Perfectly imperfect

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Chapter 7: I no longer know you

I went to the local grocery store and grabbed my favorite snacks and when I got in the truck I sat there for a while just thinking about how dramatic my life has been since we moved I also still wondered how Teagan hadn’t seen Ella all over Ashlie. But it didn’t matter anymore she was back in town and I was pushed to the side as a second choice. Oh well. I started my truck and made my way back to the camp. Once back I saw everyone heading back to their rooms. I tried my best to hide in my hoodie so nobody would recognize me. As I kept walking, someone grabbed my waist from behind and covered my mouth. They had my hands pinned by my side. This was someone that knew that they knew that I could defend myself. Suddenly I couldn’t breathe, my throat felt tight and I could smell very strongly what they had. Cinnamon. The one and only thing I’m deadly allergic to. I headbut whovere was behind me and they released me. I started gasping for air. I didn’t know where mom and Teagans room was. I only knew where Booker and Ashlie were and I couldn’t go to Ashlie right now as I was running then I fell so I started crawling. Then I saw a familiar pair of feet about to enter the door. Booker I crawled faster and caught his feet just in time. My vision was starting to fade away. “Cat?” he looked down at me. I was barely gasping. I didn’t have much time to get my pen. Tears started to make their way down my face. I didn’t want to die. “Cat what’s wrong why is your face turning purple?” I tried but I couldn’t speak but I could give him a sign I started clawing at my throat relieving the itch it had some. He gasped as he finally realized he yelled something but I couldn’t hear anymore. I was going to die. “Oh my baby.”I hear somebody in a sad tone say. MOM. Was I dead? “She is awake.” someone said as I regained my vision. I looked around to see I wasn’t in a hospital so I made it. “Don’t ever scare me like that again baby.” I heard someone say I look to my right to see ashlie coming down for a kiss. I looked to my right and nothing was there so I rolled my happy self off the bed. “I’m fine. What time is it?” I ask. “1:30 am.” my mom said. I was about to walk out the door and head back to my room when I heard. “Wait a second.” I turned to see Teagan. “What’s going on between you two?” he asked, pointing his finger between my and Ash. “I don’t know why you don’t ask him. Maybe he and Ella can explain to you as to why they had their hands all over each other and their tunings were down each other’s throat. Maybe then you’ll know.” I say smiling. I could see the tears form in Ash’s eyes as his adams apple bobbed up and down visibly. “What makes you think that?” Ash asks before my brother can speak. “It’s not what I think it’s what I know. But I will tell you what I do think. You’re a no good cheating sorry excuse of a human just like my father and I don’t like wasting my breath on people like you so these Ashlie Lambert are my last words to you. ‘ SCREW YOU AND HONESTLY YOU CAN GO AND KISS MY COUNTRY BEHIND’.” I say tears in my eyes. He just shakes his head. I turn to the door and open it to head out. I hear someone being slammed against the wall before my brother starts swearing at him. As I was walking I saw Booker and Sailor walking my way I put my head down but they still noticed me “hey are you okay?” I look up to see Booker blocking me. “Hey what’s wrong? What happened?” He asked, grabbing my arms. Sailor stepped in front of me and pushed him. He looked honestly confused. “How dare you. Honestly.” she says. “How dare I do what?” he asked. “You seriously are turning your head to the fact THAT THAT HOE HAD HER FREAKING TONGUE DOWN YOUR LITTLE BROTHERS THROAT AND YOU ASK HER WHAT’S WRONG I HONESTLY CAN’T BELIEVE YOU RIGHT NOW.” She’s full of yelling by the end and on the other hand I can barely hold myself up. I’m crying so hard. “Is this true? My brother did this. To a girl he was falling in love with at that? I swear I was even paying attention to him but now. Now.” he looked livid. He took out his phone and called his parents. “Where is he.” he says. I point to the room behind me. Sailor grabs me as I drop to the ground. “Why me? Why can’t I just be normal? Why do I attract drama?” I say holding her arms as she hugs my neck I’ve sunk to the ground by now. “Hold on babes.” She pulls out her phone and calls someone. “Ladies find her and meet me in the second lobby” she says before ending it. “It’s going to be okay.”she says “am I in a mafia movie or something?” I ask and she laughs. “No babes.” she said once she calmed down. “Well not that I know of at least.” she says and we both laugh. “I mean we are Italian. That’s where it started. right?” I wasn’t sure but she had I point we both caught a case of the giggles after that like we were drunk. Only we were sobure. You know that moment you and your friends have out of nowhere when someone says something funny and you and your friends keep adding to it and it makes it funnier. That’s what we were doing. Until she got a message and her face fell it was a picture of Booker kissing one of Ella’s minion’s earlier Today. Well I mean yesterday. “What’s wrong?” I asked and that’s when she showed me. I took my phone out and showed her the message from today. She gasped. “There trying to take our men.” we both said at the same time. “OH NO ASHLIE.