The butler did do it ( just wait till the end)

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Suspense drives this book with a little touch of humor and slice of life. It follows the investigations of the murder of a very prestigious man, will the culprit be caught.

Humor / Mystery
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Chapter 1

It was dark and gloomy in the Lanchester mansion and pouring kitties and puppies outside with a sudden burst of lightning. A family dinner suddenly turned into a horror movie when the lights went out; the house was just too spacious, thanks a lot Mr Lanchester .He was not at the table for he had gone upstairs to fetch his collectables, he was very much a bragger. The lights suddenly turned on and a scream of terror “AAAAAAAAAA!!!!” could be heard from up above , who could it have been , it was the maid !? But what had happened. Mr Lanchester(grandfather) had been found dead ; but who had done it !

With terror running through their veins , a detective was called as the police could not do their job ,like in most cases and also because they were filthy rich, who did they summon, it was Herlock Solmes (which is a real name of course). He was a well known mystery solver and quite pricy too. He was not the nicest person around , he was tall ,blonde , bald and often gave off rude comments especially the one about Mr Lanchester’s wife’s weight which he just covered up with a whole jolly British giggle ; but truth be told it didn’t do the job .His laugh sounded like a pig grunting while giving birth to a zebra on the top of mount Kilimanjaro.

Mrs Lanchester ( grandmother) was totally devastated ,her heart was totally shattered into millions of pieces, impelled with a sword , which would be difficult to remove like King Arthur trying to pull out the magic sword from the rock .The golden couples wedding anniversary was literally in two days time .The rest of the family members were generally unbothered with that ‘I don’t give a what’s his name type of attitude’ , they just wanted to know who did it ,when it would be over and who was going to get a piece of pie.

With no time wasted Mr Herlock Solmes began his tremendous investigations .He had the most technologically advanced equipment and gadgets. From a camera that could see in the dark to a camera that could see into the future (and of course he exaggerated ) .He was fond of nagging and bragging about his previous successes and how he had uncovered the perpetrators in each instance, with every single detail not spared .He had a British accent despite being born in Nebraska ( tisk tisk ,amateur) which is a story for another chapter but the conclusion is his childhood was not the nicest .

Mr Solmes continued with his work and with magnifying glass app he scanned top to bottom for clues ; for he had ordered for Mr Lanchester’s soulless carcass to be left alone in its position for he did not want any variable to change in the heist of the moment .Mrs Lanchester (grandma) retired off to a seat for she could not handle the heat, again with his with magnifying glass app he scanned for clueswhile making sure he did not leave any stone unturned only in this case any single splat of blood unnoticed .

In the brief moment “Eureka !!!!!’ Mr Solmes exclaimed ’My dear lord ! my gosh my gut was right all along”

With everyone intrigued and in suspense ; “What is it?” everyone muttered “this was definitely no mere coincidence” Mr Solmes exclaimed “Mr Lanchester ( grandfather) was in fact murdered” he added “of course!!” Jessica exclaimed ( granddaughter to the deceased) . “It is quite clear that he was murdered , you know” she added.

Mr Herlock Solmes not in a million worlds had expected a response like that, he expected more of a dramatic gasp like the ones in telenovelas ; so he played it cool and just responded as sarcastic as could have been.

“well you aren’t the detective are you now ?” ,with no response at the moment “well good then” he said , “lets keep it that way , you pay me large amounts then I take it and act like I’m doing my job , hahaha” he said whispering at the end of his sentence.

His job was not the easiest in the world , his job was a do or die type of job, you had to do the job right the first time or it was goodbye to ones job, bye Felicia indeed. He was always so nosey and always in everyones personal business , so on one of his childhood days his mother was like “yo Herlock Domigo Santana Solmes, just become a detective already and leave me alone !!!!” true story well could be and he took it to heart ,so you could say his mother was responsible for this the pain in the neck he had now become .He spent his summers reading detective and suspense novels and even the newspapers. He was a snitch too and was more or less the most hated kid in his elementary school.

That said and done; he really did not give a pickle in a jar for that crap; he did not care about what people said about his accent and definitely nothing about the way he dressed like a young president, handsome , gorgeous , spicy ,in all his suits suits suits which were classy charming and unique.He was mostly oblivious to the world at that point of his young life , a girl asked him out once , a proposal gone wrong indeed ,“hey Herlock you wanna go out with me?” she said,“umm no thank you, its raining outside , are you crazy or what” he responded .Typical oblivion.

Back to the investigation ; he continued with his work this time ignoring what everyone was saying including the paparazzi , yes the paparazzi and yes he was both expensive and famous for he had solved a case such as that of Cinderella’s shoe mystery ,they were looking for her , for she had caused such a commotion at the royal gala ,metaphorically of course , according to Mr Herlock Solmes .

“As I was saying this was is clearly a murder ,a very well planned murder indeed” he explained ,“Mr Lanchester(grandfather) here ,has a stab wound in his lower abdomen as can be seen” he also explained whilst everyone in the midst gasped a breath of shock “who would do such a terrible thing like this” they said.

“It’s a very clear murder and as can be seen Mr Lanchester shows many wounds” he said “this tells us that Mr Lanchester had put up quite a fight for his life and had struggled for some time ; the question here is who did this to him.”

About ten feet away from the body was a broken lamp which was evidence enough to indicate that a fight had occurred .This was definitely a premeditated murder indeed that required a lot of personal information about the victim, Mr Lanchester(grandfather) and for him to be alone upstairs, every single element was taken into account and executed. The conspirer had grown restless and impatient and went for the kill like a lioness attacking its prey showing no mercy whatsoever.


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