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Episode 4

DING DONG! DING DONG! ''They might have come. I am going to open the door.'' Mom said and rushed to the door with dad followed behind. Rumaisa was wearing a red colored long frock with her bangs on her forehead and her long hairs laying at her back. The moment the family entered in the hall Rumaisa and Tanya shouted same moment ''Rumaisa!'' ''Tanya!''.both family were shocked so then Rumaisa spoke for both of them, ''Mom, dad, aunt and uncle actually Tanya is my classmate today onwards and also I am her first friend in this school.'' Tanya hit her elbow at Rumaisa and whispered, ''As if! huh.''
Both family ate dinner while talking about dad's old school memories. the dinner included chicken biryani, chicken handi, paratha, gulab jamun, faluda and cold drinks. After dinner Rumaisa took Tanya to her room to be saved by those boring conversations going down there.Tanya entered in her room her mouth fell open, ''Wow! Amazing! your room is so lively. I cant believe you own this room. And yeah I never though of you as a sporty person.do you really like football and cricket? and for serious are all these trophies and medals yours? and you seriously are a fan of barbies and all that? I hate these childish things.'' ''Thanks for that rude compliment but never say anything about barbie I love them. Um yeah actually I love football and cricket like crazy. I have won some trophies of man of the match in cricket but I still havent learn much about football to play it officially but anyways now I just like to play these randomly. And whenever I am sad I just write randomly. About these trophies you can say are here because I kind of top almost every year, anyways tell something about you.'' Rumaisa told this while taking her to balcony.
Tanya inhaled the fresh air then spoke, ''Oh gurll! you seem so different at school and home. Anyways I dont really like sports. I love creativity everywhere in my room and even in my life. I love playing piano and I have one at home too but I cant learn piano at school because my parents wont allow due to my bad grades but still thats okay with me. Whenever I feel like sad I just draw randomly.'' Tanya finally opened up herself in front of a friend and also Rumaisa was the first person with whom Tanya felt fearless. As for Rumaisa Tanya was the first friend who she seemed to talk her heart out with. Tanya opened her mouth and said, ''you can tell me about Harris right now if you dont mind.'' Rumaisa was going to speak but shez interrupted and told they were leaving so she winked at her and waved at her while laughing.
The next day at school in assembly the principal stood on stage and spoke, ''Good Morning Students! I have good news for all of you. the 7 participants from our school are selected for provincial competition in Islamabad. Those lucky students are Zara Sohail in maths, Asfandyar Sheikh in chemistry, Adam Sheheryar in football, Rumaisa Iqbal in creative writing, Harris Malik in swimming, Murad Jahanzeb in piano and Tanya Ikhtiyar in arts. Congrats to alll of you. all 7 come to my office after school I want to discuss some important things.'' By this time Tanya was jumping in the air and was continously hugging Rumaisa while Rumaisa was also crazily hugging her because it was the first time any of her friends has shared happy moments with her.
Adam and Murad jumped the same moment and high fived each other. ''OMG! I can finally be free of listening to your songs because now you can play piano on stage.'' Adam said and laughed. Murad grinned and said, ''yeah you know now I am finally free of being the only audience when you play football.'' ''Hey! that's because no audience are allowed.'' ''Same goes for me dude!'' while they were arguing they suddenly noticed that almost all girls were looking at their handsome faces so they just laughed and went.
Everyone in the class were celebrating the achievements of their three classmates except for a bunch of people who were truly jealous of them. Tanya and Rumaisa were talking happily until Harris came and interrupted, ''Happy for you darling.'' with a grin on his face. Rumaisa laughed at his childish behaviour ad spoke, ''I know right, cousin.'' His jaw dropped when he heard this and left immediately. Tanya was going to say something but Rumaisa stopped her ''Dont ruin this happy moment by asking about him.'' Tanya nod in understanding then said, ''How about we celebrate this today at some cafe.'' ''Yeah that sounds good,''
The day went by happily and now all 7 students were standing in principal office. Principal spoke, ''The day after tomorrow we are leaving, so pack your stuff according to the temperature their and also we are going to stay for a week. And alast I really believe in all of you so please do your best there and win this competition'' All students said ''okay sir, thankyou'' in one voice and left.
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