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Anger Management

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Meet Sylvie Knowles, the overly optimistic 17 year old who always finds something positive in every situation. Meet Ashter Storm, the guy who everyone fears, and someone who may or may not have trouble controlling his emotions. Especially the negative ones. When Ashter is forced to attend anger management classes because of a recent incident, he is paired up with Sylvie to help fix his behavior. All Sylvie wanted to do was help out in the community and help provide her positive energy to those in need, but when she's paired up with Ashter, she knows she's gotten herself into a deep situation. With a lot of hang out dates, close proximity, and a lot of nagging and arguing, Sylvie won't give up until she can crack that negative outer shell, to help find the happiness on the inside. In other words from a very optimistic person" The glass isn't half empty, it's half full."

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1 :Shade throwing parents and Lacy bras

Im pulling at a rope. Constantly trying to overcome the strong source at the other end. A huge smile is on my face, as I hear a vibrant laugh cut through the air. I strain my neck wanting to see the source of the laugh. All I can see though is a blurry figure at the other end, their action doing the same as mine. Pulling. I try to pull the rope harder trying to see this face that has a laugh that sounds like everything happy. Eager I get a sudden burst of adrenaline, my muscles suddenly become stronger, and I tug at the rope with all my might. I feel the other person's grip loosen. My smile gets bigger, I frantically pull at the rope. The blurriness around their body begins to fade. The first thing I see are their eyes. A vibrant green with gold close to the pupil. I pull harder wanting to see more, needing to see more. I almost see their face, its..

"Wake Up! Sylvie are you listening to me? If I have to come in their I'm bringing a bucket of water with me! If I dont hear a response in three seconds youll be sorry. One.. Two..."

"WHAT, what I'm up?!!" I say while my head shoots up from the pillow.

My mom opens the door a smile on her face and a bucket of water in her hands. My eyes widen with shock, as I sit there trying to take in that my mom was really going to drown me in water.

"Good job, honey but I mean you could've stayed sleeping I wanted to pour this on you."

"Mother!, what is wrong with you?! What if I drowned in my sleep huh?"

" Oh stop exaggerating, its not even a lot in here." She says while sending me a non caring wave. I continue to sit there with my mouth wide open

" Oh well maybe next time. Come on get up I got breakfast downstairs getting cold. It's your favorite too, and if you don't get down there and eat it I will!" My mom says in a sing songy voice while exiting my room. I run to the door opening it back up, and look down the hallway.

"Mom!, you know Im all about sharing but if you touch my Nutella pancakes, I will end you!" I shout down the hallway at her retreating figure.

"You know I still have a bucket full of water right?" My mom says stopping, but not bothering to turn around. I decide to lose this battle, and hurry to close my door before she comes to start a war. I let out a huff as I hear her cheery laugh carrying itself throughout our house. I roll my eyes a small smile tugging at my lips. I walk towards my phone, and turn on my Bluetooth, before hitting my playlist, and walking towards my bathroom. I dance to Meghan Trainors song No while washing my body almost slipping and getting a concussion about three times. I wet my hair not wanting to go through a hassle today, and turn off the water before stepping out. I walk out the bathroom, in my purple robe my soaking wet hair in a bun. I dance towards my closet really appreciating Meghan Trainors self confidence lyrics blasting in my room. I pull open my white wooden doors, and glance around before deciding on a plain white t-shirt, and some khaki shorts. I hurry to get dressed leaving my hair up, and slipping on some socks and my white high top converse, before stepping out into the hallway the smell of chocolate filling my nose.

Remembering that my pancakes are at risk I run down the hallway, before tripping over my own two feet trying to go down the stairs. I jump down the last two stairs landing like a ninja, before I sprint past the living room, and into the kitchen.

"Dont you dare touch my pancakes you vicious woman!" I yell at my mother as she proceeds to let the fork journey to her mouth, my Nutella pancakes resting peacefully on their. She drops the fork before smiling sweetly at me, knowing shes been caught.

"I was only gonna taste them, I dont even like chocolate." I give her my not so convinced look before walking towards the kitchen island, and propping myself up on one of the stools. I hastily grab my plate of pancakes before shoving a big slice into my mouth, glaring at my mom the whole time.

"Let me guess your mother threatened to eat your food again." I suddenly hear a deep voice say, and swivel around before seeing my dad walk into the room a huge smile on his face. I can only nod my head, as I continue to chew away at the humongous amount of food in my mouth. I turn my attention back towards my pancakes as my dad walks over towards my mother smirking at her before giving her a very loving kiss.

"Ahhh PDA my eyes!" I say while trying to shield myself from their affection.

"Oh pumpkin its okay, you'll find a guy someday, who you'll marry and then be able to make out with in front of your children." My dad says while walking towards the refrigerator taking out the carton of orange juice.

"Dad I told you already, Im gonna stay as single as a pringle, and become a book lady." I say while taking the glass he hands me taking a sip of the juice.

"I thought the term was cat lady?" My mom says turning to look at me from her position at the stove.

"Why would I want to live with those vicious creatures, and their horrible attitudes. Plus all they do is sleep thats no fun at all."

"Honey are you sure youre talking about cats, because that just sounded like a complete description of yourself." I suddenly start to choke on my orange juice, a glare prominent on my face as I look at my dad high five my mom.

