Perfectly imperfect

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Chapter 6: camp I said so pt.2

Catherine’s POV:

I walk back inside there’s a girl sitting in my spot I haven’t seen before. So I walk up and grab mine and Ashlie’s stuff. She looks up from her phone. She’s wearing a mini skirt and a cropped blouse they both looked way too tight and she was wearing really high heels too. Okay. as I pick up the last bottle off the table she speaks up “can I get sparkling water please?” she asked me. I didn’t know she was talking to me so I continued putting the stuff in the bag I had in my hand. “Excuse me.” she says I look over at her but there’s no one around but me and her. I don’t know what to say. “Hello? Where is your manager? Are you deaf and mute or something?” she asks with a scoff. rude. “No, I don’t work here.” I say nice and calmly. She giggles. “With that cheap ugly look I would be applying if I were you.” she says. Rude. but I stay calm. I grab my wallet and start to walk off. “The reception counter is the other way, poor girl.” she says loudly everybody stops talking. I hear three ugly giggles behind me. “I wasn’t going to apply.” I say I turn around before I continue. “But edicate school is not anywhere near here so I think you’re the one who’s lost.” I say I see two more girls next to her dressed the same way. “Watch who you’re talking to. Do you know who I am? Obviously not. because you wouldn’t be talking to me that way if you did.” she says. With a sly smirk picking at her ugly red nails. “Honey probably not a lot of people know who you are. And you’re on a camp ground not a modeling shoot for people who wear way too much makeup that’s not even there shade and perfume. And even if I did know who you are I would talk to you the same way because in my book you show respect to get respect.” I say before walking off as I almost to the door Ash walks in not paying attention talking to Teagan. “Jesus what did they pack that luggage the house itself forget lifting weights just lift there luggage.” Ash says. They both laugh before paying attention. He notices the silence. My group of girls walked to me to stop me from leaving. “Why is it silent?” he asks as he’s looking around. “Because I had to call one of the waiters out she was so rude babe she even pretended not to work with her.” the girl said she must be Ella then. “Wears my sister at?” Teagan asks before Ash can speak up. “Qui” I say, raising my hand in the air. They both look over. “Stova per tornare a casa.” I say. Teagan raisis an eyebrow. “Perché?” he asked. “Perche il mio turno e finito.” I say sarcastically. “What do you mean?” he says in English. “Non parlo inglese in questo momento.” I say. His jaw tightened. “Who made you mad Cat?” he asked and when I didn’t answer. “Sorry. Che ti ha fatto impazzire Gatto?” he asked. He had now spiked Ash’s attention. “Quella zappa propio li.” I said pointing to Ella who was walking to Ash. “Oh my gosh there she is.” she said pointing to me “there’s the server who acted like she didn’t know me babe have fired now.” she said angry leaning on his shoulder he tried to move back but she grabbed his arm. “NON SONO UN SERVO.” I yelled balling my fist tighter. “You know it’s rude to speak in another language when dealing with a customer.” she says. “It’s also rude to touch what’s not yours when they don’t want you anyway.” I say folding my arms over my chest. “Umm it is but he’s my boyfriend.” she says Teagan looks over his shoulder to see her clawing at Ash’s elbow. “Oh really?” I said with a smirk playing along. Ash looks up and smiles knowing what I’m doing Teagan looks like he’s ready to kill Ash. “yeah. Right babe?” she says looking at him. “Yeah Babe is this true?” I ask sarcastically looking at Ash still trying to get out of her grip. “Yeah Ashlie? You were cheating on my baby sister?” Teagan says balling his fist up. “Yeah Ash?” Booker asked playfully. “No baby it’s not true.” he says smiling at me. “Wait, you’ve been cheating on me for a year?” she asks, confused. “No you stupid toxic cheating hoe I haven’t I dumped you infront of everyone. Don’t play dumb.” he say now livid he finally gets her claws out of his skin and comes over to me. He kisses me on top of the head and pulls me by my waist to him. “Your dating a servant?” she asked in disgust. “She doesn’t work at all actually and you’re actually much poorer than she is. She just doesn’t like rubbing it in peoples faces.” he says before kissing me on the lips. “You can go home, nobody wants you here.” Booker says and she has a little fit before walking out the door the girls following her. “Please don’t go home baby.” Ash says putting his chin on my shoulder. “I’m not anymore.” I say smiling. Holding his arms that were wrapped around my neck but not in a bad way more like a no harm playful way. “Ashlie come here I gotta tell you something.” Ashlie kisses the top of my head before walking over to Teagan. I watch as Teagan leans over and whispers into Ashlie’s ear. His eyes were the size of salsers at what Teagan said but backing away Teagan’s expression was cold. I walked over to him and slapped him upside the head with a loud smack he flinched