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¨I know we never met before but I thought that you could use some company¨ I look and see a guy smiling little does he know the real reason i´m sitting here crying. Can he help me, if he can how? Or will he be too scared?

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The Wreck

You were driving home from school and jamming out to some music while you were driving you got hit by a car who tried to run a red light.

Both of your cars collided and you felt like everything was going in slow motion. Who would have thought that you were not going to make it home to your parents and little brother for your birthday. Your car was hit at full speed causing it to flip over multiple times finally landing on the roof of the car. The other person only had a big dent and busted headlights. You got out the car only to meet the person who hit you. Ready to get into a big argument over what had happened he walked right through you! A bit shocked you run back to your damaged car and see yourself still in the driver seat with your seatbelt on. At that point you knew you were gone.


It has been a month since I died, I was spending another day at the bus stop right where the crash happened, however this day was a little different.

I just got back after visiting my old home and got to see my little brother come home with a girl. They were just friends but I would have loved to tease him about it. Not being able to do so just made me even more sad.

I was wiping away my tears when someone came and sat beside me.

I know we may not know each other but I thought you could use some company.

I look at the person to see a guy smiling at with concern.

You looked a little lonely so I thought I might as well join you, my name is hoeseok by the way.

I look at hoeseok and realise he is completely opaque. Not transparent in anyway. Was he even dead?

Y-your can see me?I choked out.

Hoeseok looked at me with a surprised look then his eyes widened and he freezes in place not daring to move.

Y-your not alive?

Suddenly he jumps back screaming with a completely terrified face.

“ Y-your a ghost?! You don’t look like a ghost wha- how?”

Taken aback by his reaction we sit there staring at each other with shocked faces before he speaks.

¨ Y-you look different, a-are you really a ghost?¨

I slowly nod and he nods back and straightens himself before sitting back down beside me.

¨ I'm sorry I didn't mean to overreact like that.¨

I was annoyed that he had to be so loud but then suddenly find myself bursting into laughter as he faces me with a confused look.

¨ Im sorry, I couldn't hold it. Its just your reaction was really funny.¨

¨ Hey! Don't laugh!¨

I tried to keep myself from laughing while he starts to speak again.

¨ I can see ghost, so the reason I screamed was because of shock, not because I was scared.¨

I let out a stifled laugh while he gives me an annoyed look. ¨ I'm sorry¨ I said when I stopped.

I stop laughing but still keeping a smile on my face knowing that now I am no longer alone.


I really hoped you enjoyed this first chapter I might upload another tomorrow or even today when I come up with more ideas this was kind of like a little glimpse of how they met so the rest of the story will be two years after. This is my first story so I will take anything constructive criticism. Bye-bye! <

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