looked at me concerned. “Do you know why she’s doing this?” He shook his head. “I heard her talking on the phone earlier. She’s doing this to seperate us. She was talking to Jordan about how the plan is in place because we can’t see each other.” He sighed. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Stay with me. Fuck now I don’t want to leave.” He laid back down and pulled me into him. My body fought against me and a yawn escaped my lips. “Go to sleep baby.” I buried my head into his chest and soon slipped into sleep. I’ve always loved falling asleep next to him.


“Hell no! Get out!” I reached under my bed and grabbed my gun and pulled it on her. “Marissa put the gun down!”

“Not until you get the fuck out of my room. I know your plan and it’s not going to work.” Her green eyes met mine. The glare still remained. A hand wrapped around mine and took the gun out of my hand. This was definitely the wrong time for the pain. The stabbing daggers attacked me once again. “Stay away from me,” I told her viciously. “What is Damien getting out of this deal?”

“Money. Territory. Loyalty.” I rolled my eyes. The only things he’s ever cared about. Not once was it me. I’m just kidding myself by thinking he’d ever care about me.

“Stay out of my life. Forever. I’m done playing your games. Both of your guys’ games. He’s gone rogue and forgotten the morals. I’m taking it all even if I have to kill for it.” She sent me a glare before walking out. That’s when I let the tears fall.

Adrian pulled me into him. “It’s gonna be okay Anima Gemella. I’m here for you. I’ll always be here for you.” I buried my head into his chest and cried.


Hours passed. I was laying on Adrian’s chest. His breathing was steady. I traced the scars on his chest. Each one told a story. My bedroom door opened. All 5 boys piled in and behind them was Clarissa and surprisingly Ryder and Callista. Adrian’s grip on me tightened. I looked into his brown eyes. Emotions swirling in them.

“I grabbed these two because Ryder wouldn’t let Callista come alone. Your dad wants you to talk to him tomorrow. As of now you have that,” she pointed to Adrian, “To thank for all of this. He called us after you fell asleep.” I smiled at him. “Now movie time, scooch.” I laughed and cuddled more into Adrian. He sat up pulling me with him.

The boys all decided on a movie. Claire handed me gummy bears and espresso chip ice cream. She’s the best. Adrian went to steal a gummy bear but I slapped his hand. He kissed my temple before stealing one anyway. I wanted to say something but the movie started. Although every time he went for a gummy bear I smacked him.

I love him. I will probably never tell him but I do. I love him. He’s been here more than anyone else. As I snuggled into him more he looked down at me questionly. Claire and Callista went downstairs with the leftovers. “How are you feeling?”

“Fat,” the look he gave me meant that I shouldn’t be joking or sarcastic. “The pain comes and goes. It’s just a headache that remains but that’s probably because I’ve slept so much.” He nodded. “I’m gonna take a shower.” I got up and he frowned.

I looked at my phone. The message on the screen scaring me.

Unknown: Tomorrow. @5pm Granny’s diner.

Unknown: If you don’t show up then everyone you know will time. It’s time for me to get my daughter.

I grabbed my daggers from the dresser. This is going to come to an end. I just have to make something possible first. I slipped into the bathroom. “Layton, it’s Marissa. Are you busy right now?”

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