″ We both said again at the same time before getting up and stumbling over each other to get to the room I had just come from. “Put him down boys, we have something to discuss.” she said. Booker backed down from interrogating Ashlie who already had a few punches to his face. Just as Teagan was about to throw another punch I lunged at him with everything I had in me. “Smettila.” I said as I had him tackled and pinned he was struggling against me. “Perché ti ha fertico e tu stai ancora dalla sua parte?” Thank God Sailor was also Italian. She showed him both of our phones and he jumped up. I fell to the ground with a hard hit to my back. I yelped out in pain. And before anybody could get to me Ash was right by my side pulling me to him as he gently pressed different parts of my back to see if it was hurt badly. Once I didn’t yelp he pulled me to his chest. “Shh it’s okay nothings broken. It’s okay. Please stop crying.” he said. Pushing the hair from my face. Kissing my forehead. “I am so sorry Cat.” Teagan said bending down to take me from Ash’s arms. “Please man just let me hold her for a minute. Just one last time.” he pleaded with tears in his eyes to Teagan as he jerked away from him, me still in his arms. Tegan looked at me with questions written on his face. I just nodded my head. His grip on me tightened as Tegan backed away but it wasn’t painful yet. He was in more pain than me and he still tended to me before him. He was falling in love with me wasn’t he? He rocked us back and forth. “I’m so sorry.” he said, kissing my forehead gently and winced as it made contact with his busted lip. I straightened up and took my hoodie if I had another shirt on under it. I took the sleeve and gently cleaned the blood from his lip. I smiled at him before hugging him around his rib cage until he winced. Did Tegan push someone in their rib? He knew not to punch there because it could kill someone. I turned my head to see Teagan slowly back away. “It was you wasn’t it?” I asked through gritted teeth. “Look I’m sor-” he didn’t have a chance to finish his sentence before I kicked him as hard as I could in his crotch. He fell to the floor groaning in pain. “Tegan, you know better.” I said. “It’s fine Cat he deserved it for what he did to-” and Booker joined him on the ground groaning in pain. “If you two want kids in the future I suggest you shut up while you still have that chance.” I said through gritted teeth. They were still on the ground holding their crotch whining like babies. “Get me the first aid kit out of the closet.” I said to the Sailor who already had it in hand. I walked over to Ash and slowly took his shirt off making sure not to hurt him more. “Cat you don’t have to.” he says. “You can shut up too.” I say tossing his shirt behind me. “Go get me ice.” I said and soon she came with a bag of ice and some salt packs. “Hand me an ice cube and salt.” I say holding my hand out I sprinkled the salt on the ice cube. I lightly pressed it to Ash’s dark purple bruise. He hissed. “It’s okay.” I say removing it once I’ve rubbed it all over the bruise. I opened the first aid kit and grabbed the bruise cream. I gently rubbed it over his bruise. And I cleaned his face up. And by that time Sailor made both the boys sit up on the bed before slapping them hard across the face now they were holding their cheeks. “Let’s go.” she said as we all walked out the room and to where the rest of the girls were. Once there I was informed we had all three girls. “We hacked their phones. Ella here is editing photos and sending them two you.” a girl from the cheer team said. “The police have been called.” Sailor said. “Why?” I asked. “We also hacked the camra’s The person that almost kidnapped you was Ella’s brother and did I mention they all have a warrant out for their arrest now. And your brother Ella is in a gang famous for their drugs but he stole their drugs and claimed to sell them and he was doing them all this time so an angry gang is after your whole family. And you three girls will be going to prison for a long time for filing a false police report and spraying cinnamon perfume on Ella’s brother’s hand knowing that Cat was deadly allergic to it. Oh and not to mention invasion of privacy is a crime. And you bugged all of Ashlie and Bookers clothes.” Sailor and the cheer girl took turns explaining. “And who’s taking us to jail? You?” Ella asked with an evil smile. “No I am.” we turned to see the guy who pulled me over earlier. His vest read. SWAT. and I knew exactly who it was when I saw him it was our. “Uncle William.” me and T said at the same time. “Hey kids.” he said to his team coming in to arrest the four kids tied to the bench. He hugged us. It’s been three years since we last saw him. “Wait was it you who pulled me over yesterday?” I questioned. “No it was my partner in training. Mike.” he said pointing to the guy next to him. “He’s in the highschool program,” he said. I just nodded. I yawned. “Go get some sleep kids. My team will be here all week on vacation.” he said loudly. As I was walking to my room and I pulled out my key when I was out the door but it opened. I looked up to see Charlie staring at me. “Sorry.” I said walking in he nodded.

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