An Empty Heart

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Every girl has confusion, fear and nervousness when she thinks about marriage. What if a girl has these feelings in over dose. And what if that girl is with An Empty heart. The girl's fear and confusion leads our story in a funny way but it shows every one that understanding a girl is next level to impossible even for a another girl.

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Yagna Priya Priya
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An Empty Heart


An Empty Heart

A girl age of 24 years commits suicide. Her brother is sitting beside to her bed by holding her wounded hand. His full of thoughts wandering around why she committed suicide? Being her own brother he don't know the exact reason though he is very very close to her?

What might be the reason? Did she love someone? Did she betrayed by someone? Did she had any fight with her would be husband? What would be the damn reason behind a girl committed suicide who always smiles through heart and never bothers about not only next second but also for next years or births? Specially before to one month of her marriage.

Brother finds his sister's mobile. In that he finds many recordings of his sister's voice by her own.

What be the reason for her suicide attempt? What hides in her mobile recordings? To join a journey of A Girl Named SHAYANA Go with Full story of "An Empty Heart" A fictional story

By Yagna Priya.
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