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Chapter 7

Adrian followed me to the warehouse. Clarissa was already there. So wasn’t Jordan. I was scared about the two of them seeing each other. This might blow our whole operation. “Boss, Damien wants you to call him.” I looked at Freddie.

“I’ll call him when I get a chance. If not I’ll have Clarissa do it for me.” Freddie nodded and went down to the basement. Zaye grabbed my hand and I led her up the stairs to my offices. The door across from mine was the room I designed specially for Zaye. “This room is yours,” I told her as I opened the door. “Anytime you want to see me or spend time with me, you can come here. If it’s okay with Adrian.”

She looked at him and he nodded. She giggled and ran to the toys. “Gotta say, I’m impressed. Nicely designed.”

“Thank you. Across the hall is my office.” He looked down at me and smiled.

“Boss, Damien wants to talk to you now.” I looked at Freddie and rolled my eyes. “He says it’s important. Something about elimination.”

“Is he on the line now?” He nodded. “Patch him through to my office.” I looked at Adrian. “I’m sorry. I have to take this.”

“It’s okay. I have to go to work. Is she okay to stay here?” I nodded.

“She’s always welcome.” I walked into my office and went sat down before answering. “I was gonna have Clarissa call you.”

“Clarissa has her own assignment. Are you ready for your target?” I smirked.

“Who is it?” When he told me, I was confused. He told me that he’ll email it to me. He wanted to see how well our project was coming along. Although I needed to get to training so I had to hang up. I left my office and checked in on Zaye. She was playing with all the toys. “Brendon and Jared are coming over in a minute so they’ll play with you, okay?” She nodded happily.

I went down into the basement to see my men training. The guys are to be out of sight. There’s rooms down here. Each room is designed for two guys. I currently have 20 guys living here. My girls live upstairs in the styled rooms. There were spares so they got them and designed them. 2 girls in each. I have 14 girls. They float around up top because they work for Vera. Damien recruited them but they mostly help design and manage.

“Jordan are you ready?” He looked me up and down.

“Are you?” I realized that I’d have to change.

“I will be in a couple of minutes.” I went to the bathroom and changed. I tied my hair up into a ponytail before heading back to the arena. Jordan was shirtless. He was trying to show off. I don’t like him. He’s a good friend but not someone I’d see myself with. “Let’s go.” He smirked and someone started the countdown.

We moved around each other before he threw the first punch. I dodged and landed a kick to his side. He grabbed my leg and flipped me. I stood back up just before he threw a punch. I caught it and twisted his arm behind his back. “That’s cheating Lizzie.” I sighed and released his arm. He turned towards me and sent punch after punch to my abdomen. I blocked a couple but not all of them. I had to turn this around.

He went to punch again and I kicked him. He bent down and I kicked the side of his head. No hard feelings I just like to win. He went down. I know it was a low blow but my sides are killing me. Everyone was looking at me and Jordan. “Someone clean him up. Then get back to training, I’ll have assignments for all of you tomorrow night.” They nodded and two guys helped with Jordan.

I made my way back upstairs and on my way I ran into Adrian. “Why are you in workout clothes?”

“No reason, they’re just comfier. What time is it?” I tried hard not to wince. I almost succeeded until we reached the stairs. He immediately tensed and turned towards me.

“What’s wrong?” I smiled weakly at him.

“Nothing’s wrong.” His eyes darkened. He looked around and then back at me.

“Cazzate. Parlami piccola. (Bullshit. Talk to me baby.)” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Did he just call me baby? Probably not. Maybe I translated wrong. “Cosa c’è che non va? (What’s wrong?)”

“It’s nothing. I was just lifting something for a client and I pulled a muscle in my side. It’s nothing, really.” He didn’t look convinced but he ignored it. “What’s the time?”

“8:38, why?”

“That explains why no one is around. Come on, the boys are upstairs with Zaye.” He nodded and followed me into the room. What I saw made me burst out laughing. Ben was there too. 3 tall guys sitting there with makeup on their faces. Sitting at a tea table meant for little girls with their pinkies up and glasses to their mouths. Finally I couldn’t help it and I started laughing. Adrian joined me.

“I guess... I guess they are wrapped around her finger,” Adrian said while laughing. “I’m so glad she doesn’t do that with me.” I nodded.

“Unky Dwie Dwie,” Zaye screamed when she finally noticed Adrian and I. “Cawissa did our makeup. Benny bwought food. Wissy was working. I missed you.” I chuckled as he lifted her up and added in some further input to her statements.

“Boys, there are some makeup wipes in the bathroom down the hall. I’ll have a little chat was Clarissa later.” They all stood up awkwardly and left the room. “I’m sorry for not spending as much time with you Zaye. I got tied up with a few things.”

“It okay. Unky Dwie Dwie is the same way sometimes.” I smiled at her and kissed the top of her head. “Sanks for the woom.”

“It’s no problem Déesee. You’re welcome anytime. I might be busy but there’s 5 boys so one of them will have the day off just for you.” She giggled. “È preziosa, se qualcuno volesse ferirla, li ucciderei. (She’s precious, if anyone was to hurt her, I’d kill them.)” Adrian smiled at me.

“So would I.” I chuckled and nodded. He was her uncle after all. “We have to get going. I’ll see you at school?” I nodded and he walked out. I let everyone know that I was leaving and I made my way home. I need to ice my sides and get some sleep.

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