before grabbing the back of his head. “Oww.” he said. “Teagan rilassati, spaventerai il povero ragazzo. Ora chiedi scusa.” Tegan turns and looks at me before crossing his arms over his chest. “I will not apologize for what I said.” play brave then Teagan. “You test my patients. No?” I say smacking him again, everyone giggles, he bows his head. It’s a thing the men in my family do as a silent way of saying you are right and I’m sorry. But I would if I were them because Italian women definitely wear the pants and take no disrespect not to minton were a bit crazy too. “No sorella mi dispiace.” he says. “No don’t tell me, tell him.” I say pointing to Ashlie who looked like he was mentally taking notes on what makes me mad. He looks up to Ashlie. Before signing heavily. “I am sorry.” he says “for what?” I ask smacking him once again. “I’m sorry for saying that if you ever kiss or touch my sister again that I would pull all your teeth out, cut your tongue off chop your arms off and then chop your male part off.” he says before smiling apologetically at me. But I know he’s not. “Partire. Adesso.” I say pushing Teagan through the lobby. He stumbles until we’re at the door until our mother, aunt, and her two boys walk in. “Miele No.” mom says, grabbing Teagan from me but then I notice my favorite freaking cousin in the whole wide world and run jumping to his arms he chuckles before catching me. He’s gay he’s literally the best you couldn’t tell he’s gay because he would be the male one in the relationship. He’s my age but he lives with his dad who lives on the Alabama Florida line. I heard a deep low growl. Weird there are no animals in the building and it isn’t until I’m being pulled by my cousin and whoever is snatching me from behind I let my cousin go. “Explain now.” I hear Ashlie demand still holding me. He’s put me on my feet now though. Then it clicked he doesn’t know about Landon “oh uh uh, you explain yo self fool and tell me why you snatched my bestie from me.” and there goes the gay in Landon he acts like a female sometimes swaying his hips tossing his hands. He even dresses like one sometimes but I will give him credit. He can do makeup and style outfits really good. “Bestie? I’ve never even seen you around her before.” he says, still not convinced. “Ashlie. Baby. This is my cousin/best friend. And Land this is Ashlie, my really protective boyfriend.” Landon looks him up and down. “You really hit jackpot sis what waters did you get him from cause I need to sprinkle gay fish food in the water and go fishing.” I laugh. He’s always so funny. “Umm, I caught him because of cinnamon and Teagan actually.” I say his eyes go wide. “Who in the world had cinnamon yall trying to kill my cousin and I just got her back.” he’s so extra. “Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt yall you just seemed so excited to see him so I didn’t think he was family.” Ashlie says rubbing the back of his neck I hug him. “It’s fine.” I say. “Surprise.” my aunt says opening her arms to me I hug her and smile. “Okay everyone is here.” Booker says holding a clipboard. “Hi Teagans mom and aunt.” Booker waves his hand before I hear Landon whisper in my ear. “Is he by any chance gay.” he ask and I laugh Booker looks at my before touching his face. “Is there something on my face?” he asks me. I shake my head and giggle. “No he’s not.” I say and Land frowns “dang” he says. “Okay well let’s get this party started, parents included.” I say holding Ashlie’s hand as I pull him to the door. “Who said parents had to?” one of the parents asked. Smart mouth me smiled in my head. “Camp I said so. That’s who.” I said walking into the hot sun. “The first thing on the list is lunch then swimming so get in your rooms get dressed and we will meet back here in 20 minutes.” Booker said everyone agreed. “Can I have the keys to my room?” I asked Teagan he handed them over and started walking to the cabin looking room it was room 251 ‘bad luck much’ I thought to myself. It took about 5 minutes to walk there because the stairs to it start in building number 5. It was like a maze getting there honestly. I knew I had a roommate. I hope it’s my cousin Landon. I heard someone following me and I turned to see Ashlie. He was heading to the same place as me. “What room did you get angel?” he asked, walking next to me. “With my luck you’ll never believe it.” I said and I saw him frown. “What do you mean your luck? Do you not like your room? because I can get you another one.” God how did I get so lucky with this one? He’s so sweet and caring. “No it’s fine. I’m fine with the room it’s just I got room 251 you know like the horror movies if there’s a room number it’s gonna be room 251 that’s all.” I said. I’m grateful for whatever I get. I’ve never been an ungrateful person. “Well I got room number 250 so if anything happens I’m right next door and I know you always have a decent sized sharp pocket knife and pepper spray on you most of the time just like your jewelry that you wear you never take it off unless you’re scared it will get ruined or lost because there so precious to you so you keep them close like the golden chain around your neck that has a cross and