Perfectly imperfect

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Chapter 6: Camp I said so pt.1

Catherine’s POV:

It’s been about a month now. Everything is going great. We’re on a break now from school for two weeks. It’s day three of the break and Teagan, Booker, Ashlie, and myself have been hanging out everyday since that day at the restaurant nothing big has happened since then beside me getting called rude things by girls for hanging out with just boys. Of course me and my smart mouth have put them in their place. Supposed to be going to some cabin in the woods for a week with mom, Ash and Booker’s parents, me and Teagan, my aunt and her family, and some other families and their kids we know from school something about spending quality time together. We are always hanging out with the team and their friends. Most of the things we do together you have to be invited too by someone on the team. Softball and baseball tryouts are soon so Ash and I agreed to help each other practice while on break when we get back. “Teagan Alessandro Espinoza stop making love to your car and come help us with the language like the gentleman I raised you to be before I get mad.” Mom said annoyed Tegan had been playing with his car for the past two days to make sure it looked perfect for the trip so he could and I quote ‘Show everyone how beautiful his baby is.” end quote. “Yes moma.” he said. “Butt kisser.” I say folding my arms over my chest scowling at him as he walked by. “Someones gotta be the favorite.” nobody outside the group knows about me and Ash yet. My phone rings and I answer it. “Are you coming? Please say your coming. I’m dying of boredom and Booker is literally pacing the lobby waiting for his bromance.” I hear. “Well hello to you too buttmunch i’m great. how about you?” I say sarcastically. “I’m sorry Hi darlin’” he says with his southern accent. I die everytime he says it, it’s just the way he says it. “Yes we are coming mom just got Teagan to stop making love to his car.” I say I hear him chuckle. “But I miss you,” he says in a tone like a seven year old would use to get a candy bar. For some reason he’s really clingy and throws temper tantrums when we are not together. I’m not complaining though.“You just saw me not even 12 hours ago.” I say laughing. “Listen here woman, I can’t help it. I am clingy and I have developed separation anxiety since I met you now. Give me that attitude one more time and I am going to take away your privilege to be beautiful.” he said, not being able to think of anything else. I giggled “Okay well I’m leaving now so I’ll see you when we get there.” I say before pausing uh oh I let it slip. “Wait Cathrine Elizabeth Espinoza. Are you seriously driving an hour and a half by yourself?” He asked if he hates it when I drive by myself. “No.” I say. “Are you lying to me?” he asked. Oh God why do I have to be so bad at lying? I ask myself. “Yeah.” I say. I can’t lie to save my life. “Why?” he asked. “Why what?” I ask pretending to be confused. “Why didn’t you tell me I could have rode with you so you wouldn’t be alone.” I could tell he was getting upset and worried but I could handle myself. “I can handle myself.” I say getting angry. “I’m not some helpless little girl anymore. I’ve taken self defence classes. I have a taser. I have two pretty big things of pepper spray not to mention I keep a pocket knife on me at all times. I don’t need anyone to defend me.” I say I’m driving out of the neighborhood. “ I know. I know. I’m sorry I just don’t wanna lose you when I just got you.” he says in a pouty tone. “ I don’t wanna lose you either.” I said feeling guilty for getting offended when he was just concerned. “ I’m sorry for getting offended. It’s just that all my life everybody has seen me as some helpless little girl and I don’t like being seen that way.” I say getting in my truck. “ It’s fine I’m sorry if it made you feel that way. But can I at least stay on the phone with you the whole time?” he asked. “Yes.” I say. “Put your phone on speaker and put it on the holder.” he says. I did as he said. “Okay.” I said. “Now” he said before facing me. “You did all that so you could facetime me.” I said once I answered laughing, shaking my head. “Yeah.” he said. “So who all is there?” I asked, pulling out of my driveway. “Half of the people that are supposed to show up.” he said. “I honestly can’t believe everybody’s parents agreed to this.” I said focusing on the road. “Me either. It’s just like ever since you and Teagan got here our parents let us do more now.” he said in a serious tone. “ Yeah our Mom has definitely slacked on us some since we moved.” I look at my gas light to see if I need to fill up on gas before I get on the highway and I definitely will have too before I get there. “ I’m just not