Perfectly imperfect

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chapter 4: I've got to be dreaming

'It is not a dream but a memory behind closed lids'

“It’s Sunday fun day now wake up before I do it for you.” I hear a mega phone and an air horn after. “SHUT UP.” I say. To Teagan who makes me regret it. “NO.” He said after pointing it in my ear. I snatch it from him and point it at his ear and say “GET OUT MY ROOM BEFORE YOU END UP SIX FEET UNDER BY NEXT WEDNESDAY.” Teagan didn’t like the taste of his own medicine. “Okay I’m sorry now can you please dress casually you have 3 hours to get ready and get in my car or I’m dragging you out the car.” He says before walking out of my room. “GET OUT MY ROOM THEN”. I say again through the mega phone before my phone rings. “ Catherine Espinoza, what’s your emergency?” I hear a chuckle on the other end of the phone before a response. “Ummm yeah I’d like to know where my friend went.” ASHLIE I yell in my head with a smile. “Umm hold on give me one second.” I say in the tone I answered before acting like I was me. “This is she.” I say in my normal tone of voice. “Are you ready for today?” he says “ Okay first off what is today? And second, how does everyone know about this but me?” He changed the subject quickly but we talked for an hour before I had to get ready for today. I got dressed. In a cute fall outfit. Fishtail braided my hair. And little to no makeup. It took about an hour and a half and by the time I had breakfast it was time to go.

We arrived at what seemed to be a middle of nowhere country bumpkin gas station. “Where are we?” I ask. “The middle of nowhere duh.” of course Teagan spoke. “Oh so that means I can bury you alive and no one would ever find out.” I say and we start going at it like 2 bees stuck in an old rusted can. “Oh yeah well that’s why I’m the favorite child and you’re adopted.” oh poor Teagan if only he really knew. “You idiot you really wanna go there? Okay then let me ask you this, where are all your sport and academic trophies at?” I ask and he pauses and thinks about it but not for long because I continue. “How come mom never put your report cards, pictures, coloring pages, and drawings on the fridge?” I knew that would really mess with him. The group laughed at that I then later joined when he called our mother. “Hello?” I hear my mothers sweet gentle voice. “Oh gosh he really just put her on speaker phone.” Booker said like someone had just got into serious trouble. The group giggled. “ Hey, mom! Am I the favorite or is Catherine?” poor, poor Teagan such an idiot if only he had more than just a half burnt brain cell. He could have done great in the world if he hadn’t been born with just one brain cell and hadn’t completely burnt half of it the other half is still roasting in the oven. “Why call me to ask this son? I’m at work.” he cleared his throat before speaking. “Because I told Cat she was adopted and so Cat said some mean things and in a nice way said she was the favorite.” I threw my head back laughing before shaking it. “Well what did she say exactly?” my Mom asked. “She asked me why my report cards were never on the fridge and why my trophies were never in the case like hers were?” I could tell my mom was annoyed by the way she heavily sighed into the phone. “Teagan, did you ever think that maybe it was because you wanted your trophies in their own case in your room as decoration? And did you ever think because you just had to have yours framed and put on your walls?” UH OH Teagan brought the Italian and gangster out of my mom you could definitely tell in her voice. “Umm maybe not?” he questioned himself. Dumb nut. “Goodbye Teagan,″ she said before hanging up. He stormed towards the store acting like a five year old. “YEAH I WOULD FEEL STUPID TOO IF I WAS YOU.” I yelled before running towards him.