a pepper looking charm around it you wear it because your grandpa gave it to you the christmas you were 14 and someone stole the other golden necklace you wore and those metal bracelets you wear on your wrist one’s from your dad’s side and it has your first initial on it it’s in the shape of a heart it symbols that side of your family and the flat one with engraved arrows at the end of each side comes from your moms side.” he said. He listens to me. I think I have just fallen in love with him for that. He pays attention to every little thing I tell him. I stop. he stops too once he notices I stopped. “Did I say something wrong?” he asked with a worried expression. “No,no. You didn’t. Y-y-you paid a-attention when I told you that?” I asked as welts of tears gathered in my green eyes. He came closer gently, whipping the unshed tear from my face. “I’m sorry was I not supposed to?” he asked with a confused expression. All my life people have muted out what I was saying unless it benefited them and they would bluntly tell me that. “You are, it’s just. I don’t know. I- . . .” I say looking down he lifts my chin up rubbing his thumb softly over my cheek. “It’s just what?” he asked. “Nobody has ever really taken me seriously if it didn’t benefit them, they just muted out what I said. But you, you actually listened to what I was saying to you. I guess I just feel like someone who’s not family actually cares to hear what I have to say or include me. When I was growing up I had trouble making friends with the right people and as I get older it’s the same if I’m not hanging out with Teagan or Landon then I just, all by myself.” I smiled. “I’m not like that. You’re very beautiful on the inside and out and I really, really want to get to know you the best I can because I do care. I care about what you want to do or what you have to say and anyone who doesn’t is crazy to be honest.” I smile and hug him. “Was I interrupting something here.” one we separate to see one of the players brother standing there with luggage fit to move. He was in my history class and he was kinda creepy. “No man just gives my girlfriend a huge that’s all.” Ash said pulling me close to him I could sense that something wasn’t right between these two. The guy gave him a tight smile. “Well excuse me I need to get in my room please.” he says and I realize we are near our assigned rooms. They were the last ones on the top floor. “Well I need to go get change text me when you’re done changing and stuff so I can come to your room to hang until it’s time to head back down.” Ash said before unlocking his room and head in mine. Once I walk in it smells like someone sprayed a whole bottle of cologne. I cough and walk in there were two beds, one nightstand, a desk and a couch my luggage was sitting on the one farthest from the door. I don’t like that at all. I see the guy from the hallway unpacking his house on the other bed. Okay. oh well. Just don’t turn my back to him and sleep with my knife on me. “Your dating Ashlie Lambert.” he stated in a weird tone. I’m not normally like this with quiet kids. Like I’m normally their friend that’s just where my hippie soul fits in best. But I got bad vibes off of him. Something wasn’t right at all. “Yeah I am.” I say walking to my bed. “Tissue?” he asks shyly, holding out a whole unopened box of tissues. “No thank you.” I say unzipping my suitcase. He nods putting them on the nightstand next to the ones that are provided. “Thank you though it was a nice offer.” I say and he lightens up. His head was no longer hanging low, he seemed less tense. And then it hit me he wasn’t weird he was shy and kept to himself. “Your friends with my brother.” he states I smile and nod. “Yes I am. I’m Catharine but you can call me Cat. That’s what my friends call me. I don’t know if you recognize me but I’m in your History and Math class. And can I just say you’re so smart it blows my mind like how can someone know that much information.” I said. He was a genius. “Thanks I guess. And yes I know you. your legit all my gaming friends from school talk about. How you’re so nice and pretty and you’re actually really smart yourself.” he says and I blush. People talk about me? “Well I’m gonna go get dressed-” I paused forgetting his name. “Charlie.” he says with a chuckle. “Right Charlie. I’m so sorry I’m terrible with names.” I say with a giggle. “No problem.” I nod grabbing my black strapless bathing suit with my black bottoms. I take my shoes, sock, and hat off. Before going into the bathroom to change. Once I’m changed I realise I forgot my cover in my suitcase so I go back out and he’s on the phone once he sees me he hangs up. “Please excuse my bareness. I forgot my bathing suit cover.” I hate when I’m not by water with no cover on. It’s rude. “your fine. I was just asking my friends if they wanted to hang out before we meet up for lunch.” he says. “Oh well they’re free to come up here if they want it won’t bother me.” I say. He looks down and sees my knife and pepper spray. “Do I scare you that much?” he nods to my hand. I look down and back up realizing what I have in my hand. “Oh no I travelled here on my own it was just for protection.” I say he