looking forward to when we have summer break because we have to stay with him the whole month of june.” I say. “I will protest or go with you but I refuse to live a whole month without you.” he said in a pouty tone. “Aww, poor baby you’re gonna die from separation from your girlfriend.” I say in a tone as if I’m talking to a baby. I laugh at how much of a big baby he is. “That’s not fair.” he says in an even potter tone. “Life isn’t fair hon.” I say laughing. I’m about 30 minutes away and I need gas. We’ve been talking the whole way. “ I gotta get gas.” I say. “Okay I’ll be right back I gotta go pay for gas and I’m thirsty.” I say to him and as I’m getting out of the truck I hear him yell at the phone. “ NO. Take me with you.” he says. “Okay.okay calm down.” I say giggling. “It’s not funny.” he pouts “okay stop pouting or I’m gonna put you in my pocket until I get there.” I say and he straightens up. I giggle. “You need a nap sir.” I said. “I will sleep when you are here, with me in my arms.” he says. “Are your parents there?” I ask, realizing I have to meet his parents. “Yes yes they are.” he says. “What do I want to drink?” I ask myself out loud. “Woah somebody find me a glass cause I just found myself a tall drink of water.” he says it in such a silly tone it has me in tears laughing. “Oh my gosh stop.” I say laughing. “Wait, actually I want a Blue power ad can you get me one? I’ll give you the money when you get here.” He asked. “Yeah.” I say. “Hey Cat.” I look at my phone to see Booker took Ash’s phone. “Hi Booker.” I say. “I heard you were getting something to drink can you get me a root beer and I’ll pay you back.” He says. “Yes.” I say. “Thanks. Oh and a slim jim?” he asked. “Yes” I say he hands the phone back to his brother. I laugh at the expression on his face. “Is somebody jealous?” I ask in a teasing tone. “Your mine.” he says, poking his lips out pouting. “Are you pouting.” I ask in a teasing tone again. “No.” he says and his normal face comes back. “Did you want a snack too?” I ask and he nods his arms still crossed over his chest. “What do you want, baby?” I ask. He’s so adorable when he pouts. “Slim jim.” he says. It was cheaper to grab a four pack of the jumbo ones so I grabbed them. I love them as a snack. So they’ll get eaten. “Okay.” I say heading to check out. I set my stuff on the counter. “Can I also get fifty on pump seven?” I say to the man behind the counter he nods scanning the stuff I take my card out of my pocket. “Your total is $70.65.” he says I insert my card and put in the pin. “Thank you, have a great day.” he says handing me my reseat. “Thank you. You too.” I say grabbing my stuff. “Okay I gotta put you in the truck while I pump gas.” I say and he responds with a sad okay. After I get back in the truck I buckle up and set him in the holder. “It took you five minutes and eight seconds to pump your gas exactly.” he says. “You timed me?” I ask smiling. “What? I just can’t wait for you to get her so I can hug you.” he says. “Okay I’m back on the road.” I tell him. My phone is on twenty percent so I plug it up with one hand. “My parents are still on the other side of the room finishing their work.” Ashlie says. “What do your parents do?” I ask. “My dad owns a huge arkitect company. And my mom is a big real estate agent. She sells business buildings and huge houses.” he says. “Hmm, I’m impressed.” I say nodding. “What do your parents do?” he asked. “Well Kevin is a lawyer for big shot people he graduated from Harvered law school so he gets a job anywhere he wants too. My Mother designs and decorates houses.” I say. “Harvard? So he’s really smart?” He asked. I laugh. “Funny. No that man’s family paid for him to get in if he had brains he wouldn’t have cheated on my mom and got the girl pregnant at 50 years old.” I say he laughs too. We talk some more and I’m about ten minutes away when my mom messages me and tells me that Jessica just got off work and is heading home that they’ll be leaving in thirty minutes. When I’m about 5 minutes away Ash says. “Only ten more minutes and I get to see my baby.” he says excitedly. I might have told him I was farther than I was so he doesn’t know I’m there. Luckily Teagan put the luggage in his car he’s already left and he’s an hour behind me though. “My phone is almost dead, can I just go the rest of the way by myself?” I questioned. “I guess.” he said sadly. “Okay be careful I’ll see you when you get here.” he says. “I will bye.” I hung up and my phone was fully charged by now but I’m pulling into the parking lot. I grab my wallet keys phone and the bag of stuff. I get out and I lock the door with my key so it doesn’t make any noise. I’m wearing black nike shorts with a black california cropped T-shirt with balck nike shoes and white nike socks and a black nike hat