Perfectly imperfect

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No one is perfect but imperfect. They say life shall go on, but will it? What happens when your parents separate and you move to a new state to start over? Who will you meet? Better yet who will you know? Most importantly what will happen?

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No one is perfect but imperfect. they say life shall go on, but will it? What happens when your parents separate and you move to a new state to start over? Who will you meet? Better yet who will you know? And most important what will happen?

17, hidden from the evil and cruel world for so long. But no longer will she be. And NO ONE can stop it from happening.

Hello, I'm the author of perfectly imperfect. Before reading this book I just wanted to inform you readers that this is an original book and you will not be able to find this book anywhere else. this is based on a true story (from my life). 2020 has definitely not been my year though it did start off so amazing it did spiral down hill from then and sadly it got so bad my life was almost ended because some people are just right up evil and cruel. I am still on the younger side of my life so I thankfully healed quicker than most. The way I almost died is in the story so that's for me to know and you to read and find out. I am still healing so if I do not update when I say I am going to please forgive me I normally do stay true to my word but I have some really bad days still. So with that being said (typed and read) I hope you enjoy Perfectly Imperfect, and thank you for reading.
- Sam
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