nods. “So are they coming up?” I ask once I have my sundress on. “Yeah only three of them though the others are hanging with family.” he says before grabbing some clothes he went in the bathroom and came out wearing flamingo swim shorts and a plain white T-shirt. “I love your bottoms. I have a bathing suit with the same pattern and I even think I brought it.” I say with a laugh. He laughs. “Twins.” he says in a playful tone. I reach in my suitcase and grab the bathing suit and go into the bathroom to change it once I’m out he’s sitting on his bed. “Twins.” I say laughing. I hand the matching cover up to it on. He laughs before shaking his head. “You’re crazy, aren’t you?” he said. I smile. “I couldn’t leave you hanging Lee.” I said and he paused. “Lee?” he asked. “Oh I’m sorry i give everyone a nickname if you don’t like it I won’t call you it.” I say and he shakes his head. “It’s fine nobody’s ever called me Lee before.” he said I smile. “There’s a first for everything Lee.” I say smiling. There was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it.” I say I answer it to see three random boys. “Can I help you boys?” I ask if they all freeze from laughing. “Yeah. Charlie here?” one asked rudely. “Yes he is. You can come in.” I say. “Charlie I thought you were getting a room with a guy not the snobby stuck up witch of the school.” the rude boy with brown hair says. Ouch. “she’s not mean she’s actually really nice,” he says back. “Yeah right you can’t be pretty on the inside and out. And she’s rich. And pretty on the outside. Figure it out man.” the dude says I walk to my bed and grab my stuff. “Well I’ll leave you boys to chat. I’m obviously not welcome here. I’ll see you later Charlie enjoy the rest of your chat.” I say walking to the front door. People really see me that way because my parents make good money and I’m the sister of the new football star? “Wait you don’t have to go, it’s your room too. He can just be a little uptight.” Lee says standing up. “It’s fine I’m sure I’ll find something else to do. Or wait at the spot for lunch.” I say opening the door. I turn around one last time and look at the rude boy. “I’m really sorry you think of me that way.” and then walk out. I knock on Ash’s door and he opens it. “Hey.” I say. “Hey, umm, the boys came and wanted to play the game so I was wondering if we could hang later maybe?” He says not opening the door all the way. “Yeah that’s fine.” well I guess I’m on my own again like always. Nice. “I’ll see you later then?” he asked. I nod and walk back to my room. I unlock the door and grab my truck keys and wallet. “Sorry I was just gonna leave for a while I’ll be back by midnight.” I say. not that anyone cares. They nod as I grab a change of clothes too. “Bye.” I say closing my room door. I walk to the lobby and change into my change of clothes before I walk to my truck as I’m pulling out of the place I see Ash is trying to call me I turn my phone off. I start crying for no reason. I don’t know why I feel so unwanted. But that’s how people used to treat me 24/7 I guess it just brought up old feelings. I don’t know where I’m going but away from here is all I need. I turn the radio on and keep driving. I turn it up loud to drown out the noise of my own sobs. I had been driving for an hour or so and it was starting to get dark out. I hadn’t kept up with the time. I grabbed my phone and turned it on. I was parked at some gas station. I knew I wasn’t going to eat tonight so I didn’t need food. I just couldn’t eat when I was crying or sad. I looked at my phone to see a number I didn’t know sent me a message. I opened it up to see a picture of Ashlie and Ella kissing. It didn’t bother me until I saw the clothes that they were wearing were from today and they were in one of the cabin rooms she was laying on top of him and he, he was holding her waist. His eyes were closed. “Why does my life have to be so full of drama?” I ask myself aloud I looked at the phone again no message just a picture. I look at the time it had been more than a few hours. I left at 12 it was now 6. I have 6 more hours until my curfew is here. I missed a call from my mom. She massaged me to check in with her so she could know if I was okay. I called it ringed once. “Hey honey are you okay? You left all the sudden. I was just worried your dad called.” she said. “I’m fine no he didn’t I just didn’t feel like doing the activities.” I lied at the end to keep her from chasing me. I just needed some time alone right now. “Are you okay? Have you been crying?” she asked. “No ma’am I think it’s just my allergies.” I say. “Yeah you sound stuffy. Just come take some allergy medicine when you get back. okay? ” she asked. “Yes ma’am.” I say. She sighed. “Okay sweetie. I love you. be safe and be back by 12. She says. “I love you too. Bye mom.” I say trying not to cry. “Bye.” she says before the line went dead. I knew she knew why I left. She was trying to give me space and time first. I started crying again. I blocked the unknown number I blocked Ashlie. And for the time being I blocked Booker so Ashlie wouldn’t call me from his phone. I was thirsty and I had not eaten much today so I was gonna force myself to