Perfectly imperfect

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Chapter 2: your friends are mine

“It’s Monday.” Well Teagan just took my hearing. “Why did you have to do that right in my ear?” I ask while pulling the covers off of me and getting out of bed. “Because it’s your first day of school?!!” wow he so dumb he even questioned himself. “Because you’re a retard and it’s your profession.” I say crossing my eyes and shaking my hands to be extra with it. “Whatever, get dressed and be ready in 20 minutes or you’re gonna have to navigate your own way to school.” God: why did I have to be cursed with this dumb idiot people call my brother? “Okay, well get out so I can get ready.” He leaves and 20 minutes later I’m down stairs ready to go. “What are you wearing?” Teagan asks “clothes you know the kind you wear.” I say in a duh tone. “Whatever lets go.” so rushy. “Bye guys I love you have a good day.” mom says from another room. “Bye” Teagan and I say at the same time. “You’re taking your truck and I don’t want to be seen with you loser.” ouch I mean I’m not ugly and I have a good personality but he won’t know I was the slightest bit offended I mean he is gonna have to show me around and help me find my classes. “Whatever.” I say secretly glad I decided to grab my keys before I walked outside. “Wait T, where is my parking pass at?” I said after thinking of keys. “Umm, in the office the principal announced on Friday that there would be a new student and that they had the parking space 45A.” I just nod my head looking confused I’m sure. “There’s a parking garage right next to the school you can’t miss it and level A is the first floor to it so you won’t have to take the stairs down and 45 is gonna be written on the space itself so you know it’s yours.” he says before getting in his car and rolling the window down before continuing. “And your glasses and textbooks should already be in your locker along with the 2 gym uniforms and I put your gym shoes at the bottom of your locker when I put your glasses in.” he pauses. (I don’t blame him, he said that all in one sentence both times.) “Oh and your locker code and stuff will be on your schedule but you have to go to the principal’s office to receive that.” he says “okay well let’s go if you wanna make it to football practice.” I say jumping into my lifted black Chevy “Oh crap let’s go.” I cranked my beautiful baby to hear a very loud roar that the neighbors are probably gonna complain about but they’ll be alright it’s music to my ears so the roar stays so does the 33 inch lift I have on it. “Everyone's gonna think I have a lesbian sister when they see that truck and find out we both have the same last name.” I roll my eyes at Teagan. I mean I’m wearing a girly girl outfit. “It’s okay baby he’s just jealous of your beauty.” I say patting the dashboard. `` and what’s wrong with lesbians not that I am one but you can’t help who you fall in love with.” I say in a defending tone. “Okay I’m done talking about this. We have 5 minutes to get to school and it’s 10 minutes away from here so let’s go. NOW.” I nod turning my radio up and rolling my tinted windows down. I find it very funny how we got to school in 9 minutes and not 10 but we didn’t speed. Oh-well. “Hurry up I got another 5 minutes to get you to the front office then practice.” I grab my phone and laptop bag which has my laptop and wallet with it. Oh and a book bag. “On it T.” I say before we both jog to the front office in 2 minutes. “Are you Catherine Espinoza?” ask the lady at the front desk with a huge smile on her face. “Yes ma’am she is.” I looked at Teagan who answered the question for me. “Okay here’s your things Teagan show your sister to her classes after practice please.” she said to T with a sweet voice. “Yes ma’am.” he says before heading to practice. “Your locker is down the hall to the left it’s blue so it should be the fifth one down on the right wall. Have a great first day and if you need anything I’m always in the office.” well this lady is nice. “Yes ma’am you have a great day yourself and thank you so much.” I say with a smile. “Umm do you know where the people who get here early hangout?” I asked after I realized that I have nothing to do. “Yes they either hang out around the football field or the library.” I smile at her response. “Thank you so much, bye.” I say running to the field knowing I had 2 hours to get there but she told me to go out the front door and make my way around to the back of the school and I’ll see a huge field and that would be it. I know Booker plays football so maybe Ashlie will be here too. Once I get to the field I feel eyes on me but I don’t pay attention. I just head and set my stuff down on the bleachers making sure to grab my phone and put my keys around my wrist before going down to the field. I see #32 which I know is T. I head over to whom I’m guessing is the coach. “Excuse me do you know what number Booker Lambert is?” I ask. “Yes ma’am he is number 17 he’s over next to 32 and 19.” he says pointing to three guys who are surrounded by cheerleaders. “Thank you.” I say after rolling my eyes at Teagan. I didn’t like the look given to me by the cheerleaders but I just ignore them and keep walking over there. “Hey Cat what are you doing here?” I hear Booker ask, making my head up to see him grinning ear to ear. “Well I came to see that beautiful face of yours.” I say in a joking manner and he laughs before wiggling his eyebrows I just giggle and he gives me a side hug and I return it. “I missed you too then.” he says and laughs. I step back and say “I didn’t say I missed you I said I wanted to see your beautiful face.” I say while putting my hands on his face and then letting go “You know I don’t have a picture of it so I don’t see it that much.” I say before he laughs and I hear those girls scoff. “Okay now that I’ve found you where is Ashlie?” I ask “I think he’s still in bed asleep. I have to go get him after practice.” I nod. “I can go pick him up for you if you want.” I say knowing I might have to spend the next 2 hours bored and alone. “You would do that? Wait but didn’t you come in the car? If you did that’s fine you can drive my Jeep.” he says. “No, I didn’t come in T’s car. I came in my truck.” he smiles before asking. I get Ashlie breakfast for the team and roar the truck bring the truck for Booker to see.

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