Perfectly imperfect

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Chapter 5: It's not what it looks like I swear

"And there I fell asleep loving someone who never cared for me."

Ashlies POV:

“He I’m gonna go outside and get some fresh air,″ I whisper in my brother’s ear before heading out. As I was walking out the door I noticed she looked at me as I passed her. How could she? She’s had a boyfriend this whole time and to think I was actually gonna ask her out tonight to be my girlfriend. Ha stupid me one thing actually goes right in my life and it was to good to be true. I had just healed. JUST FREAKING HEALED. LIFE WAS JUST STARTING TO GO RIGHT. “NOOOOO” I shouted as I punched the brick wall. I hear a gasp I look over to see her face. “What never seen a broken guy with anger issues?” I ask. “Yeah. yeah I have actually.” She says stepping towards me more. “Yeah?” I ask. “Yeah I have been through some things with Teagan.” She says on the verge of tears. “You look beautiful even when you’re crying.” I mumble under my breath. “ I just came to tell you that’s not my boyfriend.” she says. “Oh yeah then what is he your friend.” I ask mad. “NO he’s my crazy ex. Not that it’s any of your business. He will always think I’m his. Because in his eyes when he cheated on me and was toxic and, and, and he was just a bad person to me in general.” she says bursting out crying. “I’m sorry.” she says her knees give out as she makes her way to the ground but I catch her by her waist. “I’m sorry.” she says crying into my chest “bad memories?” I ask. She nods, grabbing my shirt. I rub her back. “Shh, hey, it’s okay, I’m right here.” I’m rocking her back and forth to calm her. “I swear I would never lead you on Ash.” she says her teary eyes looking up into my name. “Hey listen we’re gonna get up your gonna dry your tears and fix yourself and where gonna walk back in the like we both own the place.” I say and she laughs. “Okay” she says smiling while getting up and fixing herself. “You ready,″ I say, holding my hand out. She smiles while nodding, taking my hand. “You’re sitting next to me and Booker and his date are gonna sit on the other side of you.” I say into her ear after we stepped into the restaurant I pulled her closer to me. She looks at me and nods. I walk up to Booker Cat still in hand I lean down and whisper into his ear. “Cat is sitting by me. I need you and your date to sit right next to her.” he nods knowing I’m asking for a reason. I see him lean over and tell his date to grab their stuff and move over. I continue to walk down to our set where there are 4 open spaces. I pull her in and put my arms around her neck and kiss the top of her head before saying. “All better babe.” she blushes before shoving her face into my chest and nodding. “What can I get you two love birds to drink?” a sweet looking middle age woman asked. “I’ll have a sprite and-” I look down to see her still blushing. I smile and look up. “And she’ll have iced water with lemon.” I knew that was her favorite when eating but she did drink other drinks too. She wrapped her arms around me, my arms were now around her back. I look around the room to see all the guys smiling at us and I just smile wider and shake my head at them. “Dude, that’s my little sister.” I hear Teagan yell from across the room jokingly. “Hey look at me Cat.” I say she shakes her head so I grab her chin lightly making her look at me. “I got a question for you.” I say looking her in the eyes. “And I may have an answer.” she says. “Will you be my girlfriend?” I ask. Well way to not sound like a little kid Ashlie. I say to myself. She smiles before kissing me. The whole team starts hooting and hollering. “MY SHIP.” Booker yells. “AWWW” I hear all the girls say. “Hey man why are you kissing my girl?” I look up to see her ex. “ I AM NOT YOUR GIRL.” she yells standing up. “Since when?” he asks as she walks around to him. He’s on the other side of the table so I hope he doesn’t try anything. I stand up ready at any moment. I look around to see Teagan stand up and run down by me. “I thought I made it clear when I told you it was over.” she says her fist balled “Your nothing but a hoe nobody’s ever gonna want you-” he says before we could think he takes her by her throat and slammed her against the wall behind them. “You’re a good for nothing sorry piece of crap you know that?” he asks before I see red and jump over the table grabbing him by his throat and slinging him across the restaurant. “Ashlie go help her, we got him.” Booker says grabbing him by his collar and dragging him outside. I nod and turn to her and I squat down while she is still trying to catch her breath. I grab her and pull her close to me. “I’m sorry I wasn’t fast enough” I say starting to cry. “Come on let’s get you outside for fresh air” I picked up her bridal style. nobody was at the table now. I walked her outside. Once outside I opened the bed of my truck and sat her on it. Teagan came up to us, grabbed his sister out of my arms and hugged her. “Thank you for reacting as quick as you did Ashlie.” he said I just nodded my head. “It’s fine, it just happened so fast.” I say “where is everyone at?” she looked up and asked me to point to the right of us. She looked up and saw his brother even kicking his butt she giggled. We all laughed when the girls pushed the guys out the way and started beating him. She stood up on the truck and yelled “OKAY. OKAY.” they didn’t stop to listen to her so she yelled louder. “ENOUGH.” she yelled and everyone went silent. “Let him rot in jail.” she said before sitting back down.


The police got our report and we ate our food at her house. They gave it to us to go. “You know I’m really grateful for you guys you didn’t have to do that for me tonight.” she said getting emotional so of course chain reaction the rest of the girls ended up getting emotional. “Cat this isn’t Georgia, but we protect each other no matter what and your one of us now.” Booker said we all ended up in a group hug Cat went up to bed earlier and we were all sitting around when Teagan spoke up. “I just want y’all to know that she doesn’t normally wear her heart on her sleeve and she’s always feisty but I want y’all to get used to her being tough and emotionless from now on because that’s my babysitter you gotta love it or leave it and she’ll have all of your backs even when you think the world is against you as long as she knows you’ll do the same and now she does.” he said. Well that was random but okay. “Oh and don’t think I’ve forgotten you Ashlie. You hurt my sister and I’m gonna kill you and they’ll never find your body.” he says and I nodd “can’t do anything but respect that.” I say.

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