" Why am I you guys child you're so rude while I'm so nice." I say trying to make a good comeback, but failing.

"You? Nice? Please, you just threatened me about 10 minutes ago." my mom says while snorting, my dad just leaning against the counter chuckling to himself. I roll my eyes at him, thanks so much for the help defending your only child.

"Really if Im so rude would I be volunteering at the summer Anger management program hmmm? I say my arms crossing my chest a victorious smile on my face.

"Youre a volunteer there? I thought you had signed up for those classes to get help?!" My mom says a mock expression of surprise crossing her face.

My smile drops from my face as I frown at my parents. They both stand there clutching their stomachs, trying not to fall over from laughing so hard. I shove my plate away from my body hopping of the black stool, my converse hitting the shiny white tiled floor. I give them my meanest glare before walking back upstairs to grab my volunteer folder, phone and keys before heading back downstairs. I sulk over to the door still hearing their loud horrific laughter. I slam the door behind me letting them know that my presence is no longer gracing them. I take a deep breath of the hot humid July air, while walking towards my white jeep.

I hop in the car turning the key in the ignition the air conditioner immediately blasting out of the vents. I turn on the radio settling on a station playing 21 pilots, before backing out of the driveway, and driving off leaving my house behind. It isnt until now since Im finally away from my families nagging do I remember the dream from this morning. Green eyes thats all I can remember. I was going to see who it was, but you know my mom rudely interrupted like always. I chuckle to myself Good one Sylvie.

I sigh to myself before looking out the window seeing the usual people hanging around. We live in a small town in Ohio. You know the kind where you almost know everybody. Its summer break, and most of the families have decided to go on vacations to beaches and what not. Instead of taking up my mom and dad on one of those vacations I decided to get ahead on some volunteer work that I can put on college applications. When I had went to go look for people volunteering, I really wanted get a position as a camp counselor, but sadly all the spaces had been filled. So instead I decided to go along with being an anger management volunteer. At first when I had did the interview, I thought I wouldnt have gotten the position, but then I got a phone call saying I had been accepted. They told me they could use someone like me with my fun and optimistic attitude.

I pull myself out of my thoughts as I see My high school building entering my view. I was happy when I had got the call, and was still ecstatic until I got the email with the location of the meetings. Out of all the buildings in our little town they had to choose the worst place of all. McKinley High. I was so glad when it was the last day of school, grateful that I had at least 2 and a half months before I had to see it again. Now I'm right back here sitting in this stupid parking lot. I clear my thoughts pushing away the negative and reeling in the positive. This is a place where Im suppose to be bringing positivity after all.

I open my Jeep door, having to hop out of the car because of my short 5'2 figure. I was one of those girls blessed with the gift of shortness. In some ways it has its advantages. I get to push through people in crowded places, and hide when the teacher calls on people, but it also has the downside. Such as not being able to see the board because of the giant in front of me, or not being able to reach the snacks on the top shelf of the cabinet. I walk towards the school, skipping up the steps humming the lyrics to All time low. since it was the last song I heard playing on the radio. I go to pull open the door, and walk in, but suddenly fall to the ground. Since when did people put brick walls behind doors, I think to myself while rubbing my sore head.

I look up ready to look like a crazy person, and shout at a wall, but stop when Im at lost for words. There standing over me is an angel. I rub my eyes a few times but the glowing presence in front of me doesnt disappear. I open and close my mouth probably looking like a fish out of water, while I just stare at the guy in front of me. Ashter storm. Of course the guy would be here. His last name perfectly describes him. Hes a storm, always frowning and glaring at people. Matter of fact he's doing it right now to me. This guy is known for being angry. He doesn't care about anyone, and he's constantly doing stupid stuff 24/7. Although he's a complete butthole, you cant help but still crave him. I mean that brown hair perfectly sculpted but at the same time messy. Then his body I mean talk about washboard abs. This guy looks like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. I only got a good look at them once during our swimming unit, but trust me the image will forever be burned in my mind. Then his eyes, their so enticing and intimidating. I mean those bright green orbs just somehow dra- Wait a minute I look up at Ashter, and let out a slight gasp. Those eyes they were in my dream.

I suddenly pull myself off the ground no longer in my dream like state of Ashter Storm. He looks down at me taking in my small presence. He lets out a growl that I jump at, before he rolls his eyes. He gives me a look over before he snorts, and pushes past me heading towards the parking lot. I frown looking down before, I let out a slight scream. My shirt is halfway down my shoulder exposing my white lace bra from Victoria's secret. I feel my cheeks heat up as I pull up my shirt, and try to compose myself. I open the door again this time checking for brick walls before proceeding. I keep my head down and walk towards the science lab to check in. All of a sudden dread comes over me. Ashter Storm just saw my bra, had eyes like the ones in my dream, and for the cherry on top hes in anger management. Now all someone has to do is pair me with him!


So first entry eh? (Laughs nervously)

Tell me what you think, but don't be an itch about it. Show meh some love its greatly appreciated. Also comment, like, share...... I don't know do something. So yeah it's a little short hopefully future ones will be longer. Also anyone willing to help me with covers? If so don't be silent, because major help Is needed in that area. Also give me some people who you think should be the face of the characters. That's it for now , I'll holla at ya later. *Cringes really hard* That was horrible.

Also the song Sylvie was listening to in the shower is up above.

XOXOXOXO Alysia2021

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