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Chapter 32

“Claire I’m struggling. It’s only been a week since I’ve been in charge and I don’t know how to do this.” I was still waiting and hoping for Marissa to wake up. I needed her beside me. She was so much better at this then me.

“That’s why I brought in some help.” There was a knock on the door. She opened it and my father stepped into the office. “Alessandro isn’t here to take over but he is here to help you. Marissa was born into this. Maybe you were too but you were too young to remember. Remember don’t destroy Marissa’s office. We don’t need her waking up and going on a murder spree and don’t touch her knives. Those things are precious to her.”

I continued to look at my father but I snapped out of it. “Wait, she has knives?” What else do I not know about this girl?

“Before she shot a gun she was trained with knives. She was skilled. Took me down many times. Cut Jordan up pretty bad. She’s never liked him. She’s been friendly towards him but I think she’s always seen his true intentions. Anyways, bottom right drawer. Don’t touch. Don’t wreck anything. Love you stupid,” she said before walking out. She’s been calling me that for weeks now. I’ve learned that she has names for everyone that she likes.

“Your mother told me that you know. I’m sorry I left but Damien threatened you guys. I had no choice. How’s your girl?” I sat down and sighed. I motioned for him to take a seat across from me.

“No change. I mean her cuts are healing but, her head trauma is bad. She could wake up with no memory at all. I don’t know, Dad. What am I doing?” I ran a hand threw my hair in frustration.

“For right now, your best. I’m here to help you. I can get some of my guys and my own personal doctor here and get here out of that hospital. Get her back home and in her room?” I nodded. I hated going to the hospital. I know that someone can easily go in and attack her. “I’ll give the order. Now what do you need help with?”

We spent all day going over routines, assignments, training schedules, all of the places that Marissa owns, and the store that she’s opening with Claire. We had Claire and another girl in the room when we discussed it. Brendon knocked on the door and stole Claire. The other girl packed up and left me with my dad. “Do you wanna go home and see your granddaughter?” He nodded. I missed AJ. I’ve been away from her for too long.

“Unky you’re home.” She ran over to me and I wrapped her in a hug. “You stink.” I chuckled and rolled my eyes. She turned to Dad. “Gampy?” He nodded. She scrambled out of my arms and into his.

“Adrian are you home,” Mom called. “I’m working a shift at the hospital in a little bit if you would like me to check in on-” She froze. “Alessandro?” He nodded. She ran over to him and hugged him. They kissed as AJ and I ewed. “Oh shut it.” But Mom turned to me seriously. “Have you notified Marissa’s cousins?” I shook my head. “Well get on it stupid. You know about Nyla. At least tell her.”

“I will. Don’t you have work? Check and see how Marissa’s doing. If there’s any change, let me know.” She nodded. She kissed Dad again before leaving. But then she opened the door again.

“Don’t start a fight with your sister. Get some sleep, you have bags under your eyes. Love all of you. Alessandro please don’t leave me again.” She then left really quickly after that.

“I won’t leave anytime soon but I do have my own Mafia to run. My guys will bring her home tonight.” I nodded. It was weird being around him. “Wanna spar? Or train?” A smile played along my lips.

“Hey AJ, want to have dinner at the office. I’m gonna steal Jared and have him play in the room with you or do you want James?” Her eyes lit up when I spoke about James.

“James. He’s nice.” I smiled. We then went back to the office. James took AJ up to her special room.

Dad and I went downstairs. Our shirts were thrown on the floor. He swung but I dodged. “Your footwork is getting sloppy old man.” He laughed. He swung again but I dodged and sent a kick towards his torso. He caught my leg and flipped me. He went to grab me but I rolled and got up.

“You might be quick but I’ve still got years of experience.” This caused me to laugh. The remainder of time were spent going back and forth. That was until someone came downstairs.

“You fucking asshole!” Dad and I stopped sparring. That’s when I saw Nyla and a girl I didn’t know. Shit. “Why wasn’t I notified that Marissa was in a fucking coma? We have an alliance Adrian. My cousin is my top priority. She went through enough with Damien. Plus her mother being the bitch she is. I’m the only family she’s got besides her brothers and father.”

“Love, stop. My question is, why are you here and not with her?” Kyler had his hand on Nyla’s stomach. I mean I can’t prove anything but I think she’s pregnant. Just by how he is with her.

“She left me in charge of all of this and it’s pissing Damien off so I need help and that’s why he’s here and I have no clue what I’m doing and I’m so worried about Marissa but Mom won’t let me be there 24/7 so I have to be here and sparring and training helps,” I said quickly. Everyone looked at me shocked. A leader shouldn’t show weakness but I can’t do this without her. “She’s supposed to be by my side in this but Cyrus made sure she wasn’t.”

I was on the point of breaking. I’m lost without her. She makes everything clearer. Dad put his hand on my back. “I tried not to get you into this life but you found your way into it. I’m here to help you. Go home to her, she just got moved. Take a shower too. I’ll train your men just like I trained you. Maybe this gentleman would like to help me?” Kyler nodded. “Good, now go home.”

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