my hair was down and I had a little bit of chapstick on because my lips were chapped. As I walked in the door I noticed that Ash was facing with his back against the door talking to Booker who looked at Ash then at me I put my finger on my lip shaking my head. I set my stuff down on the table behind me not making any noise luckie the bag was paper so it didn’t crinkle like plastic. I grabbed what they asked for. I had Booker’s in one hand and Ash’s in the other. They were still talking and I snuck up behind him kissing him on the cheek passing them their stuff. “ Hey baby.” I said and he jumped up and ran around the couch picking me up like I weighed nothing and spinning me in the air. “ babydoll.” he said. Not my favorite nickname but I’ll take it. “Put me down you mad man we are inside.” I say giggling. “Hey Cat” Booker said side hugging me once Ash finally put me down I laughed before saying “hi Booker.” I felt someone pull me to them. I looked up to see one of the guys we are close to on the football team side hugging me. “Oh my gosh. Hi Carter, how have you been?” I hadn’t seen him in a week and a half. He answered with good. I had grown close to him too. Soon enough I was getting hugs from the whole team. “Okay. okay. Let’s not play hug around with my girlfriend.” Ashlie shouted and I giggled as the whole team laughed at his protectiveness. He pulled me to him. In a hug and we stayed there for a minute. He kissed the top of my head before letting me go. I grabbed my stuff and sat by him leaning my head on his chest. “Where is Teagan?” Booker asked. “On his way here.” I said looking down at my phone. “Why couldn’t you two get here at the same time?” he asked. “Why are you so ancus for me and my brother to be together at the same time?” I ask looking up at him. He had a look on his face like he had some very bad news. ‘Try not to worry Cat I’m sure it’s fine.’ I tell myself. “Because I have to tell you two something well, more like you actually. He already knows.” he says with a worried tone he looked nervous. Wait. Rubbing hands on shorts. Tapping feet against the floor really fast. Not making eye contact. He was hiding something from me he knew was gonna make me mad. ‘I don’t need to act rude about it. Just stay calm’ I tell myself. I look down at my phone. “So are you gonna tell me or just stand there looking like a serial killer is behind me with an ax?” I ask calmly. A little too calmly. “Okay.” he says before I hear him sitting down in the chair in front of us. “Okay?” I ask. “Don’t get mad but-” he says tragging the ‘but’ on for a couple of seconds. He takes a deep breath before saying, “AshliesexisbackintownandourmomkindadoesntknowaboutyousosheinvitedherbecauseAshliehaskindabeensinglesincesheleftbecausehekindahastrustissuesbecauseshekindawasreallytoxicandchaetedonhimbutourmomalsodoesn’tknowthatbutthenshemovedbecausehedumpedherinfrontofthewholeschoolbutnowshesbackfortherestoftheyearbutshesgoingtotheprivateschooldownthestreet.” he says really really fast so I don’t hear him. But I do because my grandpa mumbles and my grandma talks really fast so I’m used to it. He took like seven breaths between the whole thing but he was still out of breath. I get up and sit on the arm of the chair next to him. “Okay breathe buddy.” I say. But I’m fixing to play dumb so he has to say it again. I pass him his drink rubbing his back. Once he catches his breath his girlfriend Saylor see’s us and comes over with a concerned look on her face. “Why are you rubbing his back? What happened?” she asks, leaning to him she’s not short but she’s not tall either she’s about five foot six tall she’s so sweet and pretty too we have become really close too they have been dating for two and a half years now. “Well your boyfriend here decided he was gonna speed talk to tell me something and he said a lot and when he was done he was out of breath a little so I was trying to calm him down some.” I said. “Why are you nervous?” she asked him cupping his face. “ she’s back in town.” was all he said before she let go of his face and stood up looking at all of us. “Tell her exactly what you said slower this time.” she said. “I’ll be right back.” she walked off to the group of girls that were already here and they gasped before talking to each other in a low tone before she came back. “Go on tell her.” she said crossing her arms she looked angry. “Okay. Ashlie has and ex her name Ella she’s back in town and well our mom doesn’t know about you yet and you see she kinda invited her here because Ash over there dumped her in front of the whole school a about a year ago and hasn’t dated anyone since because she was really toxic and she cheated on him but our mom also doesn’t know that and so she still loves her to death but anyway after they broke up she was so