Perfectly imperfect

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Chapter 3: I would love to

I was walking to the school from football practice with the team who walked to the garage with the leftover stuff and put it in my truck. “Okay let me see your schedule so I can show you where class is.” Teagan says I pass it to him. “You’re sitting with the team at lunch too.” he says, still looking down. “But I thought you didn’t want people to know we are related” I say back “yeah well I’d much rather people know were related than to see guys hitting on my baby sister.” he says after walking. “Here’s your first class, your next classes you have with Ashlie so he’ll show you and after that he will walk you to lunch.” he says before just walking off down the hall. “Great.” I say aloud but then the bell rings and I didn’t wanna be late so I just walked in to see a science class with eyes all watching me. “You must be Catherine, I’m Mr. Devins.” a man who looks to be in his late 40s says. “Yes sir I am.” I say with a smile all eyes still on me. “Take a seat anywhere you want,” he says before returning to his desk. I nod and take a seat in the back next to one of the football guys. “Hi Cat.” he says and I waved. “Okay today will be learning about…” He says before teaching


Finally lunch. Lucky for me I found Ashlie. “Hey, I’m Taylon.” a guy with black hair says to me as I enter the cafeteria alone because Ashlie had some basketball thing to do during the middle of class he said he would meet me there though. “Hi!” I say before trying to walk around him but he steps in front of me. “Was there something I could help you with.” I ask already annoyed. “Yeah your number beautiful.” he says wow cheesy much I just cringe before I try to go around but am stopped again. “Oh come on Baby it’s just a number.” Jerks like him. “Oh I AM SORRY BUT I WANTED TO SAVE YOU AT LEAST SOME EMBARRASSMENT BY NOT GIVING YOU A PIZZA PLACE NUMBER BUT YOU DON’T SEEM TO TAKE THE HINT SO LET ME SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU.” I pause before yelling again “I AM NOT GIVING YOU MY NUMBER.” I really should stop yelling it’s taking a toll on me but at least it grabbed everyone’s attention “OH COME ON BABE YOU KNOW YOU WANNA GIVE IT TO ME.” he yells I guess trying to embarrass me back. “NO YOU ELVIS PRESLEY WANNA BE. NON VOGLIO il TUO NUMERO.” (I don’t want your number.) I yell the last part in Italian. I look to see Booker, Teagan, Ashlie, and the other guys that were at the house the other day staring. “Catherine calm.” Teagan says before continuing in Italian “Non farlo non ne vale la pena.” (He isn’t worth it.) he says. “La tua destra.” (your right.) I say back pushing him aside and walking over to them. Ashlie pulls me in for a hug to calm me down and he rubs my back saying I’m staying by his side from now on. I groan because a lot of girls hit on him too “No If’s, and’s or but’s?” I ask and he laughs before saying “well I mean there is the butt but that’s the one attached to your legs which will be walking next to me for the rest of the week.” I laugh at his smart mouth comment. “Okay professor smart mouth.” I say before stepping back to see a lot of girls glaring at me. Yeah I just have the gut feeling we are gonna be best friends. I smiled before walking over to Teagan who was now sitting down. I hugged his neck from behind before resting my head on his shoulder. “Teagan what happened to you being my personal bodyguard?” I ask jokingly he laughs before saying “well sis, you just turned mr. Elvis down down and he happens to be a big player and you say some mean things when you’re mad and I knew that he was making you mad so I just let you embarrass him.” WOW of course he would let that happen. “Okay.” I say stealing his drink before taking a sip. “CAT.” he yells and I laugh before running away with the drink. “T” I say once I’m far enough. “Give me my drink Catherine.” I gave him a pouty face before saying “but you gotta say please first.” I hear Ash laugh at my comment. “Fine. can I please have my drink back.” He asks,coming closer to me but I back up “With a cherry on top?” I ask and he smiles before nodding. “Okay well let me think about it.” I say making a thinking face. “Hmmmm. NO!” I say before running again. “CATHERINE.” He yells chasing after me. I giggle once I’m at the next corner. I stop and look at Ash. He signals me to throw it so I make sure it’s closed tight and I throw it across the lunch room to Ash and he passes it to Booker. “CATHERINE. I LOVE YOU BUT I AM GONNA KILL YOU.” he says and everyone stops and looks at him like he’s crazy so I say “Awww You love me?” Just to make him suffer a little more. “Yeah.” He says before realizing there’s a crowd “I love you too.”I say before adding “big bro.” a few seconds later. He then let out a sigh of relief. “See you at home T.” I say before heading off to class.


“Ma.” I say as I walk inside the house. “I am home.” I say thinking she was home but the note in the kitchen said she went to run errands. “Ughhhhh.” I say walking up stairs to my room. *ding*

Unknown number: Hey Cat it’s ash I was wondering if you wanted to go to the carnival with me?

Me: Yes I will. But when is it?

Ash: Friday.

Me: Okay see you there.