eat so I wouldn’t pass out. I didn’t know what I was gonna do until 12 but I couldn’t go back until then. I looked up places to eat near me and found a Sonic that was 30 minutes away. I realised I was in the middle in the state of Alabama so I would eat and have to drive back. I would be 30 minutes late so I messaged mom and told her she said okay. She asked me if I needed money to which I replied no ma’am. My favorite song came on so I turned it up all the way. I was five minutes away from Sonic. Bad choice even with the windows all the way up. I had turned it all the way down looking for it when I heard sirens. Police sirens. God help me. I pulled over and pulled over on the side of the road. I grab all the stuff I need. “Ma’am do you know why I pulled you over today?” I had my window rolled down all the way I handed him my papers and .I.D. “No sir, but I know I’m not getting out of it though.” I was not in the mood today. “Okay then.” he snatched the papers from my hand and walked off. I needed to call Teagan now. My phone was connected to the truck so when i called anyone in the truck could hear you it ring a while and I was about to hang up when he answered. “Hello?” he asked “hey I said my voice was weird because I was still calming down from crying. “Hey Teagan.” I said, still sobbing. “Cat is that you?” he asked. “Yeah T. I just called to say I got pulled over.” I started crying. “Hey, hey Cat it’s okay, calm down.” he said softly. I got really nervous around the police because nothing good has ever come from then anytime I need them. “Are you going to jail? Do we need to come get you yet what did they pull you over for?” he asked. “I don’t even know what he pulled me over for yet. So no T I don’t know if I’m going to jail yet.” I said he sighed. “So why are you crying? Did someone do something to you? Are you okay Cat you don’t sound okay.” he asked. “Yeah I just thought I’d let you kn-” I hear something in the background. “Is that Cat?” I hear, uh oh, Ash. “Yeah man she just got pulled over.” he says. “Let me see the phone, put it on speaker I wanna speak to her.” I hear movement. “Hey Bab-”. I couldn’t. I just hung up in his face and turned my phone on silent. “You need to sign this please.” The man said after 20 minutes went by he came back to my truck. I signed. He handed me back my stuff and said. “You have a nice night ma’am.” I just nod. After I pulled off a grabbed food and headed back to Florida. I saw an Incoming call from an unknown number. “Hello?” I said. “Why did you hang up in my fa-” nope. No. I just hung up and threw my phone in the passenger seat. I turned the radio back on until I was pulling in the parking lot of the campground. It was silent but I could see a campfire going from a distance. I loved camp fires. I could hear the rocks under my tires as I parked in a clear space. A pink jeep was in the one I was in earlier so I parked next to it. I knew everyone was at the campfire but I needed to give mom the 3 tickets. I still didn’t know what they were. I decided to go up to my room and eat first because I felt a little dizzy now. Once I was done eating I changed into a pair of baggy sweatpants and a huge huddie I stole from Teagan. I put my hair in a bun and a pair of glasses. I had actually been right on time only because I speed a little to keep from getting hit by the crazy people of Florida. I walked the half mile to the clear space where the campfire was. It was a little chilly. I looked like crap but who did I have to Impress anymore? I saw Ella hanging on Ashlie first. I was not going to cry in front of them. I saw mom and Teagan next to them with the rest of the group. I walked up to mom and Tegan with confidence and a smile. It was fake but better than crying. I was also not gonna look at them. I wouldn’t pay them any attention. “Hey Ma. Hey T. Hey guys.” I said. Not looking at Ella or Ash. “Umm, Ma.” I said grabbing her attention. “Yes sweetie?” she asked. I took a deep breath. “Sono stato fermato e mi hanno scritto tre biglietti.” she gasped. “Let me see them.” She holds her hand out and I give her the tiket. “This must be some sick prank none of these are true.” she says after looking over them. “What do you mean?” I asked “you got pulled over for being and I quote ‘for being dropped dead gorgeous and not having a man with you.’ their personal number and social is on one. And on the other one is a date, time, and address. For a date it looks like.”she says in interest. “Was he cute honey?” she asked. “Yeah he looked fresh outta high school and he was covered in ink and it was neat. He was actually just my type.” I say in all honesty. “What if he’s one of those high school kids in that youth cop in training. You know they started in Alabama at the beginning of the year it’s like the Military program they got.” Teagan said. He was right. “I’ll message him later then.” I say with a nod. Mom smiles. “Well I’m gonna go to my room and massage him to see.” I say my goodbyes and head off to my room. Once in my room I realise I forgot my snacks so I gotta go to the store I grab my keys, wallet, and phone. And head to my truck.

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