embarrassed she moved to another city far from here and now she’s back and our mm found out and invited her on the trip and so she’s coming today but she’s gonna want him back and she’s the spawn of satan so she’s gonna be mean but don’t worry her parents know what happened and sent her to private school until she goes to college so she won’t be going to school with us.” he says explaining it better this time. “Okay?” I ask calmly. “We just thought we would warn you so you know.” he said. I nodded and looked at Ashlie who looked like he just lost someone really important like he was legit fixing to cry he saw me looking at him and looked down at his lap. I walked over to him and squatted down in front of him before lifting my chin to look at me. I leaned forward before kissing him on his head then both of his cheeks and finally the tip of his nose he smiled softly. I stood in front of him before pulling him so he is leaning on my stomach. He wouldn’t look at me. “Baby look at me.” I said softly he didn’t but he did say. “I’m sorry.” I played with his hair for a second giving him time to calm down. He is never emotional, just clingy but I liked that because I loved spending time with him. “Baby please look at me.” I say with a pouty tone he didn’t even have his arms around me so I was worried he was going to break up with me. He didn’t look at me this time either. I kiss the top of his head again a couple of times before leaning up playing with his hair. “Baby you don’t have to look at me” I said before pausing “but can you at least tell me what’s wrong?” I asked. He didn’t look at me but he spoke. “Please don’t break up with me. I swear I didn’t know until she already did it. Please baby. I don’t wanna lose you.” he says before wrapping his arms around my back leaning against me. I sighed in relief. I was still playing with his hair. “Aww, baby I’m not gonna leave because of that. As long as you don’t cheat on me with her I won’t leave you. You didn’t do anything wrong baby.” I say before grabbing his chin to look at me he looks me in the eyes and I smile softly at him he smiles back a single tear rolls down his cheek. I wipe away the tears. I lean down and kiss under both of his eyes. His smile gets wider. I lean back up and rub my thumbs over his cheeks softly. He pulls me tighter to him and hugs me rubbing his face on my stomach. I giggle hugging him back. “It’s gonna be okay baby we’re gonna be fine. Okay?” I say he looks up at me and nods “my ship” I hear a couple of people we know, one being Booker, say softly behind us. Me and him laugh lightly before shaking our heads. He pulls me down and takes my hat off putting it back on backwards before kissing me softly on the lips. We both pull back smiling. He takes my hat off completely and puts it next to him. I sit down and he leans his head, wrapping one arm around me from behind. “Just make yourself comfortable then.” I say jokingly to him he chuckles I lean down and kiss his head and I run my hands through his hair. “Y’all are so cute together.” Saylor says in awwe at us. “Thanks.” we say at the same time. “Jinx you owe me a kiss.” he says. “It’s coke you silly goose.” I say playfully he chuckles “not when your girlfriend is this adorable cute.” he says jestering to me with his free hand and I blush. I’m sure I look like a cherry. I try to hide my face in my hands but he captures my hands before I can hide and kisses me on the cheek. “Don’t hide it, you look cute when you blush.” he says with a chuckle. I just shake my head. My phone rings and before I have the time to reach and answer Ash lets go of my hands and answers it for me. “Hello.” he says, putting it to his ear. “ and who is this?” he says before putting it on speaker. “Hoe don’t play dumb with me I am not the one you know who I am Ashlie.” Teagan says and we all laugh. “Hello.” I say. “Hey I just called to ask if you could get the caben key for the three rooms where we are staying in so I can put the luggage in there I’m pulling in now.” he asked. “Yeah hold on.” I say snatching my phone from Ash and going to the front counter. “What can I help you with?” the guy who looks like he’s in his early 20’s says. “Yes can I get the keys for the Espinoza and Sullivan cabins please?” I ask. “Yes one moment please.” he says before walking to the back and coming back with keys. “Here you go.” he says smiling. “Is there anything else I can help you with?” he asked. “No thank you that was all.” I say before walking outside to Teagans car. Ash is right on my tail too. “Here.” I say handing them over before walking back to the door. “No I don’t need help thanks anyway though.” he says sarcastically. “You got this big boy.” I say with my famous evil grin. “I’ll help” Ash says.

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