“Were here”he said coldly before getting out and slamming his door. I looked up to see that we were at an abandoned amusement park. “Wow!” I say it was beautiful, it looked like something out of a movie. I walked with the rest of the group and they had baskets and blankets in their hands. There were ten of us, only one set of us not being a couple and that was me and Ashlie. He also had a basket and blanket in his hand like all the guys I’m guessing his girlfriend was coming later than the rest of us. As we walked I saw a huge white screen that looked like it was set up like a bouncy castle but you couldn’t enter it. I felt a pair of strong arms softly land on my upper back. “You like it?” I hear Ashlie say. “I love it. It’s so beautiful. It’s like I’m in a movie but I pinched myself and realized I’m not.” I say in awe as I look around there were woods around it so it was quiet and peaceful. “Yeah it is, isn’t it.” I look up to see Ashlie staring at me and I turn my head a blush. I’m sure my face is as red as a cherry. I hear a chuckle ‘let’s just pretend he was talking about the view too.’ I say to myself. “Okay, get your blankets and baskets set up and let’s watch this movie” Teagan yells from the megaphone. Where did that even come from? “We are all having dinner together after this with some people I knew back home who moved here to catch up. YES YOU HAVE TO BE THERE CAT.” Does he not have anything better to do? “WHATEVER” I yelled into the megaphone when I snatched it from him. “I don’t have a blanket or a basket T so what am I supposed to do?” I ask throwing the megaphone behind me to only God knows where. “Umm I may or may not have forgotten your basket and blanket on the kitchen counter at home.” he says rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. “Of course leave it to Teagan to mess it up” I yell walking off. “My butt is gonna itch real bad by the end of this” I say, throwing my jacket on the ground and spreading it out. I look next to me and see that a few feet away Ashlie is setting up his stuff. “While watching the good burger losers.” where in the world did he find that at? I’ve seen that movie so many times. I feel myself being lifted up of the ground and thrown over someone’s shoulder. “Hey dude put me down.” I say to whoever it is. “Nice butt” I say laughing at myself when I realize I said that aloud. “Thanks” I hear the voice say before putting me down I almost fall over when I’m finally down from being so dizzy. “Whoa steady there tiger.” he says, grabbing my arms before I fall “rawer.” I say before laughing my vision comes back and I see Ashlie in front of me. I blush. I am so weird. Oh my gosh I really just said ‘rawer’ to him. He chuckles “ha ha so funny” I say sarcastically he laughs even harder. I sit down. “Oh that’s soft.” I say as soon as my butt hit the ground. “ I hope the 60 dollar throw is soft.” he says, still chuckling. “It wasn’t that funny.” I say crossing my arms and pouting like a five year old who couldn’t get a candy bar at the store. “You’re right, it was cute,” he says. He thinks I’m cute. I say to myself. “THE MOVIE SHALL BEGIN” Teagan yells.


“Ewww” I hear Ashlie say behind me. “ That’s nasty” I look up so see all the love birds being, well, love birds. I fake gag and he laughs. “You wanna get out of here too?” He asks “no I just wanna sit here and watch people cuddle and kiss all day.” I say sarcastically. “ Come on,” he says, grabbing the stuff “here take the keys and go get in the truck.” he says, passing me a set of keys. “ I’ll be there shortly.” he says walking towards the front. “ Okay I say before heading to his truck.” It was at the end of the road well it was more like a back road highway to get into the city of Destine. As I was almost to the truck two very familiar looking cars with Georgia tags so I probably know them but I couldn’t seem to put a finger on it. Oh my this is going to mess with my head until I figured it out. “You gonna get in or just stand there?” Ash said snapping me out of my thoughts. “Yeah I just saw two very familiar looking cars with my home state tags just trying to think of who it was.sorry!” I say hopping up in his truck. He mumbled something under his breath before shooting a text to someone and then we were off. Weird but okay. We rode the whole way back to town in a comfortable silence. We pulled up to some Italian seafood looking place. We sat there listening to music until the rest of the group pulled up. “Teagan.” I said getting out of the truck he rubbed his neck before looking down and responding. “Si” he already knows not to speak English right now if he doesn’t want to be embarrassed. “Come sceglieresti e un posto di pesce italiano quando sai che e la cosa preferita da cucinare di mamma?” I yelled mad he knows thats moms favorite thing to cook. “Mi dispiace.” he says, still rubbing his neck, he does that alot when he’s nervous or stressed. I slap him up the back of the head. “Ti dispiace? e questo che dirai quando lei lo scoprirà? Poi le spezzi il cuore e lei si arrabbia e inizia a schiaffeggiarti anche lei.” sometimes I wonder if he’s adopted. He acts like it. “What language are they speaking?” one random guy asked. “Well judging by she’s hitting him upside the head, he looks scared half to death, and she looks ready to kill. Either Spanish or Italian.” his friend beside him says. They weren’t even in our friend group, they just stood there. “Por favore non dirglielo” Teagan says with puppy dog eyes. “Whatever language it is it sounds hot.” the guy says his friend agrees. “Resisti” I hold my hand up at Teagan. “Is there something I can help you with?” I ask the turn to ask the two guys only to find out there’s five of them. “Calmati” I hear Teagan say behind me. “Umm yeah your number and some popcorn.” one guy says and the rest agree. They were all giving me weird vibes. “Dude my sister is a firecracker and her short string has already been lit, don’t make it worse.” Teagan says aggravated. “No, no I got this T.” I say before walking to the group of guys. “Jesus help us all.” Teagan says really loud. “What’s your name?” I ask the guy at the front. “Chad.” he says with a nasty smile. I point to the rest of the group “Dylan” “Todd” “Logan” “Jake” Yeah total frat boys.

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