By the time Friday comes around I already hate school with a passion. During the week I got more information about the carnival and I am now getting ready. I throw my hair in a bun and hop in the shower to get all the sweat I had from gym class off once out I decide I’ll actually do something with my life tonight so I put on makeup and curl my hair and I put on a Pair of washed out ripped jeans that fit my waist perfectly but didn’t touch my legs at all and I put on a white tank top that hugged me perfectly and grabbed a cream colored cardigan that was on the shorter side but it would keep me warm if I got cold and of course a pair of one of the many pairs of boots I had I decide it would look better with the outfit if I put my hair half up half down. I get a text saying everyone's there waiting on me so I grab the jewelry I’m gonna wear and some perfume. Once I’m there I get my tickets and meet with the group only to find a group of girls flirting with the group of boys and let me tell you there girlfriends were not happy but I’ve met them and the trust their boyfriends but then I see Ashlie and I swear to you my breath stops. Why I have no clue because I have never been that way over a guy and I also feel a pang of jealousy when I see a girl flirting with him. but why? I shake my thoughts aside and see that there’s enough girls in the group I recognize who are all looking at me hopefully because only Ash doesn’t have a date so I guess I complete the group I then look at Ash to see him looking like he just wants to ball up and die because of that girl. “Hi guys sorry I made you wait.” The girls all smile dearly and thankfully at me and I smile back because of the plan we made by talking with our eyes. I walk to Ash, look at the girl and say “And who are you because I am pretty sure you’re annoying my boyfriend and I don’t like seeing him uncomfortable.” if looks could kill I’d be 6 feet under. “He didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend but he seems to be enjoying my company so you’re obviously not and you probably don’t even know his name.” the girls come up behind me in full on defense mode from what she just said. But I’m not worried about it so I go up to him and hug him and of course he hugs me back. “Ash babe is she bothering you?” I ask and he smirks at me before saying. “Yeah she is baby but I didn’t wanna be mean to her.” Oh yeah he’s definitely annoyed with her cause he is never mean to anyone. “I see you’ve been annoying my girls too.” I say glaring at her. “You and your group need to go and flirt with a group that might think about wanting you but first you need to take a class on how to not look so desperate.” I hear O’s from the group. “Dang sis go easy on her.” Teagan say’s “Aww are you actually siblings with him?” The girl says and I do something I would never do for anyone else. I cup his jaw and kiss him on the cheek he then kisses the top of my head like Teagan does when I get upset I smile. Yeah definitely gonna be the bestest of friends. “Hey Ash easy now that’s my baby sister you just kissed on the head.” Teagan says in a serious tone but me and Ash just laugh cause it’s not gonna happen again. “Now could you please leave ladies we have a group date with are girls.” a guy who I met this week says his name is Shane. He’s from England. He’s like a huge man child but he’s really sweet to everyone. “Yeah let’s go before it gets late.” I say Ash and everyone else in the group says thanks but I like calling rude people out so It was no problem.

-Ashlie’s POV-

She walked to the group and the moment I laid eyes on her my heart skipped a beat and my breath hitched. How was it possible to feel this way about someone when you’ve only known them a week in a half. I had a huge crush on this girl but I was scared to tell her how I felt. Everyone was supposed to come with a date tonight but I was too scared to ask her. As we were waiting a group of girls had approached us. Nobody was happy about it but it’s a public place so we didn’t wanna be mean to them. But they were annoying. Lucky for us Cat doesn’t care what people think or say of her and she hates rude people. Even the girls liked her and they never really liked anyone or added them to the group but when the girls stepped behind her ready to fight the other group of girls all the boys looked at each other in shock. But something felt right when she played as my girlfriend. Finally we were in line for our first ride and the girls were excited because this year we finally had enough people to take the whole Ferris wheel and in groups of two. That’s a lot but all the teams are here and they all have dates so we decided to put 4 in each lift so that we all get off at the same time. The faris ride was fun. Cat was next to me the whole time we were at the carnival. “OH MY GOSH.” I stop when Cat yells out I turn and she is staring at a huge Llama. “Do you want it Cat?” I ask pointing to the Llama. She turns to me and has a huge smile on her face and her eyes sparkling. “You would win the hardest game in the Carnival just for me?” she asked shocked. “Only for you Cat.” I say and her cheeks turn red. “Come on let’s get you the Llama.” I say walking to the booth. “That will be 5 dollars a throw sir.” The person working at the booth says luckily I play baseball so I’m good at aiming. I get 2 balls and hand one to her and let her throw and she misses by a few inches. I go and I hit the clown in the face winning her the Llama. She jumps up and down in joy and says “Oh my goodness I’m gonna love you forever.” while hugging the Llama. She’s so adorable. “Are you hungry?” I ask and she looks at me and nods. “Come on let’s go and get the team so we can eat.” I say and grab her hand. We meet back up with the team and everyone looks at me and her. “Y’all wanna grab some food?” I ask and they all nod their heads very fast. “Yeah can us girls get a candy apple first?” Cat says and the girls agree. “Yeah but hurry up.” Teagan says. It only took them 10 minutes because they were selling in batches and Cat used her credit card telling the girls she was hungry so they could pay her at the restaurant. We all agreed on Mexican. “Table for 20 40 please.” Teagan says. thank you Jesus that the place has 2 floors and a huge outside cause we all wouldn’t fit. Half the team had eaten before the carnival so they got sick and left and of course there girlfriends had to take them. “Right this way sir.” the waitress says before walking. By the time we were done eating the restaurant had 10 minutes till closing time and it was only ten so the night was almost over. “We should go see a movie.” Of course Teagan wants to see a movie. “Let’s do it.” Cat says. “But the girls get to choose.” another girl in the group says. “Yeah.” they all agree. We ended up watching a comedy. And we all are tired so we call it a night. “Ash wait.” Cat says stopping me. “Yes?” I ask. “I- umm I just wa-wanted to say goodnight.” she stutters looking down playing with her hands. I pull her in for a hug. “Goodnight Cat.” I say before pulling back. “See you Sunday for the-” I stop myself from telling her about the surprise. I just walk away and get in my truck. She is still standing there. “For the what?” she asks but I just drive off. You’ll find out soon I say to myself.

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