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A girl named Tanya transfers to a new school and makes a new best friend Rumaisa which was a mystery to Tanya herself to solve it. Friends, love and family completes one's life but to cherish those people one has to go through hardship. :Read it yourself to find out how Tanya solves and understands her best friend Rumaisa. And how they find their true love and perfect career.

Humor / Drama
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Episode 1

It was a gloomy morning if we say but the mornings were never gloomy for Rumaisa. She just hated mornings because of waking up early, bearing her mothers shouting and going to school. Rumaisa reached the school with messily tied hair, bangs on her forehead, shoes not polished but still walking with pride as if she was a queen. She was just going to enter the gate of school but suddenly she stopped on the gate when she saw a girl wearing a neat uniform, her curled hairs properly tied in short her opposite.
While she was staring at the girl suddenly she felt a push and when she looked back to see who it was so she found out that there were a tons of students waiting for her to go inside school so they could pass through the gate too. Realizing the situation she took that girl with her too while she entered the gate. The girl look startled by this but still managed to put up the smile. Rumaisa with a shocked expression asked, ‘’oh my god! Look at you, such an obedient student following all the rules but for sure you must be new because there is no one in the school whom I don’t know.’’

The girl then spoke, ‘’um yeah I am a new student in grade 11c and my name is Tanya Ikhtiyar. Rumaisa on listening this jumped and exclaimed, ‘’oh god we are in same class! I am sure we can be friends. Am I right freindy Tanya. Oh by the way I am Rumaisa Iqbal.’’ Tanya nodded in agreement and shake hands with her. Rumaisa wa talking here and there with Tanya but she realized that Tanya wasn’t paying attention to her and was seeing something else so she followed Tanya gaze and saw Harris looking at her. The moment she saw Harris he turned his gaze in other direction but until then Rumaisa was burning with anger.

She ran towards him and punched him in the nose which caused him in bleeding. Tanya was surprised and startled on seeing this and the thought popped up in her mind that maybe Rumaisa was a bad student who hits others. Tanya then ran to her class without waiting for Rumaisa who probably told her to wait.

On reaching the class Tanya found an empty seat and sat on it. She was very afraid that maybe Rumaisa wanted to be friends with her so that she could hurt Tanya. There were groups of girls in the class some chattering, some playing on blackboard and some reading whatever they could to keep themselves busy on the other side there were groups of boys discussing about recent games and some talking about football and god knows whatever some boys were laughing at. She was going to take out her favorite novel twilight but she saw Rumaisa coming to class. She was surprised to see that the moment Rumaisa entered all the students turned towards her and gave her welcoming smile, some went and hugged her as if she did something great and even one girl sitting in corner exclaimed, ‘’The punch was amazing dude!’’ and winked at her. Rumaisa proudly smiling said, ‘’he needs a dose everyday to keep him in his right mind.’’ On hearing this boys all laughed and some even high fived her.

Tanya on seeing this was surprised that how could it be amazing and funny if she hit such a cute boy. While she was thinking this she saw Rumaisa sitting beside her and passing a smile. Tanya smiled back. Rumaisa then spoke, ‘’It seems like you are already affected by the boy I punched earlier’’. Tanya blushed a little but then boldly spoke, ‘’No! its not that, I just got shocked when you ruined such handsome face out of blue’’. Rumaisa wickedly smiled and said, ‘’Oh! It seems love is in the air’’ and winked at her. On hearing this Tanya again blushed.

The bell rang and their class teacher who was also their English teacher Miss Maya entered the class. The whole class stood up and traditionally sang the good morning song. Miss maya then on noticing, called Tanya in front of class to introduce herself. Tanya nervously stood up and went to front of the class. She bit her lip and then started, ‘’Hello! My name is Tanya Ikhtiyar, I have been transferred here because of my father’s business, I hope we will all get along nicely and friendly’’ then as she was on her way to her seat she was scrolling her eyes here and there to see other student’s expressions on her introduction. Suddenly she stopped when she saw the boy who was hit by Rumaisa earlier. She was shocked to see that boy was her classmate now. As she was starring at him, Rumaisa said more like shouted, ‘’Tanya your seat is here’’. Everybody laughed at Tanya as she was going on the opposite side.

The class started and today they were having test of chapter ‘The Heirs’. Tanya noticed that Rumaisa had already learned every single thing as she completed her test in just 10 mins and also got full marks. After English it was maths period. In that also Rumaisa actively participated in giving answers to the word problems while everyone else seemed bored. Then it was physics, and that was what Rumaisa hated the most but Tanya loved that subject. Like this three periods were over.

‘’Ah! I am so tired now, how much I have o introduce myself to every teacher’’ said Tanya tirelessly yawning. ‘’Oh! My girl’’ Rumaisa comforted her. Tanya then remembering something spoke, ‘’I noticed that the by whom you punched earlier, maybe his name is Fahad’’ Rumaisa nodded in agreement indicating that his name was Fahad only, then Tanya again continued, ‘’yeah so Fahad has been starring at you since you’ve punched him in morning’’. Rumaisa angrily stood up and almost shouted, ‘’What the hell now he wants from me, does he want me to go crazy!’’ and went to Fahad’s seat and slammed the desk and was going to say something but suddenly the chemistry teacher entered the class.

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