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You here you answer questions and comment them in that chapter I will create a chapter and a cat for you that you can do anything with! I hope this becomes a successful story.

Answer these

Hello ok so just tell me the letter of the answer you picked! I will create a chapter all about your own oc that you can do anything with! Ok here we go!

What % is your device at right now? Well witch on is it closest to
A. 100
B. 90
C. 80
D. 70
E. 60
F. 50
G. 40
H. 30
I. 20
J. 10
K. 5

What job out of these would you like to have?
A. Veterinary
B. President
C. Government
D. Taxi driver
E. Teacher
F. Cook.
G. Nanny
H. Clerk
I. Doctor
J. Comedian
K. Author

What is your favorite animal out of these?
A. Cat
B. Dog
C. Sheep
D. Horse
E. Shark
F. Any kind of fish
G. Hamster or Ginnepig
H. Pig
I. Cow
J. Any leapord
K. Penguin

Ok whoes your favorite warrior cat leader out of these?

A. Firestar
B. Bluestar
C. Tallstar
D. Shadowstar
E. Windstar
F. Thunderstar
G. Riverstar
H. Crookedstar
I. Brokenstar
J. Tigerstar
K. Rowanstar

Ok how about your favorite medicine cat out of these

A. Spottedleaf
B. Runningnose
C. Mothwing
D. Willowshine
E. Cinderpelt
F. Yellowfang
G. Barkface
H. Jayfeather
I. Leafpool
J. Echosong
K. Goosefeather
Sorry most of them are Thunderclan I'm only on the second series

Ok now pick a power you want to have out of these

A. Mind reading
B. Talk to animals
C. Time travel
D. Invincibility
E. Super strength
F. Super speed
G. Amazing eye sight
H. Amazing hearing
I. Robotic stuff
J. I'm running out of ideas um... Invisibility
K. I don't want powers I like how I am

Pick a cat related to graystripe or related to Firestar
A. Graystripe
B. Feathertail
C. Stormfur
D. Silverstream
E. Scourge
F. Squirrelflight
G. Leafpool
H. Sandstorm
I. Alderheart
J. Sparkpelt
K. Hollyleaf
L. Jayfeather
M. Lionblaze

Ok pick a color

A. Pink
B. Red
C. Orange
D. Yellow
E. Green
F. Blue
G. Purple
H. Silver
I. Black
J. White
K. Gray

Leave a comment telling me the letter for your answers! Then I will give you your oc!

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