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Elusive Marquis

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To catch an eel, you need the right bait, to catch John Comlyn, you need then right woman. As slippery as an eel, John Comlyn has managed to elude all plans to get him at the altar, armed with his holy water and the large cross that is always hanging on his neck . Unfortunately for him, he is unable to escape the Duke of Lancaster's last ploy to marry him off, and there he meets his nemesis, Grace St Vincent. The Catching Of An Eel Lighthearted,fun, comedy and romance book to read when you have a bad day.

Humor / Thriller
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I must warn.

Sir John is nothing you expect. You saw a short, brief flash of he in the other books, but we are here to truly uncover who, this man that belongs in the shadows truly is.

He might fall in love or love might elude him; I do not know either, for Sir John is not a man to be rushed.

The Lancastian, alas, is married, therefore leaving the Marquis loose- no body to tame him, no one for he to pour his attention upon.

Sir John does not complain, the life of a loner is all too enjoyable to do such.

NOTE: before you enter the Anglesey lands, you bridle your tongue, apart from his boys, Sir John locks who ever it is that swears, blasphemes, or speak unholy words in his dungeons where he feeds the big fat mice.

Sir John, is loyal to four persons alone. The King, England, God, and his boys. Touch, think or speak bad of any of them, the dungeons where it is rumored he grows a pet dragon awaits you- none can confirm this rumor, but all those whom went down, didn’t come up.

Sir John might be kind, depending on how you meet him- ruthless and without heart, yes, he doesn’t, never forgives anyone as he believes corely that the wages of sin is Death. He is an avid scholar of the Lord’s holy book.

The library is one place none goes except the old, crooked Matilda that cleans there because Sir John trusts her. The books, ALL books in Anglesey are sacred, scratch one with your fingers and the offending fingers would be chopped off- such is the cruelness of Sir John.

Sir John rarely leaves his home a visiting or frolicking or whatnot, except for the court and where the bubbly Duke of Lancaster comes dragging him out.

The Duke of Lancaster, do not mess with him, for some say he holds the life essence of Sir John, as the two men are rarely seen a place without the other, save for the altar, as Sir John staunchly refused to have anything to do with the altar and a female in his arm.

Some said, that Sir John fancied the Lancastian, but such rumor was dispelled as the Lancastian married a woman he said to love.

Before the marriage of the Lancastian, Sir John had a little light in his house as tht Duke- Micheal,had refused to stay in a house doused in such darkness, Sir John who always let the Duke have him way consented, and there was light in Anglesey.

The Duke had made Sir John attend functions and balls,but he never socialized. Always thick in the shadows, intelligent brown eyes, watching and seeing all,but his lips never speaking.

But then,the Duke of Lancaster got married and has someone else to pay attention save for the Marquis.

Since the marriage of the Duke, Sir John sank deeper into the gloom of his library.

Tis said that pity has rang for whatever woman that was to wed the Sire.

The Lancastian has placed an obscenely large amount of gold on anyone who could survive the Marquis for a week,the aim of the Duke being hope, that Sir John would meet someone during the wager he might take a fancy to.

So far, sixteen unmarried young women of high status had been unable to stand the man’s stiff lip, unspeaking mouth and cold shoulder.

Three divorcees have been unable to speak, all the while quivering in fear at the Marquis hulking stature and barely present presence.

Mother says that I am her only loud child that could make a dumb man speak to me. I find it hilarious.

But,to humor her and have a change of scenery, to stay else where,I agree. I enroll.

I am the one and twenty lady about to take residence in the now famous Anglesey Manor.

My name is Grace St Vincent. Daughter of the viscount and viscountess St Vincent.

Day 1.
Anglesey Manor.


I did warn you that it’s nothing you’ll expect. This book is going to take a completely different turn from it’s predecessors.

Hang on with me, what is Micheal up to? Why do this married men always interfere with we peaceful bachelors?

From the name you’ll know. This book as usual, is written from the female’s POV, but of course, there would be the occasional male POV.

This book is a a sequel. You would meet characters that would be spoken about intimately, like the Lancastian.

They are existing characters--- His boys- they are members of the four, John is the last member, so the sequel would end with him(YaY!)

Please, in order not to be confused, and to understand most characters deeply, begin from the very first book;

King’s Whore (Richard and Amanda)

_:_ Earl’s Promise (Williams and Anna)

★ Lancaster’s Bride (Micheal and Jéan)


Elusive Marquis.

Note: This books can be read as a standalone, but for better understanding, read the sequel.

*Squealing in happiness* we are finally done with Micheal!

Gosh, that was the second most stressful and draining work I have ever presented to the public.

The first was KW.

It was a shock i didn’t erupt into a volcano from a burnout.

So, I am ready for some light hearted fun filled with drama with lots of—well I tried — laughter.


Ps: do not expect updates of john to be as swift, frequent and regular as LB,I really want to take it slow. Even a rubber band snaps.

Raldineviv (Instagram & Wattpad)

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